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The Roll-Up Shave Kit | Waxed Canvas & Leather Toiletry Bag
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/shave-kit-roll-up The Shave Kit – Roll Up is a different take on transporting a man’s grooming essentials. Contrary to the standard shave kit/toiletry bag, this item was designed with the constant traveler in mind. Made with a water-resistant liner, and outfitted to hang from a shower curtain bar or towel bar, it creates a more accessible and “high-speed” morning ritual experience. The perfect gift for the traveler that has it all, this is one of our favorites. Details: -Available in 18 oz. duck canvas -Available in 18 oz. waxed canvas Packed: - Rolled- 6" H x 10" W x 3" D - Unrolled- 19" H x 10" W x 3" D
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The Tradesman Bag | Full-Grain Leather Tool Bag
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/tradesman-bag Akin to a hardy vintage work or tool box, our bag-reinterpretation has been fortified to handle the essential demands of today’s dedicated hobbyist, sportsman, craftsman, or artisan. This 100% full-grain vegetable-tanned leather iteration of an early twentieth century tool bag bridges old and new unlike any other bag made today. Secured by two quick-release tabs, the top piece folds back for easy access to the bag’s contents. Forged from a stiffer leather than any of our other pieces, built with the strength of hand-hammered copper rivets, and precisely engineered — you won’t be afraid to throw this bag in the back of your truck or lay it in the dirt during an impromptu fishing trip. Despite its utilitarian functionality there is no limit to its uses, or where this piece can travel. The Tradesman bag can haul your tools around during the day, wipe clean at night and transform it into the perfect dinner-party carryall. Details: -Thick, stiff, durable leather -Quick-release closure -Two, easy-access interior pockets -Durable pigskin lining that allows for the interior to be wiped clean -100% solid metal hardware -Hand-hammered copper rivets -Padded shoulder strap for carrying case when fully loaded -21" Length x 8" Depth x 7.5" Height -4.8 lbs.
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The Benjamin Briefcase | Full-Grain Leather Briefcase
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/benjamin-briefcase Inspired by the statesman, inventor, theorist and author, the Benjamin Briefcase is all about helping the workingman accomplish his tasks. Its weathered, been-around-the-world look, feel and smell of fine leather speaks volumes of its owner. As Franklin wrote two centuries ago, "It is the working man who is the happy man. It is the idle man who is the miserable man." Set this bag down in a meeting and see who looks like the wise-beyond-his-years go-getter. As Franklin stated, "He that waits on fortune is never sure of a dinner." Go get ‘em. Remember, the Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself. Details: -Full grain chrome/veg retan leather -Solid antiqued brass hardware -Suede Interior -Working lock, key included -Smartphone pocket (fits iPhone 7+) and accessory pocket -Two pen and two business card pockets -Padded laptop section (fits 15" laptop) and key fob -Back exterior pocket -Padded shoulder strap -11.81" H x 15.94" W x 2.5" D -W/out Strap: 4.35 lb -W/ Strap 5.1 lb
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The Utility Duffle | Waxed Canvas & Leather Backpack Duffle Hybrid
Direct Link: www.missionmercantile.com/utility-duffle The Utility Duffle is really the upgraded version of the classic laundry bag. As you can probably surmise, we’re fond of developing products that serve multiple purposes. We developed the Utility Duffle to handle the laundry from a college dorm room, a cross-country train expedition, or a collection of duck decoys in the field. Details: 8" H x 21" W x 11" D
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The Luthier | Kevin La Due
http://www.missionmercantile.com/the-luthier-kevin-la-due-post As promised in the introduction of the Front Porch, new friends will drop by. Kevin La Due launches our Mission Man Series. Be sure to click the link above to view the entire post on our Front Porch Blog.
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The Large Duffle | Waxed Canvas & Leather Duffle Bag
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/duffle-large Our large duffle was designed for the week-plus stay. Christmas vacation. Summer vacation. Opening week of deer season. Trip to Yosemite. Those types of 7 to 10 day expeditions. When crafting and sizing this product, our vision was the Duffle – Large in the back of a Jeep Wagoneer, wife in the passenger seat and kids in the back, driving 60 in a 70-speed limit to take in the countryside. Eventually arriving at our destination on our own schedule, with just the one stop at that alligator farm to set us back. We can dream, right? Details: -Available in 18 oz. duck canvas -Available in 18 oz. waxed canvas 12" H x 24.5" W x 12" D
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The Rolling Carry-On Duffle | Waxed Canvas & Leather Rolling Duffle Bag
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/duffle-rolling-carry-on The roller series of luggage was designed with the 21st century nomadic hunter in mind. Men these days travel great distances to “hunt and gather” for their tribe and we wanted to provide a product that matched their marauder lifestyle. Whether it be a business meeting on the opposite coast or a trip to the Yukon for that once-in-a-lifetime hunt, we wanted that spirit to translate into this vessel. The Duffle – Rolling Carry-On is sized to efficiently meet all major airline carry-on restrictions as well as designed to be of minimal weight to avoid over-weight luggage fees. All rolling bags feature the larger, treaded wheels that can negotiate gravel, sand, or any other sedimentary obstacles. Plus, they add a nice touch of al fresco fortitude. Details: -Available in 18 oz. duck canvas -Available in 18 oz. waxed canvas -11" H x 19" W x 11" D
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The Garment Bag | Waxed Canvas & Leather Suit Bag
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/garment-bag A more agile version of the Valet Bag, our Garment Bag is less complex, albeit just as refined. Transports two suit ensembles comfortably, is airline travel capable, and protects all your contents in an elegant manner. And, it shows that traveling light doesn’t mean traveling without substance. Details: -Available in 18 oz. duck canvas -Available in 18 oz. waxed canvas 41" H x 23" W x 2" D
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The Classic Backpack | Waxed Canvas & Leather Backpack
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/classic-backpack This backpack is made for the businessman (or outdoor writer) who needs to keep in touch with the real world, while at the same time escaping from it. The waxed-cotton backpack has a main compartment, which includes a 15-inch laptop protected storage space and an exterior accessory pocket with a buckle snap closure. Ergonomically designed straps make the Classic Backpack as weightless as possible – ideal for a hike on the Appalachian Trail or a walk to work in Manhattan. Details: 5" H x 18" W x 12" D
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The Travel Bag | Full-Grain Leather Carry-On Bag
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/travelbag It’s a beauty. We couldn’t help but add it to our collection upon seeing the first prototype. Made with pebbled leather combined with a suede liner, this product speaks for itself. And, it speaks volumes when people see you carrying it. Details: 9" H x 20" W x 10" D
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The Bi-Fold Wallet | Full-Grain Leather Wallet With A Front Pocket Wallet
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/bifold-wallet-with-front-pocket-wallet A wallet is like a handshake. Life demands a good one. With our chrome/veg re-tanned bi-fold, rugged and durable in construction, eye-catchingly refined in detail is a given. Real estate is where we depart most from the traditional, adding to generous interior pockets on both sides a usefully diverse selection of vertical and horizontal sliding pockets for credit cards, membership cards, and the like. The most inventive piece of expanded capacity, however, is an insert pocket housing a separate, minimalist front pocket wallet that slips easily in and out. Or that open pocket can be used as a standalone compartment. Handsome dark grey fabric lines the bi-fold’s bill section and the front pocket wallet’s ID window. Together, befitting the possession you will hold closest day in and day out, they will burnish with age, forming to the contours of your person — and personality — over a lifetime. Details: -8 inside pockets, plus bill pocket -Front pocket wallet included -Full grain chrome/veg retan leather -Durable grey cotton lining -4.5" Length x 3.5" Height -2.6 oz
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The Large Roller Duffle | Waxed Canvas & Leather Rolling Duffle Bag
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/duffle-large-roller The Duffle – Large Roller was designed for the long haul. As a man prepares for a lengthy campaign in a distant land, the Boy Scout takes over and he feels the need to be prepared. We designed this bag to be an all-encompassing, mobile transportation unit similar in capability to a World War II Higgins Boat. Flush with room, rugged for battle, this bag can take you to the other side of the Earth and help you have a good time when you get there. Details: 13" H x 28" W x 12" D
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The Steamer Backpack | Waxed Canvas & Leather Backpack
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/steamer-backpack Louis Vuitton introduced the steamer bag in 1901— a little piece of luggage meant to be carried inside larger trunks. We have reinvented it in 2015 as a comfortable, versatile backpack for the next century and beyond. Built to weather the elements and improve with age, this piece harks back to an era when seeing the world demanded a lot more than a credit card. Largely inspired by the durable character and clean lines of steamship luggage, this unlined heirloom features two padded straps linked to a single O-ring for weight distribution and brawny 18-oz. waxed canvas. Our signature 100% full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather contrasts at the base and top — reminiscent of the original material used for the historic leather mail bag. A simple interior pocket is the sole embellishment, leaving this strikingly understated bag rugged and refined enough to handle extreme camping and executive commuting with equal ease. Details: -Durable 18 oz. waxed canvas -100% Full grain leather -Padded shoulder straps designed for comfort -7"x10" interior pocket for accessories of choice -100% solid metal hardware -14" Length x 5.75" Depth x 18" Height -3.6 lbs.
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The Stateroom Wash Bag | Full-Grain Leather Toiletry Bag
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/stateroom-wash-bag Once a common gift given to boys graduating to manhood, this accessory, identified as a Dopp Kit, is a necessity for any man traveling for business, leisure or sport. Engineering and execution being everything, our 100% full-grain vegetable-tanned leather version was carefully designed without an upper frame. This adjustment allows for packing more items when the kit is full, and for compressing it down when not. Sharing the same lining and silhouette as our Stateroom Weekender bag, it also features a side handle facilitating ease in carrying. The interior features one zippered and two open pockets, to perfectly fit all of your essential tools. Antique brass feet on the base protect against damp counter surfaces while providing additional durability. Details: -Frameless design allows for fuller packing -Side handle and tab for easy open and close -100% full-grain leather --Solid brass feet on base -100% solid metal hardware -Water repellent lining -10.5" Length x 5.5" Depth x 6" Height -1.4 lbs.
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The Stateroom Weekender | Full-Grain Leather Weekend Bag
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/stateroom-weekender Crafted from our signature 100% full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather, this timeless, distinguished bag is the ideal companion for all of tomorrow’s excursions. Featuring a historically admirable silhouette drawn from the golden age of ship and train travel. This classic gentlemen's hold all, will surpass all of your travel and style needs. It satisfies U.S. and European carry-on standards, yet is sufficiently large enough for three days away. Along with a solid leather bottom and heavy-duty zipper, our vintage lined Weekender includes one zippered, and three open pockets. A comfortably padded shoulder strap is perfect for when you’re fully packed. Built to serve many lifetimes of travel, the full-grain leather ensures that each bag will age finely into its own uniquely nuanced character. Details: -Easy access interior pockets -Solid brass feet on base -100% Full grain leather -Fully lined interior -Padded shoulder strap for travel and carrying ease -100% solid metal hardware -19.5" Length x 9" Depth x 13.5" Height -4.8 lbs.
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The Medium Duffle | Waxed Canvas & Leather Duffle Bag
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/duffle-medium Designed to maximize carry-on efficiency while minimizing weight, this bag was made to complement the most discerning of gentleman. Whether trekking to the hunting camp, or hunting and gathering in the business world, this piece will be sure to withstand and impress. Details: -Available in 18 oz. duck canvas -Available in 18 oz. waxed canvas
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The Messenger Bag | Waxed Canvas & Leather Messenger Bag
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/messenger-bag The messenger bag isn’t a new concept. Its roots date all the way back to ancient Greece, if not before. The messenger bags of today vary and tend toward a deficiency in construction, being built for price rather than satisfaction. Our Messenger Bag? We began with shape reinforcement for added carrying capacity and a steady foundation. 10 oz. leather is placed along all curves and pressure points to ensure this product’s silhouette is never altered, while offering a robust shield against abrasion and the elements. Four double-riveted shoulder strap attachment points provide flexibility of position on the person. Lastly, we add an interior capsule of ⅜ inch closed-cell foam and line it with 100 oz. nylon fabric to protect the contents. Will it take a beating? Absolutely, and it’ll look good doing it. Details: 10" H x 16" W x 4.5" D
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The Briefcase | Waxed Canvas & Leather Briefcase
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/briefcase Our Briefcase has a very minimalist design which radiates the image that most executives want in order to draw the right type of attention to their style. Now, even though we use minimalist design for the aesthetic appeal of this piece, it is loaded with the functionality and premium components used in all our products. Details: 12" H x 16" W x 6" D
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The Whiskey Tote | Waxed Canvas & Leather Whiskey Carrier
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/whiskey-tote That’s ‘Whisky’ Tote if you’re Scottish. Either way, our tote is an ideal method for storing and carrying your libations. After a long day’s hunting in nippy December temps, a nip or two of a single-barrel small-batch in front of a roaring fire is a natural. But whether you tote the finest scotch, or some homemade moonshine, our fine leather and canvas Whiskey Tote will keep it safe, discreet, and at least appearing to be some high-ticket hooch. Details: -Available in 18 oz. duck canvas -Available in 18 oz. waxed canvas -7" L x 4" W x 9.5" D
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The Small Duffle | Waxed Canvas & Leather Duffle Bag
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/duffle-small The choice of men that are on the go and live life unrestricted, our Duffle – Small was made for the guy’s guy. Small enough to negotiate an abrupt get-away, large enough to pack for a long weekend in Vegas. It’s one of our personal favorites, and we guarantee it’ll be one of your’s as well. Details: -Available in 18 oz. duck canvas -Available in 18 oz. waxed canvas 15.7" L x 9.8" W x 9.8" D
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The Valet Bag | Large Waxed Canvas & Leather Garment Bag
Direct Link: www.missionmercantile.com/valet-bag If you find yourself tying a double windsor with your eyes closed, having your own Chaise lounge in the Admirals Club™, or knowing what wine pairs with any filet, we made this for you. We designed it to ensure that it doesn’t undo what the dry cleaners did, while sending an image of a storied executive warrior. It comes standard with hook and chain to hang open over doors, as well as a shoulder strap for navigating airports efficiently as well as numerous pockets and an adjustable spacious interior. This garment bag, just like you, will deliver with class. Details: 44" H x 24" W x 5" D
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The Desk Caddy | Waxed Canvas & Leather Valet Tray
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/desk-caddy The Desk Caddy is a staple ornament upon any established executive’s desk. Built for organizational purposes, this Desk Caddy can transform the desk of a creative mind (rarely a tidy place) into a business landscape that even our mother would be proud of. Additionally, we added four corner snaps for breaking down to travel. Details: -Available in 18 oz. duck canvas -Available in 18 oz. waxed canvas
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The Ice Block Bag | Waxed Canvas & Leather Tote Bag
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/ice-block-bag This is an all-purpose leather and heavy-waxed canvas powerhouse. A direct aesthetic and structural descendant of a time when back-breaking blocks of ice were carried into homes and businesses by hand. Indeed, when the iceman cameth to replenish the icebox he did so with this essential instrument — replete with a small handle under the base for conveniently swift, single-motion unloading. Now, reintroduced, it’s equally ready for lugging firewood to a pickup truck or stylishly supporting an indulgent day at the beach. Our hearty tribute to this utilitarian classic stands tall as an heirloom-quality bag. Details: -Durable 18 oz. waxed canvas -100% full-grain leather -Unlined for functional use -Padded shoulder strap for carrying ease when fully loaded -7"x10" interior hanging pocket for immediate access -100% solid metal hardware -17.25" Length x 7" Depth (at bottom), 17" Depth (at opening) x 19.25" ---Height -4 lbs.
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The Guide Bag | Waxed Canvas & Leather Range Bag
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/guide-bag How much stuff do we need to go afield? If you’re like most outdoorsmen, it’s whatever your pack will hold. Our Guide Bag is large enough to carry the necessities – binoculars, flashlight, calls, compass, extra cartridges or shells, dad’s old lucky knife…maybe even a can of potted meat, some crackers, and bottled water. Built of tough waxed canvas, 100 percent full-grain leather and #10 YKK™ solid brass zippers, the Guide Bag is as rugged as an elk guide and as handsome as a palomino packhorse. Details: -Available in 18 oz. duck canvas -Available in 18 oz. waxed canvas 14" L x 9" W x 8" D
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The Square Shave Kit | Waxed Canvas & Leather Toiletry Kit
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/shave-kit-square Developed with a cigar box (the kind used to store crayons when we were in kindergarten) in mind, we wanted a shave kit that had 360 degrees of accessibility when opened, but also maintained a sleek profile when stored. We like to get a lot from a little. One main compartment zipper with 340 degrees circumference, and additional zippered accessory storage on top of the lid. Also, a latching grab handle enhancement for ease of attachment and security. Details: -Available in 18 oz. duck canvas -Available in 18 oz. waxed canvas -5" H x 10" W x 5" D
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The Small Wallet | Full-Grain Leather Money Clip Wallet
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/wallet-small Over the past few years, wallets have shrunk in size to alleviate back pain and associated issues that come from carrying all the rewards of your hard work in your back pocket. Our wallet is made to encapsulate all of your everyday financial and personal media, while maintaining a small profile in your pocket. Details: -4" H x 2.75" W
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The Accessory Bag | Leather-Trimmed Double-Zip Travel Kit
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/accessory-bag-double-zip Handy. Handsome. Durable. This compact container with zippered top closures is ideal for small valuables, cables, toiletries, or everyday accessories alike. Whatever items you elect to safeguard or store, they will travel with distinction in this beautifully constructed, 100% cotton twill, accessory bag. An aesthetic as well as function companion to our Stateroom Weekender, it slips easily into any of the Weekender’s interior pockets. Carefully crafted, it expands to accommodate more items or collapses down to take up less space. Details: -Two separate compartments -Collapsible construction -Exterior pocket -Convenient handle -Can be used as a travel kit -Water repellent interior lining -9.25" Length x 4" Height x 3.75" Depth -0.4 lbs.
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The Passport Wallet | Full-Grain Leather Passport Holder
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/passport-wallet-leather The first-class wallet for international travelers, this fine chrome/veg re-tanned case protectively holds up to two passports. With a bill pocket that can accommodate a variety of currencies — plus a folder section to secure boarding passes, ID, credit cards, claim tags, and other documents — all your travel necessities are conveniently organized and readily accessible in one durable, distinguished travel companion. Details: -Bi-fold design -5 pocket areas for documents, cards -Full grain chrome/veg retan leather -Gray cotton lining -4" Width x 5.75" Height -2.4 oz.
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The Brass Bag Tag | Full-Grain Leather & Brass Luggage Tag
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/bag-tag-brass The history of the original brass baggage tag design harks back to when distant steamship journeys became popular among the burgeoning leisure class. Around the world, between the disposable paper-and-string variety to all those lifeless plastic sleeves, who would argue that evolution has been kind to the luggage tag? Indeed, the very first iterations, introduced over a century ago, remain unsurpassed. At least until now. Moving the past forward, we have returned to that classic brass template and updated it with a premium vegetable-tanned leather back panel ready to be custom-lettered with your personal information. Our ruggedly handsome antiqued bag tag will endure. Details: -100% solid brass tag -Classic antiqued finish -Vintage leather strap design -Brass rivets -Leather patch personalized with your name and address -3.25" Length x 1.75" Width x .35" Depth -0.15 lbs.
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The Luggage Tag | Full-Grain Leather Luggage Tag
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/luggagetag We’ve noticed that you just can’t find a reliable, well-made luggage tag anymore. Just because it is so fundamentally basic doesn’t mean it can’t be exceptionally made. Yes, it’s just a luggage tag, but one that is as rugged and well made as it is simple. Details: 5" H x 3" W
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The Shave Kit | Waxed Canvas & Leather Shaving Kit
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/shave-kit We like shave kits. Seriously. Possibly because we’re men, and the only thing we love more than tools is organizing them in hopes of showing them off. Like a toolbox of ratchets and sockets for the body, we view shave kits as an indispensable caché of prized instruments to keep us looking our best. Details: -Available in 18 oz. duck canvas -Available in 18 oz. waxed canvas -6" H x 10.5" W x 3" D
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The Cooler | Waxed Canvas & Leather Cooler Bag
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/cooler Our soft cooler was designed to protect your food and drink from heat, hell, and highwater. Cram it into the saddlebag or strap it to the back of your ATV. The Cooler’s waxed-cotton body, ¾ inch closed-cell foam insulation and sturdy YKK™ brass zippers can handle that sort of treatment, no problemo. One thing a lot of other soft coolers do is leak. This one is leak proof. Our Cooler’s seams are RF (radio frequency) welded with a ½ inch bead width. No leaks, period. If you want it to leak, you’ll have to shoot a hole in it. We recommend not doing that. (All this to say, it absolutely, positively, WILL NOT LEAK.). Details -Available in 18 oz. duck canvas -Available in 18 oz. waxed canvas -13" H x 8" W x 7" D
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The Wine Tote | Full-Grain Leather Wine Carrier
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/wine-tote Much like our Whiskey Tote; a fine wine complements many of those moments that remain in your memories forever. We developed the Wine Tote to ensure they aren’t cut short. Full-grain leather exterior with a padded liner. Also fitted with an adjustable harness to accommodate the diversity of wine-bottle sizing. Details: 8" H x 4" Diameter
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The Bi-Fold Wallet | Full-Grain Leather Billfold Wallet
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/bi-fold-wallet A durable wallet designed for a formal setting or the wilderness. This simple wallet achieves its purpose. Made with some of the finest leather, we guarantee this wallet will serve you well. Details: 3.5" L x .5" W x 4" D
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The Laptop Sleeve | Waxed Canvas & Leather Laptop Sleeve
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/laptop-sleeve Reminiscent of the classic courier’s pouch that once carried urgent documents between heads of state or original manuscripts from authors to their publishers, this handsomely austere leather and canvas complement to our backpack securely accommodates all your vital documents where they live today — in laptops or tablets. Protection is afforded by a padded interior covered in durable suede, accommodating digital devices up to sixteen inches. Outside by our tough 18-oz. waxed canvas and full-grain leather flap and trim. As sturdy as it is striking, and guaranteed to long outlast anything Silicon Valley ever produces, our laptop sleeve protects the commonplace with a timeless style that is anything but. Details: -Durable 18oz. waxed canvas -100% full-grain leather -Padded interior covered suede -Quick close -Pairs with Steamer Backpack -Holds notebook devices up to 16" -Inside: Length 15.25" x 1-2" Depth (expandable) x 10.75" Height -Outside: 17" Length x 1-2" Depth (expandable) x 11.75" Height -1.6 lbs.
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The Vertical Laptop Sleeve | Waxed Canvas & Leather Laptop Sleeve
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/laptop-sleeve-vertical As with our first, horizontally oriented laptop sleeve, this stately piece evokes the classic courier’s pouch that once delivered documents between dignitaries and manuscripts between authors and publishers. A padded interior covered in sturdy pigskin suede provides reliable protection while the vertical opening enables easier removal of your 13" laptop, iPad Pro®, or comparable-sized tablet from a larger bag without unpacking its contents. As hardwearing as it is striking, our vertical laptop sleeve will long outlast every LCD screen device it safely secures, burnishing finely while exemplifying timeless character. Details: -Durable 18oz. waxed canvas -100% full-grain leather -Padded interior covered suede -Quick close -Pairs with Steamer Backpack -Holds notebook devices up to 13", iPad Pro®, and other tablets -Inside: Width 9.25" x 1" Depth (expandable) x 13" Height -Outside: 11.75" Width x 1" Depth (expandable) x 14" Height -1.5 lbs.
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The Card Wallet | Full-Grain Leather Card Case
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/card-wallet The calling or visiting card was once an essential instrument of social etiquette among the higher classes. From the 17th to the 19th century, a gentleman or lady simply wasn’t received during the Georgian, Regency, and Victorian eras unless they first conveyed their card, typically via servant to servant. The business card, introduced first as a trade card in 17th century London, supplanted its printed forbearer in the wake of the Industrial Revolution, remaining a ubiquitous cultural staple even this far into the Digital Revolution. Whatever cards you might collect or dispense now, tomorrow, and well into the future, our lined chrome/veg retan leather card case will carry them with ageless distinction. Or this simple, handsome piece works well as a compact front pocket wallet, boasting a vintage detail cribbed from a 1920’s model: a nifty token pocket for tiny treasures. Details: -Bi-fold design -4 pocket areas for cards -1 small pocket for coins or tokens -Full grain chrome/veg retan leather -Gray cotton lining -3" Length x .25" Depth x 4" Height -1.7 oz.
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Welcome to Mission Mercantile
“The romance and enchantment of a mercantile store begins when you enter and sniff the deep aroma of many spices, tobacco, and the stove with its burning fragrance so distinct it can dissolve the years off any aging country boy...” — BRUCE D. HEALD Once upon a simpler time, out on the frontier and in the remote American towns slowly established through the blood, sweat, tears, and resilience of individuals with limited means but boundless determination, the mercantile store was the center of the universe. In those sole proprietor outposts, stocked often with more character than inventory, the aroma of spices, tobacco, and coffee blended with sawdust. Shelves were lined with soaps, rifle shells, and nails among other necessities. Under dangling lanterns and ropes, large wooden barrels offered fresh pickles or mincemeat while, towards the back — beside the pot-bellied stove and a corner that served as the local post office — you might find a leather saddle or satchel handmade by a craftsman whose personal reputation could not survive anything less than producing unfaltering excellence and durability in each item. For there in the general mercantile stores that sustained our nation’s earliest years, a man’s word was his bond, credit was secured with a handshake, and a meticulously hand-written ledger documented every transaction, tethering the community together. “We believe in the simple attributes, aesthetics, and functionalities that have already stood the test of time.” — MISSION MERCANTILE
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The Bottle Hugger | Full-Grain Leather Bottle Cooler
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/bottle-hugger You’ve seen something similar before we’re sure, but have you seen it in full-grain leather? One of our best sellers, our Bottle Hugger adds equal amounts sophistication and ruggedness to any event requiring a bottled refreshment. Encased in 3 oz. leather, and lined with ½ inch of closed-cell neoprene for insulation and protection, this hugger does what it should and catches eyes doing it. Details: 7.5" H x 2.5" Diameter
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The Can Hugger | Full-Grain Leather Can Cooler
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/can-hugger A hugger, made from premium leather. It’s hard to think of a better way to broadcast an image of stoic refinement while enjoying a cold refreshment. Enveloped in 3 oz. full-grain leather and lined with ¼ inch closed-cell neoprene insulation, this Can Hugger also solves another problem. Let us explain. We are quite fond of the pursuit of winged game. The problem? Limited availability of locations to shelve our drink of choice. So, we incorporated two ½ inch magnets, each with 4 pound strength, into our hugger. Instantly, time-to-limit duration was cut in half. All you need is something metal. Details: 3.75" H x 2.75" Diameter
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Father's Day 2017 | How Did Your Dad Shape Who You Are Today?
Leather Giveaway. Post a photo of Dad. See our Facebook page for details. https://www.facebook.com/missionmercantile
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The Front Pocket Wallet | Full-Grain Leather Men’s Wallet
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/front-pocket-wallet When the call is for traveling light, this lean, minimalist chrome/veg re-tanned offering carries the basics comfortably. Dark grey fabric lines the ID window and this front pocket wallet is otherwise the same item that comes with our bi-fold wallet — replete with matching aesthetics — but we sell it separately for those who prefer a leaner alternative to the bulk of a classic wallet. With nearly every financial and commercial transaction migrating to mobile devices, some eagerly embrace the nimble ease of a cashless lifestyle. Now they need not sacrifice the lifelong gratification of carrying a wallet rich with character. Details: -2 pockets, plus ID cutout -Full grain chrome/veg retan leather -Durable gray cotton lining -Thin profile -Brass rivet detail -4" Length x 2.75" Height -.6 oz.
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The Credit Card Holder | Full-Grain Leather Credit Card Wallet
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/credit-card-holder A handshake was the credit of days gone by. Now, pledge for payment comes in rectangular plastic, platinum and a variety of other respect-producing materials. We decided to offer a handy holder that will make an even more prestigious impact upon payment. Leather with suede interior will burnish to become a reliable companion. Details: 4" H x 3" W
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The Flask | Full-Grain Leather Flask
Direct Link: http://www.missionmercantile.com/flask This gentleman’s essential is a timeless gift with historical origins. Flasks were first developed in the late 1800’s, but owe their popularity to the Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) and the Anti-Saloon League. Both of which, you guessed it, weren’t particularly fond of anything involving alcohol. After successfully lobbying by both parties for Prohibition, and the passing of the Volstead Act, the flask’s popularity skyrocketed as a mechanism of rebellion during Prohibition. Men and women alike utilized it’s clandestine profile to conceal their affection for a little nip every now and then. Necessity. The mother of invention. The best man at your wedding, college football fans, professional poker players, and countless others have since adopted it as a way to transport drinks when the situation requires legal, but more conspicuous means. Raise a toast to those who kept this classic alive, and please treat this legacy responsibly. Details: 5" H x 4" W
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