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Best Adjustable Dumbbell? Nüo Flexbell 20 Adjustable Dumbells Review
Great space saving dumbbell from Nüo Atletics. This video is not sponsored, dumbbells are bought and payed for, and they are actually nice! Check out http://nuoathletics.com for more info.
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Best Battery Brushcutter? Husqvarna 536LiRX Battery Brushcutter Review
Review of Husqvarna 536LiRX Battery Brushcutter + BLi200 Battery and QC330 Battery Charger. Not a sponsored review, just a personal experience.
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Mr Serious Metro Spray Can Backpack - Review
Review of Mr Serious Metro Backpack for Spray Cans. Practical bag when hiking with aerosols. http://www.mrserious.nl
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Best Kitchen Utility Knife? Global GS-11 Flexible Utility Knife
Quick unboxing and review of the Global GS-11 Flexible Utility Knife, 15 cm (6") blade, Cromova 18 Stainless Steel. Great, small kitchen knife with longlasting sharpness. http://globalknives.uk
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Best Small Travel Bag? The North Face Base Camp Duffel S Review
Review of The North Face Base Camp Duffel S in Black. Great 50l weekend bag. http://thenorthface.com
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Coolest Oakley Sunglasses? Turbine Rotor Prizm Daily Polarized - Review
Review of Oakley Turbine Rotor Prizm Daily Polarized Sunglasses. Not a sponsored video, just made a video of my favorite Oakley sunglasses. http://oakley.com
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Best Winter Touchscreen Gloves? The North Face Denali Etip Glove Review
Review of The North Face Denali Etip Glove. Nice but bulky glove with five-finger touchscreen capability. http://thenorthface.com
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The North Face Frost Peak Zip-In Jacket Review
Review of the The North Face Frost Peak Zip-In Jacket. Great wind- and waterproof, lightweight and breathable shell jacket for cold and wet weather. Just a bit slim when zipping in thick TNF-layers. http://thenorthface.com
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SONY SMAD-P3 MI Shoe Mount Adaptor - Review
Review of the SONY SMAD-P3 MI Shoe Mount Adaptor / Adapter. Convenient and easy to use with SONY cameras with MI Shoe. https://pro.sony.com
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Best Salt and Pepper Grinders? IKEA 365+ Ihärdig Spice Mill Review
Review of the IKEA 365+ Ihärdig Spice Mill / Herb grinder. Not sponsored, just a random review, the spice mill is great. http://ikea.com
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Best Winter Vest? The North Face Nuptse III Zip-In Gilet Review
Quick look and review of The North Face Nuptse III Zip-In Gilet. Great light, warm and packable 700 down vest. http://thenorthface.com
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Best Compact Toaster? BOSCH TAT3A011 Review
Been using this compact toaster from Bosch for a year so here is a quick review. This video is not sponsored, the toaster is bought and payed for, and it is actually pretty nice! Check http://bosch.com for more info.
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Peli 1560sc Studio Case Review
Quick look and review of the Peli 1560sc Studio Case. Real tough case for keeping all that photo/video equipment safe. http://www.peli.com
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Best Spray Can Bag? Mr Serious 18 Pack Spray Can Bag - Review
Review of Mr Serious 18 Pack Spray Can Bag - inexpesive and practical bag for transporting aerosol-cans. Actually packs up to 24 400ml cans. http://www.mrserious.nl
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Best Toiletry bag? Dakine Manscaper Travel Kit - Review
Review of the Dakine Manscaper Travel Kit. Quality bag for all your grooming essentials. Not sponsored, just thought the bag was nice and made a quick video. Had other Dakine toiletry bags before but this one is the best so far. https://www.dakine.com
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Oral-B PRO 790 Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush Review
Review of Oral B PRO 790 Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush by Braun. Not sponsored, just a review of a toothbrush.
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Packsafe Packable Duffel Pouchsafe PX40 Review
Quick look at the packable duffel bag Pouchsafe PX40 by Packsafe. Great lightweight, foldable and packable 40 l bag for short trips, carry-on, laundry or extra storage when traveling. https://www.pacsafe.com
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Best affordable Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaner? Kärcher WD3 P - Review
Review of Kärcher WD3 P - an affordable multi-purpose Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaner. Not a payed review, been using it for a year and sharing my view of the product. More info at http://kaercher.com.
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Sony UWP D11 UHF Wireless Microphone Package - Review
Quick look at the Sony UWP D11 UHF Wireless Microphone Package. Just checking whats in the box, no sound testing, other people got good videos for that. Great product if you need a quality sounding, easy-to-use wireless microphone for interviews and youtubeing, especially convenient with Sony cameras and the optional SMAD-P3 MI Shoe Mount Adaptor. http://pro.sony.com
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Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad Space Gray - Review
Finally a space gray colored keyboard to match the MacBook Pro. Wish it was backlit and came with USB-C cable though. But still like it alot. http://apple.com
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Best Mountain Bike Gloves? Giro DND Review
Quick review of the DND Gloves from Giro. http://www.giro.com
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Best Cheap Cookware? IKEA 365+ Saucepan Review
Review of the IKEA 365+ Saucepan With Lid. Cheap and durable Kitchen Cookware. http://ikea.com
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Apple Lightning to Micro USB Adapter Review - Cheap iPhone cable?
Apple Lightning to Micro USB Adapter is a great alternative to create a cheap and more durable iPhone charging cable.
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Best Office Chair? RH Mereo 220 Review
Review of the RH Mereo 220 Office Chair. Definitely one of the best quality office chais out there. http://www.rhchairs.com
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Oakley Square O Hard Sunglass Case Graphite - Review
Review of the Square O Hard Sunglass Case in Graphite from Oakley. Not a sponsored review, just sharing some video of this pretty good case. Bought it at http://oakley.com.
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Satechi USB-C Adapter Review
Quick review of Satechi Type C USB Adapter Space gray. This video is not sponsored, adapter is bought and payed for. More info at satechi.net.
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Best Small Car Battery Charger? CTEK MXS 5.0 Battery Charger Review
Nice small and easy to use Car Battery Charger by CTEK. https://www.ctek.com
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Best Water Repellent Cap? Carhartt Gilliam Quilted Cap - Review
Review Gilliam Quilted Cap from Carhartt. Comfy Water Repellent Cap with ear-flap. http://carhartt.com
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Best affordable hard drive? Seagate Expansion Portable 4TB Drive Review
Quick look at the Expansion Portable 4TB Drive from Seagate. Compact, portable and affordable hard drive with plenty of storage. Works fine with Mac even tho the box says only Windows. http://seagate.com
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Best Organic Skincare? GAIA Scrub, Shave Gel & Shave Cream - Review
Tested the pure, natural, organic Face & Body Scrub, Shave Gel and Shave Cream from GAIA. They´re nice products. http://gaiaskinnaturals.com
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Best Chin Up Bar? Master Fitness Chin Up Bar Pro Review
Quick look at the Chin Up Bar Pro from Master Fitness. http://www.masterfitness.se. Great Chin Up Bar, unfortunately it does not seem to be available at Master´s website anymore but some retailers still has it in stock.
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Kärcher DN35 Soft Suction brush for Cars - Review
Review of the Kärcher DN35 Soft Suction brush for Cars. This is not a sponsored video, the brush is good enough and I use it regularly, just sharing the experience.
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Best Indoor Slippers? The North Face Nse Tent Slippers III Review
Review of The North Face Nse Tent Slippers III. Some of the best Indoor Slippers available. http://thenorthface.com.
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Best Kitchen Tweezers? Bastian Frying Tweezers
Frying Tweezers by brand Bastian. Practical metal tweezers for use in the kitchen. Anonymous brand sold at a few European retailers, could not find a brand-site to link to, sorry.
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Carhartt Force Mandan Cap Review - Best Sun Hat for Hikers?
Review of the Force Mandan Cap from Carhartt. Great light weight cap with Zip-off neck flap for sun protection. http://www.carhartt.com
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Best Smartphone Tripod? Joby GripTight PRO Phone Review
Review of Joby GripTight PRO Phone - very practical clamp mount and tripod for smartphones. https://joby.com
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Sunstar GUM Soft-Picks Review
Review of GUM Soft-Picks 40 pack from Sunstar. Keeps your teeth clean where the tooth brush cant reach. https://www.gumbrand.com
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Husqvarna Clear X Protective glasses Review
Quick look at the Clear X Protective glasses by Husqvarna. Useful glasses when trimming or cutting with Husqvarna gear, http://husqvarna.com. Sorry glasses where a bit dusty when shooting.
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Best Long Johns? Living Crafts Organic Cotton Long Underpants
Quick unboxing and look at 100% organic cotton Long Johns by Living Crafts Organic Textiles. Comfy organic underwear that keeps you warm in the winter. https://livingcrafts.de
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Valueline USB-C Adapter Review
Quick review of the Valueline USB-A to USB-C Adapter. Valueline is a brand from NEDIS, http://www.nedis.com.
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Luxorparts ESD Tweezer Set Review
Review of the Luxorparts ESD Tweezer Set. Practical when repairing sensitive electronics like mobile phones, or facial hair like a regular tweezer. http://luxorparts.com
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