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SCORKL - Breathe underwater with TOTAL freedom by David Hallamore
Scorkl is lightweight, portable, refillable via hand pump and gives you up to 10min underwater About this project :                           The Scorkl cylinder is manufactured to the same specifications and manufacturing standards as a normal SCUBA cylinder The Scorkl regulator is an always-on, breathe-on-demand, balanced single stage regulator and uses the same time proven technology found in regulators used by SCUBA divers around the world Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1897301425/scorkl-breathe-underwater-with-total-freedom/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : Each Scorkl comes with a pressure gauge which tells you how much air is left at any time Each Scorkl comes with a FREE scuba tank refill adapter which enables you to refill the Scorkl from a scuba tank in seconds. If you want to be able to refill the Scorkl whenever and wherever you like, we have developed a high-pressure hand pump option. See below for how it works.   The hand pump filter (below) filters air moisture and impurities Adventure Case to transport and store your full Scorkl kit safely    High-pressure hand pump can pump to 3,000psi+, filling the Scorkl with enough air to last up to 10 minutes underwater. It achieves these extreme pressures by using an intricate four-stage system:   The Scorkl regulator and high pressure hand pump have been in development for the last twelve months, with multiple sample orders manufactured and refined.     FREE SHIPPING GLOBALLY  FREE SHIPPING GLOBALLY  FREE SHIPPING GLOBALLY  FREE SHIPPING GLOBALLY   We will endeavour to manufacturer and ship within a four month timeframe from the end of the campaign period   This project is promoted by Jellop, a direct¬ response online advertising agency specializing in Kickstarter campaigns on Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. ...
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D. | The first reusable tampon applicator. by DAME.
Enjoy the comfort of a plastic applicator without the plastic waste. A period product for the 21st century. About this project : D is a reusable tampon applicator Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/517128785/d-the-first-reusable-tampon-applicator/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : It uses self-cleaning technology so you can enjoy the comfort of an applicator without the plastic waste. Alec and I used to sell period products to women around the UK. The more we sold, the more we realised the enormous waste coming from these small everyday items. We were selling reusable alternatives on our site but no one was buying them. Why not? We dug deeper and discovered that the habit change was one of the biggest barriers to women switching to more sustainable alternatives. We wanted to make it easy.So we stopped selling tampons, took a deep breath, and decided to tackle the problem ourselves. This is our story so far, and we'd love Kickstarter's help bringing D to life. After 14 months, we now have a fully functioning prototype. We've teamed up with medical engineers to ensure D is not only hygienic, but the most comfortable applicator you'll ever use.     Yes, we said antimicrobial. D contains advanced Saniconcentrates™ that work on a molecular level giving the Mediprene® material antiseptic and antimicrobial characteristics. These properties last D's lifetime and the materials are proven by test according to ISO 22196 and JIS Z 2801 standard. D is made of just two parts and a lid, so it couldn't be simpler. While designing D, we aimed to improve every aspect of current disposable applicators. It's packed full of features that make it 100% keepable. EXTRA CARED is not a medical device, but we wanted it to be totally safe and hygienic... so designed it to medical standards anyway. It's passed:Cytotoxicity tests according to ISO 10993-5 Biocompatibility tests according to ISO 10993-10 ISO 10993-11 (Acute Systemic Toxicity) and USP Class VI. Due to D's antimicrobial technology, cleaning it couldn't be easier. In any washroom it's the same - just wipe, rinse, and go.   Each D comes with its own storage tin, travel pouch, and 6 of our own DAME organic tampons. TRAVEL POUCH DESIGNMade from sustainable organic cotton, breathable, and convenient. ORGANIC TAMPONSWe engrain sustainability in all we do. With every D you get 6 DAME organic tampons, so you're ready to go from the start. The tampons are: bleach free rayon free pesticide free fragrance free biodegradable 100% organic ... and while we're on the topic, our packaging is fully compostable and resealable. No more big boxes exploding in bags. PACKAGING & STORAGE TIN DESIGNMaterials matter, so your tin can be reused to store your tampons - no more ugly boxes in your bathroom.       The tin can be reused time and again to store your tampons.WITH YOU ALL THE WAYWe believe in building products for life - building relationships even more so. If you ever need to replace a part of your D, you can send it in to us and we'll replace it free of charge.  DAME was founded by Celia Pool and Alec Mills. This is us... OUR VALUESWe're on a mission to to reduce waste from everyday products, without compromising on performance or beauty. Period products are just the start. We're rethinking the bathroom. D is the start of a whole range of sustainable products that eliminate plastic and enrich our lives. Having won the B Corp Hackathon for Best Sustainable Business idea, it's great to know there are many people who share our vision. Like all ideas, we've needed help along the way and have built a community of amazing women who share our vision. We couldn't have done it without their awesome support: We're all about women, they've been key at every stage of the process. (Our intended female engineer was on maternity leave - so we started a campaign to get more female engineers. Why not.) We've been working on this project for over a year now, hit all the big milestones, and it's getting exciting.We need Kickstarter's help and have some great rewards for everyone who supports us.   DON'T HAVE A VAGINA? WHO CARES!If you don't use tampons we've made a special reward for you. Our GIVE A DAME reward allows you to give a D to someone you know would love one, or to the women supported by our charity partner, Bloody Good Period. So buck the trend - be a badass. Plastic is everyone’s problem. Support a woman and get excited, you're changing an industry! MOULD TOOLSWe've sourced our to...
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PICO: The world's smallest Arduino board! by MellBell Electronics
Meet the world’s smallest Arduino board with 0.6”x0.6” dimensions ready to rock! About this project : Size matters! PICO is making big dreams of making small things a reality Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/melbel/pico-the-worlds-smallest-arduino-board/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : A mini fully-fledged arduino-compatible has been a dream for many enthusiast hardcore DIY-ers, and with the size of only 0.6”x0.6”, the PICO shouts to be your best new friend around. Can you imagine the possibilities already? Arduino have never been such small and so capable like now.                                  ...
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Kombuis a portable and efficient rocket stove / cooking set. by By Arnaud
A compact outdoor cooking set that you can use everywhere you travel. About this project :  The kombuis is a complete camping / travel cooking set that contains a wood stove, a pot and a pan that also functions as a lit Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1194111994/kombuis-a-portable-and-efficient-rocket-stove-cook/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project :    Easy assembly  Within the pot the stove is nested. The stove is easy to assemble and is made out of 4 parts.   The largest part is the base of the stove with the half grill and the hole in the side. In this side hole fits the side tube. The side tube gets fixed in place with the slide and on top of the base fits the pot-stand.  The slide fits in to a slot of the half circle ass-plate in the base of the stove and connects to the top of the side tube.     Works efficiently  The stove has a natural working. This means there is no need of batteries or fans to make the fire burn well.  Because of the insulation in the wall more hot air goes out the top of the stove. This makes that more air flows into the stove. The airflow which is generated flows under the burning wood so it has more oxygen and burns better.    Easy to fuel and refuel As fuel for the stove you use sticks, twigs and other biofuel you find in nature. The fueling and refueling is very easy even when cooking. Because of the 45° angle the stove works self-feeding.    Pot - Pan -Lid The set can be used in three ways. So you have a pot to cook in and a pan to bake but the pan also functions as a lid.   Easy to drain water Thanks to the space between the pouring mouth of the pot and the lid on the pot it is easy to drain the cooking water .   Specifications of the setMaterial 304 stainless steel Weight 1kg ( 2,2 pound ) Dimensions (Assembled) Height 16 cm ( 6,3 inch ) Width 12 cm ( 4,7 inch )      Rewards     Timing    "The Kombuis"Kombuis is a Dutch word for the kitchen on a ship. In dutch "kom" and "buis" also are two separate words. That translate to bowl and tube. So it's a kichen that consists of "a bowl" the pot and "a tube" the stove.    By ArnaudStarted in 2017 by Arnaud Desseyn. Graduated as a industrial product designer in Belgium.  I have a passion for traveling and the outdoors. That combined with my studies I try to create products that are functional to use on my travels but also have a nice design so that the products are pleasant to use and own.The products designed and created "By Arnaud" are products that are made from a personal need to improve existing products in terms of functionality and design. By Arnaud is also a label that stands for quality and durability. ...
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7 most functional bags and packing cubes that will make your trip incredibly easy About this project : Clothes, shoes, makeup, cords for your phone/laptop, headphones, documents, and that does not complete the list of things we take with us when travelling Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/223985220/vasco-smart-packing-cubes-and-bags/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : How to keep a perfectly organized luggage and not to forget the essentials for traveling when packing so many different things?Vasco smart packing cubes and bags will allow you to keep your luggage in order and help you quickly find what you need. 7 unique bags with the highest number of valuable features will make your trip incredibly easy.                            The Clothes bag lets you compactly pack your clothes in a luggage, which will also help save space in the luggage. There are three bags with different sizes (small, medium, large). The bags have a special design that will keep your clothes from getting wrinkled and will keep your belongings in a perfect condition. Unique compression zippers help reduce space in the luggage by 60%.       Your shoes can travel neatly separated from clothes and other things. Special material absorbs odors.      Vasco cosmetic's bag compactly encloses personal care products for traveling. Sometimes we do not have enough space to put all the personal care products we take with us, using the hook found on the inside the bag is easy to place even in the smallest bathroom. Waterproof material will keep moisture from getting in and accumulating in the bag.      When traveling, we often carry a large number of wires, charging devices, headphones, SIM cards, etc. And they often end up in the same bag and get tangled up. With our Electronics bag you no longer need to worry about how to pack the cables, and you won’t have tangled or torn cables from now on. The cables will be easy to pack, to find and to use.      The wallet has a special anti-theft RFID technology. You don't need to search for your ticket, passport or the boarding pass anymore. Now all the travel documents are in one place, and you won’t need to search for them. The bags have a special waterproof fastener that will protect your documents from water and rain.                                                 We always have to remember to take so many things on a trip that sometimes we forget the very important ones: a toothbrush, deodorant, chargers, etc. You won’t have to worry about that anymore: multiple pockets in Vasco bags will remind you to fill them in with travel essentials.     We responsibly chose material for Vasco bags and picked a high-quality and durable fabric for each bag that fits its purpose. Our material is waterproof and durable. We chose high-quality, stylish and water resistant fasteners.       Our team specializes in design, technology and marketing. We are enthusiasts who love their craft and love to create innovative products that help people simplify, organize and improve their lives. Founder of the company - Artur Stelmakh have launched successful campaign earlier (including Leveraxe - The Smart Axe) and succeeded in get products to Lowe’s and QVC after crowdfunding campaigns, even failed once. We believe that our product will benefit everyone, and we are glad to give you the ability to quickly and easily go on a trip or an unforgettable journey. Enjoy your travels!                         ...
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AutoPi - Makes your car intelligent by AutoPi.io
Based on Raspberry Pi™. It looks like an OBD-II dongle, but is so much more. This is the first extendable IoT platform for your car. About this project :  This is the platform that lets you set up and program your intelligent carWhat if your car was intelligent like KITT in the 80’s TV show Knight Rider? With AutoPi all cars become intelligent and can have eyes, ears and a voice Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/autopi/autopiio-the-first-extendable-iot-platform-for-you/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project :  Until now all functionality and data from cars have belonged only to the manufacturers. With AutoPi the car owners can, as a cooperating community, take control over their own vehicles and data without having to be an engineer.The AutoPi Dongle and the AutoPi Cloud is an IoT maker platform, which allows you to add advanced features to your car and gives you a lot of extension possibilities.  With both a hardware dongle and a software cloud platform, we offer you some of the coolest features available today.AutoPi is...     There are virtually no limits to what you can build with the AutoPi platform  Build a Tesla-like touch screen car computer with AutoPi (click to read more)   Below you can see some of our best ideas, and we hope to inspire you guys to make some truly cool stuff! On our website, it is possible to vote for the usecase you want us to develop first. When our Kickstarter campaign ends, we will build the feature with most votes.The rest of the features will be implemented after our Kickstarter campaign ends, starting with the most voted.        IoT maker platformWith the AutoPi Cloud we provide access to an online cloud platform where you can manage every aspect of your intelligent car. The AutoPi Cloud comes with a range of built-in features ready to use right away. These features includes: Fully customizable dashboard with interactive widgets. View data from your historic trips. Easily add new features from a growing add-ons library. Discover advanced OBD/CAN commands from a growing user-maintained library. Test and communicate directly with your car, using the built-in terminal. Advanced if-this-then-that triggers. You can add your own triggers and events - even from custom built code. Create your own code modules with the built-in IDE and integrate with new external devices and more.    Advanced triggers    The best foundation for your car-based IoT project  AutoPi Core runs on your AutoPi Dongle and ensures communication with your car, connected peripheral devices and communication to the AutoPi Cloud. It collects and securely stores your vehicle data, letting you access them from the AutoPi Cloud or via the API. We have created a software stack from the bottom up. You can focus on building killer features right away, instead of spending time on tedious configuration and setup of the underlying platform foundation (drivers, network, security, logging etc.).Highlights of the AutoPi Core Enforces maximum security on your AutoPi Dongle. Ensures stable and secure communication with your car. Integrates with connected peripheral devices. Advanced power management to prevent battery drain.    One powerful deviceAutoPi is built on top of Raspberry Pi and works as the link between your car and the AutoPi Cloud. We decided to pack it with a number of leading edge hardware components, giving you maximum possibilities.         The AutoPi Dongle comes assembled with a Raspberry Pi Zero Wirelss and works out-of-the-box, but in some cases you may need more processing power for advanced tasks. That is why we created the AutoPi Rasperry Pi 3 Adapter board. This is a small HAT adapter, which makes sure that the AutoPi Dongle can be connected to the Raspberry Pi 3. The adapter board will be available as an add-on purchase after this Kickstarter campaign ends. We will send out a survey mail to all backers where you can opt in to add this to your pledge. We have created a few demonstration videos that will teach and show you exactly how to use the features of the AutoPi Cloud platform.                        Installation of the AutoPi Dongle is simple. It just needs to be plugged into your car's OBD-II port. All cars produced after 2002 have an OBD-II port. With a simple setup procedure, similar to a Google Chromecast, everyone can do it.    We have packed the AutoPi Dongle with leading edge hardware components, giving it unprecedented specifications.   The AutoP...
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Blind Engine : Make a smart motorized blind by BRUNT
Blind Engine is a device that transforms your existing blind & shade into smart electric blinds connected to your smartphone. About this project : Please share the page if you like it!  [Share]Transform your blinds into smart blinds at an affordable price!        It’s not hard to see why people are enamored with the thought of having motorized blinds and shades, but motorized blinds are a huge hassle to install, very expensive, and have not made any significant improvements over the years despite their simplistic functions Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/965750266/blind-engine-make-a-smart-motorized-blind/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : (Ex: Electric motor + Remote control (for extended function) + Installation cost + New blind curtain replacement cost = about $300-$1,000)           Welcome, Blind EngineBlind Engine is a device that transforms your home’s standard blinds into smart electric blinds. You can motorize your existing blinds at an affordable price. Blind Engine also connects to your smartphone, enabling remote control and scheduling of your blinds anytime, anywhere.     Will it work with my blinds?Blind Engine is designed to be compatible with most roll-type blinds available on the market, and can work with blinds of varying shapes and sizes. The device can be mounted in a window frame or on the wall. Blind Types Compatibility   Blind Cords Compatibility The Blind Engine comes with two different gears that can accommodate normal string cords, small bead cords, and large bead cords. Unsupported Blind Types The Extension of Blind Size Blind Engine’s max capacity 10ft by 10ft or 15lbs of weight. However, It can be influenced by the variables like type, cloth. so we recommend to use within the stable range.       Blind Engine Features Mobile Control By accessing the Brunt App (Mobile app), users can command Blind Engine to raise and lower their blinds from anywhere in the world. So, whether you’re inside, outside, or even traveling abroad, you can raise and lower your blinds anytime and anywhere. Timer Control Block strong sunlight during the day, and protect your privacy at night. Blind Engine’s timer function allows you to set desired blind heights in advance, and then executes them according to schedule. Create a more relaxed lifestyle by utilizing customizable smart light controls that match your day-to- day activities.  Multiple Controls Even if you use multiple blinds in your home, they can all be easily and simultaneously controlled. With the Brunt App’s Welcome & Goodbye feature, you can raise and lower multiple blinds at the same time. Location Recognition ControlBlind Engine also allows for convenient auto-run capabilities depending on your current geographic location. Blind Engines that have activated the Welcome & Goodbye function can automatically adjust your blinds when you arrive or leave home.     Other Remarkable Features: Voice Control For a different lifestyle experience, manage Blind Engine using voice control powered by Amazon Echo (Alexa), Google Home, Apple Homepod, and other compatible programs.(With the exception of Amazon Echo, voice command compatibility for other devices and services is still under development) Share PermissionBrunt App’s Share Permission feature lets you easily extend control of your devices to others who share your living space. Emergency Auto-Stop Blind motor will automatically stop if the line catches, or if Blind Engine detects additional abnormal weight or pressure.      User-Friendly: Three-Minute Installation. Blind Engine comes with double-sided tape and screws, providing two easy methods to attach and install the device to the wall without the help of an installer. Total installation time takes just 3 minutes, including mobile app connection. (Installation Guide)       Globally Certified QualityUS(FCC), EU(CE), JP(TELEC), KR(KC) certifications are underway and all certifications will be completed before the engine is shipped. Blind Engine’s safety and performance is guaranteed!       Components & Specifications      Rewards     Timeline[2016]‣ May              Ideation and Design sketch‣ September   1st Prototyping  [2017]‣ January      First public debut at CES 2017‣ April             2nd Prototyping‣ May             Mobile App Prototyping‣ July              Engineering development (PCBA, Mechanical design)            ...
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The Best Toiletry Bag For Traveling - The Expeditioner by Gravel
A premium quality, durable, & versatile toiletry bag that lets you organize & pack your toiletries. About this project : How much of my stuff fits in there?  We're Gravel - We’re passionate about designing travel products that become trusty companions Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/997998703/the-best-toiletry-bag-for-traveling-the-expedition/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : Why the name Gravel? You know that sound when your tires leave the pavement for a dirt road? That's where the adventure begins, that's Gravel. Dirt roads have led us to some our favorite places in the world - hot springs, mountain trails, and beautiful scenic routes. To us, Gravel is the means to take us somewhere amazing. Introducing The Expeditioner Toiletry BagWhat Is The Expeditioner Toiletry Bag?Man that's a great question, thanks for asking. Toiletry bags - it’s probably something you don’t think about all the time but it’s something that you need every single time you travel. We’ve set out to design the best toiletry bag on the planet.This bag will carry it all while staying compact. Pack in an electric razor, electric toothbrush, loads of liquids, etc...easy peasy. See how we did it below!      Wait, how is it possible to fit all that stuff?    Gravel On The Internets: How to back this campaign: 1. Click "Back This Project"2. Pick your reward level3. Want to add more bags to your reward? Check out the graphic below titled "Purchase Levels" and under "Add Expeditioner to any order" and increase your pledge amount accordingly. (Shipping for additional bags will be collected via BackerKit surveys)Jump to our FAQ if you need a more detailed answer Our StoryChris met Lance at a kickstarter party in Utah, USA and Chris shared his idea for a new way to carry toiletries while traveling. The problem we saw was that many travelers were packing their toiletries into ziplock bags, giant “catch all” bags, and sometimes foregoing a toiletry bag all together. After many late nights researching & designing they launched “The Best Toiletry Bag For Traveling” on Kickstarter last year - making an organized, compact, & easier way to travel light.Goodness gracious...we raised over $200k in crowdfunding and Gravel has now shipped thousands of our bags to 65+ countries around the world. We’re blown away and humbled. Backers like you brought Gravel to life. This time around, with your help, we’re making our best products even better.We're here for our second Kickstarter. After launching our first product we received a lot of awesome feedback and found there was a huge need for a toiletry bag that would more comfortably fit electric toothbrushes, electric razors, larger liquids, & bulkier items - all while staying compact & organized. We packed up our bags and moved from the USA to Vietnam for a few months to live next to our manufacturer so that we could speed up the development process. We are SO EXCITED about this new bag!What makes this the best toiletry bag?Here's The Problem:Current toiletry bags on the market often have no organization options & feature just one or maybe two compartments. Since when did Ziplock become the #1 provider of toiletry bags?! Spilling your shampoo all over everything is the worst and mixing all of your toiletries together is way gross. One of our least favorite thoughts is picturing our nail clippers rubbing up against our toothbrush. Why should your toothbrush be in the same pocket as your toenail clippers? We thought there had to be a much better way.Here's The Solution:The Expeditioner was designed with 8 separate pockets to keep you organized and pack a ton of stuff for extended trips. Carry bulkier items like an electric razor, electric toothbrushes, and large liquid containers while still staying compact. We used only premium materials so it cleans easily, and it just feels fantastic in your hands. Electric Razor/Taller Items Pocket - A mesh pocket with a curved zipper for easy access. It easily fits electric razors, hair combs and taller items! This pocket is large to add versatility so you can pack this as you’d like...it’s cozy in here. Ladies, if you are blessed to not have a beard and don’t have an electric razor then you can easily fit mascara, tampons, and other stuff. (10” Length x 4.5” Wide) Water Resistant Toothbrush & Toothpaste Pocket - This pocket is solely for your toothbrush to keep your toothbrush from gathering debris &am...
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Boundary Prima System: The Ultimate Modular Pack by Boundary
The Ultimate Modular Backpack keeps you organized for daily carry and weekend travels. About this project : Featured In: The Prima System's adaptable storage and dynamic features make life more comfortable by providing a simple carry solution for daily use and traveling Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1990568293/boundarys-prima-system-the-ultimate-modular-pack/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : The Prima Pack, Verge Case and Fieldspace provides unbeatable organization and adapts for unplanned stowage. Unique magnetic trims, YKK Stormguard® zippers and high performance fabrics let you store and access gear effortlessly while providing peace of mind.      HOW THE PRIMA MODULAR SYSTEM FUNCTIONS: The Prima System expands from 25 liters to 30 liters while the Verge case provides an additional 10 liters of storage - the perfect pack for daily use or extended weekend travels.       PRIMA SYSTEM FEATURES:Boundary's Team understand that every step in the manufacturing process and facet of business has an environmental and human impact, so we pride ourselves as a brand that uses the bluesign® system throughout our supply chain to ensure fair labor practices, safe working conditions and sustainable fabric production.   EXTERIOR FEATURES:   While designing the Prima System we thought about all the situations you go through daily and designed innovative feature to change the way gear is stored and accessed. Magnetic buckles, YKK Stormguard® zippers, and water-resistant fabrics decrease access and stowage time while providing peace of mind.     Commuter friendly features make it the perfect pack for living a seamless lifestyle.  The Magnetic Key Chain is perfect for metrocards, bike keys, and other essentials.   INTERIOR FEATURES:The Prima Systems's interior fabrics use low impact durable coatings, brushed silicone and PU backings for unbeatable protection for easy cleaning. #10 YKK Stormguard®  center zip provides a "duffle bag like" intimate view and access to gear. Interior stretch mesh pockets keep small items from bouncing around inside the pack and within reach. The interior fabrics are spun, woven, and treated to support a lifestyle that requires fabrics to kill odor, stays clean by repelling stains and dust. STORMPROOF LAPTOP COMPARTMENT:A water resistant compartment holds a 15” laptop, and our innovative Fieldspace. Is easily accessible when on the move or sitting in a coffee shop. Has a padded interior with our signature NYWOOL®  keeps electronics protected.  The magnetic dock secures the Fieldspace keeping it in the center of your back - secure, comfortable, and effortlessly organized.      PRIMA'S LFT® HARNESS: The PRIMA’s innovative LFT® Harness is breathable, wicks sweat, anti-microbial and extremely comfortable for daily commuting or week long adventures. The LFT® Harness regulates back temperature, wicks sweat, and evenly distributes pack load to comfortably fits women and men of all sizes. Magnetic sternum strap allows you to effortlessly secure the harness to your body while walking or biking.   VERGE CASE FEATURES:The Verge allows you to securely store camera equipment in the main compartment and converts to a shoulder bag so you can take your essentials with you. It stows 5 liters and can adapt to hold 10 liters by unzipping a YKK zipper at the base of the bag. Unique features and pocketing keep camera gear organized and easily accessible.    Padded sidewalls, flexible dividers and a base-zip triples the Verges capacity to simultaneously store travel gear and camera equipment. The Verge is the perfect shoulder bag for a hike or city detour.  When traveling it gives you the option to leave your pack behind and get lost. Remove the Prima Pack's waist belt and attach it to the verge so you can travel with less bulk when out on the town or going for a hike.       FIELDSPACE FEATURES:Fashion driven performance adapts the look of the Fieldspace to professional settings and brilliant organization keeps you focused while on the go. Elastic pockets and Hypalon dividers store any tool or charger helping you stay effortlessly organized while on the move.   A Magnetic Dock secures the Fieldspace inside the stormproof electronic compartment in the center of the LFT harness -  unbeatable comfort.      BILL OF MATERIALS AND TRIMS:       ENVIRON MERINO SHIRT: Boundary's Merino is sourced from sustainable small village farms. We incorporate these fibers in our p...
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Bobby Bizz, The Best Business Briefcase and Backpack by XD Design
Keep your belongings safe and make your commute all that more comfortable with our latest generation of the Bobby Anti-Theft backpack. About this project : Bobby Bizz, the Best Business Briefcase and Backpack Keep your belongings safe and make your commute all that more comfortable with our latest generation of the Bobby Anti-Theft backpack line Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/257670560/bobby-bizz-the-best-business-briefcase-and-backpac/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project :  For many of us, worrying about getting pick-pocketed while carrying our backpack can be an unpleasant experience. Even something as simple as enjoying a warm cup of coffee at a terrace can result in your bag being seized from you all in the blink of an eye.  This is exactly why we strive to protect your luggage from theft. We want nothing more than for our clients to travel safely, comfortably and without having to be concerned about unwanted incidents.  Whether traveling far or near, by bike, by foot or public transport, the Bobby Bizz is the perfect traveling sidekick.  From hidden zippers to an integrated anti-theft lock, the Bobby Bizz guarantees to cause pocket-pickers to scratch their heads in confusion and be totally unable to take or even reach your personal possessions. With the Bobby Bizz you not only roam in style but it also has the ability to go from backpack to briefcase in a matter of seconds! Perfectly suited for any occasion.  Live more and worry less, #BobbyGotYourBack                                               ...
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SwitchCase: Case with Replaceable Grips for Nintendo Switch by Skull & Co.
A protective case with two comfortable grip sets to fit all players’ hands & one big carry case makes “pack and go” never been so easy. About this project : NINTENDO SWITCH is an awesome gaming console, we love it! It provides different gaming modes to fulfill players’ needs, allowing us to enjoy the games anytime and anywhere Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1274541538/switchcase-case-with-replaceable-grips-for-nintend/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : The handheld mode is always our favorite, but we found because of its size and flat back, it is difficult to hold the console and play the games for a long period of time making our hands too tied from holding the SWITCH. Which got us thinking, why not make a case, not only to protect the SWITCH but also providing two comfortable grips on the SWITCH, just like the PS4 and XB1 joy-cons. So the SwitchCase was born to let game players to have the ability to play the games for hours without the feeling of fatigue. The SnapGrip is a basic set for the most players and games. And the TriggerGrip provides stronger grip force, it is designed for players with bigger hands and play hardcore games very often. Both grip sets are made of hard PC (polycarbonate) with texture on the surface, which gives players a similar feeling of holding a XB1 or PS4 joy-con. The SwitchCase is made of soft TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethanes) material, which is similar to the silicone, a environmental friendly material has been wildly used to make cell phone protective cases. It will not scratch your SWITCH like the hard plastic does. Most important, our SwitchCase is easy to put on and remove, convenient for gamers to take the case off when they intend to switch between different gaming modes. The SwitchCase has a 0.7mm thin back, not only designed for heat sinking but also dock charging. There is no need to remove the case to get your SWITCH recharged in the dock. The soft TPU material makes the SwitchCase so unique and it gives us so much more spaces to design this case in the way have never done before. Finally we achieved our goal, which the shoulder buttons were covered by the SwitchCase meanwhile remain the original keystroke sense. We also designed a Carry Case to store the SWITCH with SwitchCase on. This Carry Case can swallow almost everything you can imagine, such as power bank, adaptor, USB cable, headset, game cards, joy-con grips and etc. The SwitchCase and the Carry Case can be the ultimate solution for your NINTENDO SWITCH. SwitchCase will be available in Gray or Neon Red Blue. You will get to select your color options via a survey sent out after the campaign ends. Skull & Co. is established by a group of young people who love video games, we are designers, engineers, sourcing managers and etc. but we have one thing in common, games! From the beginning, we discovered that it was near impossible to find a well-designed third party gaming accessory in the market. They were made from a view of engineers not gamers. So we decided to make our own products from the point of view of a gamer. Our team became more and more experienced while creating our products. This project is much bigger than any of our previous projects; also this is something we feel most passionately about. We need funds to invest on the tooling and people to follow and support this project. Our prototype has indicated to us that this is a great design and it can be mass produced smoothly. Our manufacture partner is ready to go.With support from kickstarter, we can speed up this project and make this SwitchCase reality. ...
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FingerPow - One snap to charge your phone by FingerPow
Finger Pow simplifies the entire charging process and offers unparalleled portability! About this project : Nowadays, smartphones are integral to daily life Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1618958866/fingerpow-one-snap-to-charge-your-phone/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : It’s unthinkable to leave it at home, and a dead battery can mean disaster. Keep that battery level up, no matter where you go. Finger Pow is an extremely convenient portable power bank you can take anywhere. Unlike wall sockets or other portable charger, Finger Pow simplifies the entire charging process. It changes how we charge our phones and other devices by making charging more accessible and convenient. With Finger Pow, low-battery notifications will be a thing of the past. Traditional charging means being chained to a wall socket every time we charge. Some high-capacity power banks are offered on the market, but one is just like the others. We shouldn’t sacrifice convenience for capacity. We should select the best solution to the charging dilemma. That’s Finger Pow.   In most cases, smartphone battery life decreases after just a year of use. The average user charges their phone 2-3 times a day. We’ve created a new solution. It’s tiny, wireless, and keeps your phone charged on-the-go!Based on the sizes of popular available smartphones, we’ve custom-built Finger Pow to optimize the user experience while providing extra battery power. Use your Charging Packs to keep charged all the time—easily. No more searching for wall outlets or carrying bulky power banks around with you. Don’t worry about battery life during conference calls, when chatting, using GPS, or even playing your favourite games. Use it to charge your phone and provide additional battery whenever you need it most. The concept of Finger Pow is storing electricity in small modular pieces—Charging Packs. When you need to charge your phone, just grab a Charging Pack. It’s compact, and let’s you continue using your device as usual, unlike traditional bulky portable chargers and USB cables.       For our charging packs, we use high-capacity lithium batteries with lithium cobalt oxide cathodes alongside a high-quality chipset from Neusoft. This provides a 85% boost to conversion efficiency. This tiny lightweight battery provides an iPhone 8 with 25% charge.   The Charging Pack is the size of a USB drive and can be attached to a key chain. This makes it incredibly portable, and means it’s completely unobtrusive until your battery needs that extra kick. After your Charging Pack has finished its job, swap it with a new one from the charging station. No hassle, no downtime. We believe in providing an optimal user experience. Our charging packs use a double magnetic connector to streamline the entire charging experience.     Share our story to your friends on Facebook or Twitter, so they can help us to unlock the stretch goals!     Finger Pow is a team composed of structural designers and electronic engineers. Our philosophy is to build the best quality product. Any detail of the product reflects our care to the customers. We always maintain a very stringent quality standard no matter in product design, development process, or even the choice of accessories procurement, so we can develop a truly valuable item. Contact Us1. Back our campaign and leave a comment on our Kickstarter page 2. Send a direct message to us on Kickstarter3. Follow and message us on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/FingerPowPress kit If you’re a member of the press looking for info or media assets, please download our press kit here ...
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EatOut™: The Revolutionary Outdoor Kitchen System by iKamperusa Inc.
An outdoor kitchen, all in ONE box: take it camping, to the park, or the beach. About this project : WHAT IS THE EATOUT™?The EatOut™ is a revolutionary all-in-one outdoor kitchen system Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/roominroom/eatouttm-the-revolutionary-outdoor-kitchen-system/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project :  Everything you need for outdoor cooking in ONE box. Setup as easy as 123: Open the EatOut™ Screw on the legs Fold out the table At night, add the stand and LED lantern. Ready to cook in less than 1 minute!  EatOut™ Promise    Premium Materials   DOUBLE BURNER GAS STOVECook two things at once with the double burner stove, in all kinds of weather thanks to the wind guard.   High quality burners, made in Korea One-Touch ignition, 8500 BTU flame power Removable stainless steel wind guard: maximized energy efficiency and easy to clean after cooking Compatible with any standard butane gas canister Gas canisters attach under the stove EXTENSIVE STORAGE SPACEThe EatOut™ has a LOT of space: store dishes, utensils, cookware, and even groceries. Save time packing and stop having to look for everything separately. Storage Capacity: EatOut™ Expedition: 13.4 gallons / 50.8 liters EatOut™ Excursion: 9.8 gallons / 37 liters FULL BIRCH PLYWOOD TABLES Once folded out, the Eatout is surprisingly large enough to seat 4 or more people. CNC-cut, furniture-grade, full birch plywood Long-lasting, waterproof, UV coating Easy to clean after a meal No cracks or bends SO easy to clean!   SMART & TOUGH LED LANTERN  (+ $119)The EatOut's world-class LED lantern hangs from the telescopic aluminum stand: cook, eat, or play hands-free at night! The LED Lantern comes with the telescopic stand.   This LED lantern is smart: install the app on your phone (iOS & Android) to turn the lantern on and off remotely and control the color (256 RGB). The EatOut™ lantern is IP66 certified: complete protection from rain. And it's dust tight too: This lantern is TOUGH. Adjust the lantern's handle and hang it from the stand to get the best angle: Need to use it somewhere else? Strong magnets let you stick it on metal surfaces.   DETACHABLE TELESCOPIC STAND ( + $19)The EatOut™ stand solves the problem of cooking in the dark, having your hands full and dealing with a cluttered table: Hang the EatOut™ lantern, your MP3 player or car keys from the detachable aluminum stand. Easily mounts on the EatOut stove Lightweight aluminum Telescopic extension Quick release locking system Dimensions: 13.3"/34cm (closed), 22"/56cm (extended)   KITCHEN UTENSIL RACK (+ $19)Keep your kitchen organized with the optional utensil rack! Have all utensils within reach while cooking, and fold the shelf into the storage box once done. 6 pockets for kitchen utensils 100% waterproof and washable 100% polyester and 4X4 power mesh Chrome-plated iron support bar Folds into the storage box SOFT COOLER  (+ $39)Add the removable soft cooler to your EatOut™ to keep your food and beverages nice and fresh! It fits perfectly in the storage area, and you still have room to keep other items. The Soft Cooler comes in two sizes, adapted for both the Excursion and Expedition sizes.   COMPACT & PORTABLE DESIGN Roll it around, and save energy! The telescopic aluminum alloy handle and rubber wheels let you conveniently move the EatOut™ around. Prefer to carry it? The EatOut™ has rubber-coated handles on the two side panels.Save space in your car and keep everything nice and organized. Say goodbye to a messy trunk!   TWO SIZES: EXPEDITION & EXCURSION EatOut™ ExpeditionThe Expedition's larger size is Ideal for camping or long road trips with four or more people.Storage: 13.4 gallons / 50.8 liters EatOut™ ExcursionThe Excursion is smaller and more portable: save space in your trunk! Take it on a short camping trip, a day at the beach, or a picnic at the park. Storage: 9.8 gallons / 37 liters  TECHNICAL CHART   PICK YOUR COLOR The EatOut™ is available in a number colors. Which one is your favorite? We've already tried several vibrant colors on our protoypes, but YOU will help us decide the final colors in the survey after the campaign ends: 5-10 colors depending on the level of support we receive. ALUMINUM 5052 PANELS The EatOut™ is built of aluminum 5052: lightweight, strong, eco-friendly, and corrosion-resistant.   REWARDSThe EatOut™ comes in two sizes: Excursion ($185 Super Early Bird): smaller, compact design Expedition ($19...
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eto: a beautiful innovation in wine preservation. by eto wine
Elegant wine decanter with unique, patented system that keeps your wine tasting perfectly fresh, ensuring you never waste a drop again. About this project :        “eto decanter reaches Kickstarter target in 32 hours” - Decanter magazine“the best of both worlds: Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/etowine/eto-a-beautiful-innovation-in-wine-preservation/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : .. both affordable and effective” - JancisRobinson.com “eto: Stylish, Eco-Friendly Decanter - Sign. us. up.” - Huffington Post"hallmarks of a considered product from a designer with years of experience" - Mold"preserve the freshness and quality of wine" - TrendhunterFind out more:    Facebook   |  Twitter  |   Instagram   |   Press Kit     Want to help us?   Share on Facebook   |    Share on Twittereto is a beautifully designed wine decanter that gives you the freedom to enjoy wine at your own pace, and never waste a drop again. Its innovative, patented preservation system uses an airtight seal to keep wine perfectly fresh for at least 12 days, as proven by independent laboratory tests and a host of expert blind taste tests. eto is exceptionally easy to use. Its unique design ensures every step is quick, clean and complements the traditional ritual of enjoying wine.    Due to its patented preservation system that creates an airtight seal over the wine, eto halts the oxidation process, which in turn preserves the wine’s freshness and taste.  As we become more health-consciousness, more and more of us are choosing to enjoy just a glass or two rather than several – or even save our wine drinking for the weekend. eto gives us this freedom.  With eto you can open and savour that treasured bottle over several days or even weeks.  The long funnel gently oxygenates the wine to release its flavours and the sharp lip ensures drip-free pouring.     No waste, and no need to rush to finish the bottle (or the next one...)    eto’s ability to prevent wine oxidation has been proven by independent tests carried out at Bangor University. The graph shows just how effective eto is compared to other wine preservation products.  Beacon Laboratories. © Bangor University 2016 eto underwent rigorous testing and re-testing over a 12 month period with a variety of red and white wines. The results were indisputable - eto far out-performed competitor products in every tightly-monitored test.      While science proved eto prevented oxidation, blind taste tests with wine experts showed that eto protected the quality of the wine too.     'Master of Wine' Richard Hemming – and writer at JancisRobinson.com – took part in two separate blind taste tests, comparing freshly opened wine with its eto 7 day preserved equivalent.  “On the seventh day ... for me, the results were unanimous: there was no perceptible difference between a freshly opened bottle and the eto-stored sample” Read the full article HERE. After taking part in a similar blind taste test, Wine Director at Honest Grapes, Tom Harrow, commented “A wine which had been decanted (into eto) seven days beforehand tasted every bit as fresh as a wine which had come from a recently opened bottle. But it also had the added benefits of decanting, in that the wine was breathing ... it was opening up ... it tasted absolutely delicious.”  I am Tom Cotton, an award-winning industrial designer with nearly 20 years experience of bringing products from concept to market. I am passionate about protecting the environment, and in 2011 became interested in designing a product that helped to reduce wine wastage.Wine wastage is a huge environmental problem across the world. In the UK alone, 50 million litres of wine are poured down the sink every year - see WRAP report EVA063. A recent study by Laithwaite’s Wine put the figure down as enough to fill 333 Olympic-sized swimming pools, and also these disturbing statistics:  Our inability to preserve wine once the cork has been popped is a major cause of this wine waste. And I quickly discovered that the wine preservation products on the market were either ineffective or hugely expensive. I am passionate about protecting the environment, and in 2011 became interested in designing a product that helped to reduce wine wastage.  My inspiration for eto came after a friend highlighted the method - common amongst wine experts - of transferring leftover wine into a smaller container to minimise the air contact....
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Sonnet: World's Most Advanced Off-Grid Mobile Mesh Network by Sonnet
Send text messages, voice recordings, images, and GPS locations on your phone without cellular coverage, satellite, or Internet access. About this project : Your phone is dependent on the mobile network, and they can't keep you connected when the mobile network is unavailable or unreliable, such as when you are: Exploring the backcountry: network is unavailable or very sparse coverage Traveling abroad: network unreliable or very expensive to use Attending crowded events: network slow and congested with too many users Encountering a natural disaster: network service disrupted or completely destroyed On the other hand, walkie-talkies work anywhere Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sonnet/sonnet-decentralized-mobile-communication/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : However, they are: Bulky and cumbersome: some walkie-talkies literally feel like bricks that you carry around Complex and unintuitive: A lot of tuning and setup require before you can use it Very low-quality audio only: no text, no images, just bad audio, which often leads to miscommunication Sonnet is an Off-the-Grid communication device that lets you use your smartphone as a super advanced walkie-talkie that can send: Even when you have no cellular coverage and no Internet access! Sonnet brings the long-range wireless communication of the walkie-talkie to the smartphone. It connects to your smartphone via Wi-Fi, and it will relay any data sent from your phone to other Sonnet devices via the long-range radio wave. This completely removes your smartphones’ dependency on cellular grid and other network infrastructure, and allows it to be used even when you have no cellular connectivity or internet access. Yup, that's it!There's no frequency to tune and no channel to set. Just connect and start chatting! Use the Sonnet App in the same way as any other instant messengers to send: One-on-one private messages Private group messages Public messages to any Sonnet users in range (yes, you can block spammers) Sonnet App runs directly within your smartphone's browser so you don't need to download or install any app! Sonnet is completely off-the-grid and operates independently of any network infrastructure. This means that Sonnet will let you stay in touch with your friends and teammates no matter where you are. The typical point-to-point range between two Sonnet devices is 5 km (approximately 3 miles). This range can be up to 15 km (9 miles) if there is line-of-sight, such as when the sender and receiver are on top of two mountains.In addition, Sonnet comes with a SMA connector, so you can connect your own directional antenna to increase the point-to-point range even further! Sonnet's mesh network dramatically increases the effective range beyond point-to-point range by relaying data through other deices. With Sonnet, data can be relayed up to 16 times to achieve a maximum range of 80 km (50 miles)! There is absolutely no subscription fee when you use Sonnet. You can send as many messages as often as you want! If one device has internet connectivity, then the entire network can share it! Place Sonnet in a car or base where internet is available, then you can access internet in the backcountry by carrying another Sonnet!(To be rolled out as a software upgrade in Early 2018). Offline Maps The Sonnet App comes with offline maps so you’ll be able to get directions and view points of interest without Internet connection. You can even leave virtual breadcrumbs on the offline map so you can retrace the path back to the origin.Panic Button / SOS Mode In the case of emergencies, Sonnet App comes with a panic button. Long-press the button for 5 seconds will activate the SOS mode, broadcasting your current GPS location and your distress message to all Sonnet users in range.Charge Your Phone Sonnet is equipped with a 4000 mAh lithium polymer battery and it comes with a USB port, so you can charge your smartphone with it. Sonnet can fully charge most smartphones on the market. We take your privacy very, very seriously. As a result, we have taken care to make Sonnet as secure as possible. All communications done with Sonnet are end-to-end encrypted with AES (256-bit). In addition, Wi-Fi connections between Sonnet and your smartphones are protected with WPA/WPA2. Sonnet features a rugged design that makes it well-suited for outdoor use. It is rated IP66, which means that it is dust tight and water resistant. This allows you to bring the Sonnet with you no matter which adve...
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The Empire | Aerospace Grade Titanium Clubmaster Sunglasses by Commons Designs Group
William Painter's The Empire - Aerospace Grade Titanium frame, Next-Gen polarized lenses, all backed by our Lifetime Guarantee. About this project :     At William Painter, we were tired of all the compromises made in the products we used on daily basis Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2093465669/2030299056/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : While other companies are racing to the bottom, we stand for something more. We believe everyone deserves to have the best products, with solid customer service that treats you like family. You live an active life, we make products that can keep up with your adventures. That's why we use the most durable materials and back it up with a lifetime guarantee. We truly believe that having trusted everyday accessories will enhance your life and inspire you to be more.                        The first clubmaster style sunglasses that are a new level of quality, durability, perfect balance and worry free - combined with the perfect fit allowing you to live your amazing life.                               You are a person, who needs eyewear to keep up with style. The Empires are a vintage & timeless look re-engineered using state of the art materials. With our lifetime guarantee, you never have to worry about taking them along for the adventure.        These sunglasses are made from the same materials used in a Fighter jet, F1 Race Car, Lamborghini, Bugatti Veyron and many ultra-luxury watches. The Empire are extremely strong, but also deceptively light. Titanium is also hypoallergenic, meaning it is perfectly safe for the human body. Doctors use the element for hip and knee replacements for this reason.          You are an active person, who needs eyewear that can keep up. We examined drill bits, knives, firearms and F1 race car pistons. From this, we developed our own titanium protective coating.        Ever had sunglasses fall down your nose? We HATE that! Proper sunglass fitment is taken to heart. By using a thick titanium and ultralight lens, we are able to greatly improve the center of balance.         The Empire frames come with the highest quality Japanese nylon polarized lenses. They are light, durable, clear and are shatter and scratch resistant unlike glass or inferior acrylic lenses.       Lenses are taken VERY seriously around here. What's the point in making awesome sunglasses if the optics are crappy? We literally searched all around the world looking at various types of lenses. From Glass, Polycarbonate, CR39, Acrylic, and Nylon. Each one has its merits but we wanted something truly exceptional. We are extremely proud to introduce William Painter's Lifelong Lenses. They are the lightest in the world, less than half the weight of traditional glass lenses. Our lenses are PREMIUM - they cost more to produce than an entire pair of “high end” brands.          Polarized lenses neutralizes glare, clear up objects and reduce eye strain. They work especially well on car windshields, oceans or lakes and other high glare environments. Typically lenses have a polarizing and tint coating added to the top of the lens to achieve this effect. Over time, however, the polarizing and tint can bubble and flake off of the lens. Have you ever seen a bad tint job on a car? Same problem. With The Empire that problem is solved with LifeLong Lenses.     Our frames are made prescription ready. You can take them to your local optometrist and have your prescription put in with ease.     We want you to have only the very best, that's why we engrave a subtle reminder to "Live your Dream". It's the details that matter, and we think it is the perfect finishing touch.    We have worked really hard on making a high quality pair of glasses, but also a way to protect them. The William Painter hard case is custom built for The Empire. It fits snuggly and doesn't shake around when moving the case.             Pick a reward, become a backer, and help us bring these new products to life. To say thank you, we offer the lowest possible price and deliver to you before anyone else.                                                         ...
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FLECTR 360 – ultimate bike reflector with 360° visibility by The Outsider Team
FLECTR 360 is the first line of defense for your night ride! Ride safely and be seen from any direction. About this project : PRESS RELEASE & PHOTOS /// VIDEOS       FLECTR is back with the next generation bike reflector! klick to enlarge FLECTR 360 - the ultimate bike reflector with 360° visibilityFrom wherever car headlight are approaching, FLECTR 360 grabs the driver´s attention Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/outsider-team/flectr-360-the-bike-reflector-with-360-degree-visi/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : All around, without exception. A big plus for your safety and a clean design – FLECTR 360 wraps razor-thin around the rim. We kickstarted FLECTR ZERO in April 2016. Thousands of bikes have been equipped with our first reflector design and we have gained broad international recognition for bike safety on roads. Be a part of our 5th Kickstarter campaign now!      FLECTR 360 motion study klick to enlarge klick to enlarge As tire and rim designs get larger and disc brakes become the new standard we created an unparalled wheel reflector design: FLECTR 360. Stuck onto the arched surface of the rim it becomes part of your bike and reflects a strong beam of light in ANY direction.       klick to enlarge  Find a complete comparison of wheel reflectors on our website.       360 degree visibilityMulti-direction reflectivity increases your safety. High-grade microprismatic technologyThousands of metalized cube-corner prisms ensure highest possible reflection. Non-static light patternsRotating, pulsing and moving light grabs extra attention. Contemporary design with high style factorNo bells and whistles, no additional parts to care about. No air drag, no weight & no dynamic imbalanceUnlike standard wheel reflectors, FLECTR 360 leaves your wheel´s performance unaffected. High-class custom materialUnique 3D conformable film without wrinkling or lifting-off. Reliable bond & dirt-repellend surface. klick to enlarge The arched profiles of modern bike rims offer a perfect base for an adhesive wide-angle reflector as there are multiple plains for reflection. The two-piece FLECTR 360 wraps around the rim from both sides and overlaps onto the rim vertex. The advantage: gap-free reflection from all sides. FLECTR 360 FITS THEM ALL!      Select your size(s) AFTER the campaign has ended in our survey! If you need different sets, you can choose the sizes for each set independently. klick to enlarge FLECTR 360 comes in different sizes. How to choose the size that fits your rim? Just measure the overall height of your rim. If you are unsure, please take the smaller size.For rim brake wheels:Size 1/short - depth of rim: 20/25 mm or 0.78/1.0 inch (min./max.)For disc brake wheels:Size 2/short - depth of rim: 20/24 mm or 0.78/0.94 inch (min./max.) Size 3/medium - depth of rim: 24/28 mm or 0.94/1.1 inch (min./max.Size 4/large - depth of rim: 28/34 mm or 1.1/1.34 inch (min./max.)FLECTR 360 fits round, square and v-shaped rims. Rim brake wheels without a curvature above the brake flank don’t match our product. We offer these rewards for FLECTR 360       FLECTR 360 comes as set with 4 pcs. each – 2 pcs. build on reflector. With one set you are able to equip your bike with one reflector per wheel – as it is standard in many countries –  or one wheel with two reflectors, which adds a good amount of extra reflection.       Included: a big bonus for every reward!FLECTR 360 supporters receive an exclusive 20% discount for the official FLECTR shop. After having participated you will receive a one-time code for our shop per e-mail. Please use the same e-mail address as you use in your Kickstarter account. Otherwise the coupon code will not work (no minimum order value).       We have an exact schedule and will start shipping on 14th of February 2018.       Our top value pack comes with eight sets for you and a bunch of friends!        DESIGN & FEASIBILITY      Technically FLECTR 360 is one of a kind: Its two-piece design provides easy installation and great flexibility regarding different rim depths. It fits any wheel diameter and number of spokes. For a flawless connection to the rim (technically spoken "convex-concave over two directions") without wrinkling or lifting-off, we have chosen a highly formable reflective film and applied a custom adhesive that bonds properly to every rim material and shape – whether round, square or v-shap...
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Vessi - The World's First 100% Waterproof Knit Shoes by Vessi Footwear
A stylish, waterproof, breathable and lightweight sneaker that keeps your feet cozy and dry no matter the weather. About this project :            100% Waterproof Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/757623759/vessi-the-worlds-first-100-waterproof-knit-shoes/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : Forever. Vessi Footwear is the World's First 100% Waterproof Knit Shoes. They fit, feel and perform like a regular shoe yet act like a waterproof boot. Our patented waterproof Flash Knit technology will keep your feet dry, even in wet weather conditions. Don’t compromise style for functionality, enjoy the best of both worlds with your new Vessi.            Vessi is the perfect companion for all your adventures, no matter where you go. The patented Flash Knit upper will keep 100% water out for the entire lifespan of the shoe. Never worry about getting cold wet toes and wet socks! Puddle Proof and Easy To Clean. No need to avoid those puddles ever again. Our Flash Knit material allows for an easy cleaning process thanks to its hydrophobic treatment in addition to the waterproofing membrane. Stylish and Comfortable. Designed with style and functionality in mind. Breathable and Moisture Wicking. Unlike regular waterproof shoes, Vessi allows your feet to breathe, reducing sweat and odor build up.          Our patented Vessi Flash Knit Upper is composed of three distinct functional layers.The Nano-Filterting Membrane and the heart of Vessi's upper is a waterproof and moisture-wicking layer that keeps your feet dry while allowing moisture from your sweat and body heat to escape the shoe. Being waterproof means that the area of your feet covered by Vessi shoes is completely impervious to water. This is not a coating and the waterproofing function will last the lifespan of the shoe.The Stretch Knit Layer of the Vessi upper is a knitted layer composed of a blend of polyester and nylon. We chose this specific blend to create an elastic yet durable knit that stretches to the shape of your feet. This encourages you to move naturally.The Comfort Lining is designed to mimic the feeling of wearing socks. It is soft to the touch and form-fitting.   Vessi will provide you with complete protection against water penetration while water repellent or resistant shoes just repel or resist water to a limited degree and will eventually start getting wet after a short period of time.Traditional waterproof shoes tend to be stuffy and make your feet sweat and stink due to its lack of ability to regulate the dispersal of moisture. However, Vessi’s moisture-wicking technology regulates the dispersal of moisture thus reducing feet sweat and the buildup of odor.In addition to Vessi’s knit features are it's ultra lightweight Vzero midsoles. The composition of these Vzero’s is designed to maximize energy return while providing flexibility and cushioning for every step. The outsole is enhanced with rubber treads for traction in all weather conditions. The sole’s hardness and density are optimized for a perfect balance of lightness and comfort.   Our waterproof and moisture-wicking test. The above image shows a red nano-filtering membrane separating water and air. The membrane layer allows air to escape (breathability) yet is impervious to the water.              Sizing Comparison | Vessi's sizing is similar to the fit of popular Nike running shoes. See our FAQ for exact measurements of our sole bottom. Half Sizes | If you typically wear ½ sizes, we recommend sizing up for the best possible fit and comfort.Full Sizes | If you typically wear a full size, we recommend the same size for the best possible fit and comfort. Size Exchanges | Getting the perfect fit can be difficult especially online. It’s our mission that you get the best possible fit with your Vessi's. Send us a message and we’ll be happy to help you out with your exchange! Please note that these are sample colors and may slightly change   We have partnerd up with Wiivv to give you an exclusive Kickstarter bundle. Wiivvs turn any pair of shoes into the most comfortable shoes you own by adding perfectly unique arch support (and they’re compatible with Vessis). Just take photos of your feet in 60 seconds using the Wiivv app and they’ll digitally map your feet, 3D print your custom-fit insoles, and ship them to your door in under 7 days. We have spent the past 2 years developing a new waterproofing technology we call Flash Knit. After years...
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Konnected Alarm Panel: Revive Your Wired Alarm System by Konnected
Connect your existing wired alarm system to a smart home security system using SmartThings or Home Assistant. No more monthly fees! About this project : Connect Any Wired Alarm System to Your Smart Home The Konnected Alarm Panel replaces your old security system panel, connecting your existing alarm system to Samsung's SmartThings and Home Assistant Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nateclark/konnected-alarm-panel-revive-your-wired-alarm-syst/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : It works with any wired alarm system! The Konnected Alarm Panel connects to your existing home alarm system wiring turning your home into a smart home! Add a touch screen panel to your existing alarm system Get notified on your phone when a door or window opens or another sensor is tripped Automatically arm and disarm your system with proximity detection In the NewsSecurityInfoWatch - Konnected Alarm Panel turns wired security systems into smart home solutionsBGR.com - Konnected turns the old home alarm you already have into a smart alarm with no monthly feesWhat people are saying about Konnected Millions of Homes are Pre-wired to be Smart HomesMillions of homes are built pre-wired for alarm systems, but most of these systems are decades outdated. Wired alarm systems have traditionally been closed systems that you had to pay a monitoring company up to $100 per month to use!Many homeowners with pre-installed alarm systems rarely or never use them because they are inconvenient, ineffective or too expensive to maintain. Replace those outdated keypads with beautiful and functional wall-mounted touch-screen tablets for whole home control. This DIY companion to your Konnected conversion costs as little as $65 to do! Don't miss our how-to video down below.   Now with the Konnected Alarm Panel, you can free yourself from expensive contracts, and at the same time, connect all of your door & window sensors, motion detectors, smoke/CO2 detectors & more to your favorite home automation hub or service. See How it WorksA detailed product demonstration from the creator, Nate Clark.   Connect Your Wired Alarm System to Your Smart Home appKonnected makes your home's old wired alarm system relevant again by connecting it to popular home automation hubs. Today, Konnected integrates with SmartThings. Home Assistant support will be ready this January!Now you can monitor and control your home from anywhere using your smartphone with no recurring fees. The Konnected Alarm Panel replaces the motherboard of your old wired alarm system, giving it new powers to integrate with the rest of your Smart Home.   Use your smartphone to monitor the security of your home and get notified right away if something is awry.  Seamlessly integrates with Smart Home Monitor in the SmartThings app Secure and automate your home by combining thousands of smart home lights, voice assistants, cameras and more smart devices on the market today.  Infinitely Expandable. Supports Any Size Home.Each Konnected Alarm Panel supports up to 6 sensors or zones and one switched output like a siren or chime. You can simply add more Konnected Alarm Panels to expand your system to 12, 18, 24 or more zones. The device is smaller than a credit card and low-power, so it's easy to mount several Konnected Alarm Panels in place of your old alarm panel. See our backer rewards for kits designed for any size home. This installation uses two Konnected Alarm panels to connect 12 doors, windows and motion sensors in a large house. Works With Existing Wired SensorsAll kinds of wired security system sensors work with Konnected. The majority of wired door and window sensors, motion sensors, glass-break detectors, leak detectors, and some smoke and carbon monoxide detectors with external signaling capability can easily be connected Konnected Alarm Panel!   Who is the Konnected Alarm Panel For?If your home has a wired alarm system, or is pre-wired for one, you can use Konnected to turn your home into a Smart Home. Any brand of alarm system will work, as long as it has wired sensors. Even systems 20+ years old work great!If you're building a new home you can make it the smartest home ever for a very low cost! Pre-wire your home for alarm system sensors, but skip the expensive house call from the local alarm company and connect your sensors to a Konnected Alarm Panel instead.To use Konnected you need: A home that's pre-wired for an alarm system (even if you don't have or use an alarm system) A Smart Ho...
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Codey Rocky: Your new coding companion by Makeblock
Meet the robot that helps every child learn coding and AI About this project : Meet Codey Rocky, your new coding companion Codey Rocky is an entry-level coding robot for STEM education, suitable for children ages 6 and up Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1818505613/codey-rocky-your-new-coding-companion/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : The combination of easy-to-use robotics hardware with graphical programming gives all children the opportunity to take their first steps into the world of code and compose their first “Hello World!” statement at the same time as they explore their creativity. Two robots in one Codey is the detachable controller that holds all the magic. It includes more than 10 electronic modules that can be controlled via code. Rocky is the car that lets you take Codey anywhere you want, so that your clever programs can be run everywhere. Make your games interactive Codey comes with a built-in 6-axis gyroscope so that you can control the games you code by moving or tilting your controller, and see the game respond to your actions. Included with Codey Rocky is more than 20 learning guides for getting started with graphical programming and Python code. Seamlessly progress from one challenge to another, until you are ready to take on the advanced Python language - and simply convert your code in one click.     Beginner & Advanced Coding Create your first program by dragging and dropping code blocks and gradually gain more advanced skills, and transition into Python programming. Logical Thinking Logic is the foundation of coding. Learn how to go from idea to working program by writing code that makes sense in practice. Creative Expression Code is the easiest way to make something, and Codey Rocky makes it even more fun and creative. Make your ideas real in mBlock 5 and see your coding companion run your code. AI and IoT Principles From voice recognition to infrared TV controls, Codey Rocky users gain first familiarity with Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things.   Easy to Start Makeblock’s mBlock 5 programming software is based on MIT’s graphical programming language Scratch 3.0 to guarantee that beginners can get started coding within minutes. All you need to do is drag and drop! Available on various platform Regardless if you prefer to program on MacBook, Chromebook or desktop PC, or even in the cloud, mBlock 5 is ready for you to get started with code. Switch to Python    With just one click you can turn your graphical code into Python code and continue learning an advanced and practical language. Connect to the Internet of ThingsUse mBlock 5 to add Internet of Things-functionality to Codey Rocky. Control home appliances, get weather reports, and much more! Get to know AI mBlock 5 software supports AI-functionality including voice and face recognition, and mood sensing etc. With Codey Rocky, children have the most fun and easiest way of getting familiar with one of the fundamental technologies of the 21st century.   10+ advanced electronic modules With more than 10 programmable electronic modules, Codey Rocky can be programmed to perform a wide range of fun effects and functions. Rich sounds and lights effects Code to customize expression, to see time, weather, and personal messages shown on Codey's large LED display, bring your coding companion to life. Hardware compatibility Codey Rocky is designed to be compatible with Makeblock Neuron and LEGO® bricks, to let you realize any idea you can come up with. Wireless upload The optional Bluetooth dongle lets you upload code to your robot companion wirelessly so that you can rapidly try out your code ideas.   Light sensing Rocky’s color and infrared sensors lets it recognize colors and follow the direction of lights that it senses.  Code your music Write code to assign functions to Codey’s three buttons and gear knob to make your companion into a powerful musical instrument. Weather reports Connect Codey Rocky to the internet and receive weather information, which can be displayed through Codey’s expressive LED display. If this, then that Connect events with Internet of Things and If this, then that (IFTTT) to make your Codey Rocky a truly interactive robot. Face and age recognition Have fun with AI functions in mBlock 5 software support. Code to make Codey Rocky recognize the ages of people by observing their faces. Since there are different packages, the contents in the box will vary according to the package ...
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SIESTA2: Compact Heat & Light Blocking Tent for All Seasons by Outback Logic
Sleep comfortably under blazing sun without sacrificing protection from the cold. SIESTA2 is the most versatile backpacking tent ever. About this project : In 2016 we delivered our first product, the 4-person Siesta4, here on Kickstarter Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/outbacklogic/siesta2-compact-heat-and-light-blocking-tent-for-a/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : Thanks to the amazing support of the Kickstarter community we were able to start production of the world’s first heat and light blocking tent with built-in fans. Since then, the Siesta4 has transformed thousands of camping adventures all over the world and customer feedback has been truly outstanding.Now it’s time to expand our range and our most requested next project has been a compact, lightweight tent. After 18 months of development, behold… our first backpacking tent, the SIESTA2! The Siesta2 is a compact, lightweight, 2-person tent that blocks heat & light so effectively that you can stay cool and sleep comfortably under blazing sun. What’s more, it also gives you superior protection from dust, wind & cold. We’ve put an end to the traditional saunas at sunrise, so if you don’t want to miss breakfast, better set your alarm! Using our next-generation performance fabric, the Siesta2 redefines livability for backpacking tents. Whether you're hiking, biking, climbing, or heading to a music festival, the Siesta2 has you covered for the best possible sleep, so you'll have even more energy on your next adventure! On an average summer morning, the Siesta2 is over 30 degrees cooler than a typical 3-season backpacking tent, and over 5 degrees warmer when it's cold. The Siesta2 truly is a sanctuary, regardless of the outside temperature. The Siesta2 doesn’t fit into the traditional categories of 3-season and 4-season tents, but for comparison purposes you can think of it as similar to a 4-season tent; except it's also dramatically cooler than anything else in blazing sun! Typical temperature profile for a cool night and warm sunny morning The more powerful the sun, the faster regular tents become completely uninhabitable, whereas Siesta2 consistently remains close to the ambient air temperature.The tent is double walled with a waterproof heat & light blocking fly, and breathable inner-tent. All the mesh on the inner can be fully closed to give excellent protection from cold, wind and dust. This design avoids issues with condensation and lets you configure the precise level of ventilation you require, making the Siesta2 the only compact tent that’s perfectly adapted to hot and cold conditions.      Click to explore the Siesta2 in 3D! The mannequins are to scale and approximately 6ft (183cm) tall. SIESTA2 by Outback Logic on Sketchfab   At only 4.5lbs (2kg) and a packed size of 18” x 6” the Siesta2 delivers an unprecedented level of comfort, performance, protection and strength for its weight. It’s also easy to split between two people for an even weight distribution of just over 2lbs (1kg) each.   We designed the Siesta2 with a directional profile that can be orientated with both vestibules towards the sun. This keeps the doors shaded so you can open both sides of the fly for maximum ventilation without direct sunlight entering the tent. Great for longer sleep-ins and afternoon naps. Or just open all the doors and use it as a sun shade while you relax and read a book.    Optimal placement is usually to angle the tent towards the point in the sky where you expect the sun to be a couple of hours after sunrise. If you'd like a convenient way to work out the sun position at a given time, there are some great free sun tracking apps for iPhone and Android.  Once inside, you'll really appreciate the dramatic difference compared to other tents. It's more than dark enough to sleep comfortably, even during the day, but as a small amount of light comes under the fly (and vents if they're open) there's just enough to see what you're doing when you wake up. Regular Fly Fabric / SIESTA2 Fly Fabric   Interior (using artificial lighting)   Fans don't help in a regular tent because the sun’s heat is so overwhelming they just can’t cope. The Siesta2 is a different story! Our fabric is so good at blocking the sun's heat that our fans make the perfect accessory for those who want a bit of luxury. Using the same tried and tested electronics from the fans we developed for the Siesta4, the Siesta2 fans use a simple but effect...
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Hudly Wireless: Focus on the road by Eric Lee, Hudly
Drive smarter with a head-up display, a safer way to get directions, calls and texts without taking your eyes off the road. About this project : Hudly Wireless is a portable head-up display (HUD) that offers a smarter and more convenient way to get directions and even see calls and texts without ever taking your eyes off the road Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ericshun/hudly-wireless-focus-on-the-road/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : It connects wirelessly to both iOS and Android devices and can be installed in virtually any car. You can use our app, optimized to get the most out of a head-up display, or cast any of your favorite apps directly in your line of sight for seamless navigation.Since 2015, we at Hudly have been dedicated to providing an affordable, smarter driving experience to drivers around the world. We delivered our first HUD earlier this year and we're excited to return with a new re-imagined experience - Hudly Wireless. Head-up displays (HUD) are a safer way to access vital navigation and vehicle diagnostics without taking your eyes off the road. Reduce distractions behind the wheel when apps like Google Maps and Waze are cast directly in your line of sight. Maintain full awareness of the road ahead as the info you need guides you to your destination. Fighter jets have been using HUDs for decades to safely navigate the skies. While new luxury cars now arrive with HUDs pre-installed, Hudly is a sleek, affordable aftermarket option that works in any car. How does Hudly Wireless make driving safer?  Every second your eyes aren’t focused on the road increases the likelihood of an accident. Driving with mounted phones might seem safer, but they still block your view and force you to look away from the road. With Hudly, you can easily access vital driving info without looking away from the road.  Mounted phones are also located in a separate focus plane from the road, requiring your eyes to refocus every time you look away from the road to view directions on your phone. Hudly uses optical collimation to display directions in a similar focus plane as the road, elevating your reaction time and situational awareness since there is no longer a need to refocus your eyes for directions. Now it’s easier than ever to look forward and stay focused on the road.  When your phone is approx. a foot in front of you, you can't see around it or be aware of what's in front of you.   With an optically-collimated HUD like Hudly, both the road and the casted info appear in focus, allowing you to maintain your situational awareness.   With Hudly Wireless, casted info appear as if it's floating on the road ahead.       We are obsessed with making the best HUDs to improve driver safety. Hudly has been focused solely on developing HUDs since inception. Pairing our experience and obsession with a manufacturer and R&D team who has been at the forefront of HUDs for 8 years, Hudly is a product of the best innovations. With Hudly you can easily: Access all your go-to phone apps Hudly’s open platform lets you cast absolutely anything on your phone, allowing you to completely customize your driving experience to fit your needs. Use the apps you already know and love like Waze and Google Maps. Hudly wirelessly casts your phone's screen so you can instantly access navigation and notifications while driving.Cast in a snap with wireless streaming We’ve done away with the wires, making it easier than ever to set up your phone for casting. With the use of the wireless standards Miracast and Airplay, our HUD is now compatible with virtually all Android and iPhone smartphones and tablets. Once connected to Hudly’s WiFi network, you can seamlessly reconnect for future rides. Your phone’s apps are instantly streamed to the display so there’s no delay in your routine. Clarity: Project top-quality images onto the clear display day or night Hudly makes it easy to view both the road and navigation at the same time. Because your windshield does not have the right reflection properties, we put an optical level coating on our transparent display, optimizing the reflection clarity and enhancing the color and contrast of the cast image. Our HUD boasts a resolution of 800x480 on a 6.2” display, the highest resolution on the market.Feel confident in all lighting conditions Drive confidently day or night, rain or shine with crisp imagery at all times. Hudly adapts to your environment and automatically provides optimal...
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The Bond Collection | Travel Briefcase & Everyday Padfolio by Faire Leather Co.
Redefining true value as Functional Luxury at a Fair Price. Quality leather work bags that neatly organise all your daily essentials. About this project : "Faire Leather Co Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/faireleatherco/the-bond-collection-travel-briefcase-and-everyday/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : has solved the problem of messy, unorganized briefcases. The Bond Travel Briefcase is a professional carry-all with a place for everything." - The Hustle This collection is inspired by James Bond. Charismatic, polished and intelligent, the iconic 007 always keeps his tech and gadgets in its proper place such that they're easily accessible because they help to get the job done. Our product philosophy is based on two factors: Polished Exteriors: Our stylish designs are always accompanied by a clean and polished look. Effortless Organisation: Everything is always well-kept, and easy to access - we consider all your everyday needs. Here are some of our collection's key features, seen in both the Bond Everyday Padfolio and the Bond Travel Briefcase. A pull tab slot for quick access to your card wallet   Magnetic zippers that close with a snap, lending a polished look    A travel friendly slot, which doubles up as a pocket when not in use   The Bond Everyday Padfolio is designed for people who commute frequently and travel light. It features compartments for essentials such as pens, business cards, a mobile phone or portable charger, as well as a tech compartment that fits a tablet and even some slim laptops. Alternatively you can also slot in an A4 writing pad. The polished exterior also means that it is perfect for working professionals who attend multiple business meetings throughout the day and hence need to be tech ready while still looking sleek.     Vegetable Tanned US Top Grain Cowhide - (From left to right) Available in Tan, Dark Brown, Navy, Black     Cross Grain Embossed US Top Grain Cowhide - (From left to right) Available in Burgundy, Navy, Black     The Bond Travel Briefcase is a polished and sleek travel-friendly bag that is perfect for working professionals. It features a business card compartment, a trolley slot strap that fits perfectly onto your carry-on luggage, a pocket that is sized for passports and sleeves to organise and protect mobile phone pins and SD/SIM cards. In addition, it also has compartments for tech products of all sizes such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones and portable chargers. The Bond travel briefcase has everything well kept, and easy to access - perfect for those on the go.     Vegetable Tanned US Top Grain Cowhide - (From left to right) Available in Dark Brown, Tan, Navy, Black   Cross Grain Embossed US Top Grain Cowhide - (From left to right) Available in Burgundy, Navy, Black      The Card Wallet fits your cash and essential card, with slots on either side to also accommodate receipts and business cards. Designed to fit perfectly into the pull-tab slots of our Bond Travel Briefcase and Everyday Padfolio, it also includes RFID blocking technology to protect you against credit card fraud.                                    Our leathers are US top grain cowhide. As far as treatment goes, we've opted for a more polished and sleek finish to our leather compared to the rest of our competitors who take on a more raw and rugged approach. Our hardware is made from Zamak and Brass and we use EVERBRIGHT® zippers from YKK for their high resistance to corrosion and its reputation as the undisputed market leader worldwide. The inner lining we use is made of Microfibre - the selection of such a material makes the product lighter, and mirrors our intentions for a more polished aesthetic. We also use T72D x 200D Twist Nylon for it’s resistance to water and to give the interior lining more strength. Known for its good colour fastness, high tensile strength and low moisture absorption, the threads we use are 100% Filament Polyester Threads.     Faire started out from a casual conversation we had over a couple of drinks. Joe was talking about his family business and it then came to the ideas we could build; how my experience meant I could market a concept for a product he would create.  I’m your standard working professional that works on the move. I carry my kindle, my laptop, a notebook and other daily essentials in my work bag. But I didn’t feel like there was anything out there that was solving a truly simple and fundamental problem - whi...
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Dango Products | P01 Pioneer Bifold Wallet & Pen by Charlie Carroll
Introducing the wallet without compromise: The P01 Pioneer Bifold Wallet & Pen. Made in USA with Italian leather plus RFID blocking. About this project :      We nurture & cultivate innovative ideas through design & function Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1592811030/dango-products-p01-pioneer-bifold-wallet-and-pen/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : Not only do we thrive on solving daily problems with simple solutions, but we also aspire to provide life experiences with a sense of style and uniqueness. Whether you are giving us a virtual fist bump, sharing our product through your social media or pledging, your support is critical to Dango Products' success. Thank you for joining us in our mission of bringing quality products to the market, fitting an active lifestyle with industrial design.                                     With the Dango P01 Pioneer Wallet, we saw an opportunity to design something that we would like to use everyday. We used top quality materials, cutting edge design, added functionality and blended materials to elevate the bifold wallet as you know it. Each wallet is made and assembled in the USA, ensuring exceptional quality and attention to detail. The fine, genuine Italian vegetable tanned leather leather is cut, then sewn together with only the finest materials possible. The wallet has RFID blocking material laminated to it to keep your information safe. The silicone band's durable and elastic properties give you flexibility on how you use your wallet (banding both pockets together, banding one side or band-less). By blending these high quality materials, Dango P01 Pioneer Wallets offer a balanced feeling of old school manufacturing methods with modern design and functionality. Dango P01 Pioneer Wallet Features: Handcrafted and assembled in the USA  Vegetable tanned Italian leather  Designed to hold up to 20 cards (business or credit cards)  RFID blocking to keep your information safe and secure Designed to work with our MT02 Multi-Tool (available separately). 24 Page Dango Notebook (included with the Dango P01 Pioneer Wallet + Pen) Not only did we want to bring you an awesome wallet, we designed a custom pen to go along with it.  We CNC each pen in the USA from 6061 aerospace grade aluminum and anodize each pen to provide a durable finish. For the ink, we use the highly regarded Schmidt 4889M pressurized ink refill allowing you to write in the most difficult situations, always giving you the ability to write your thoughts, ideas and expressions at a moment's notice.  We thought of everything and really did our best to bring you a pen that works with you, fitting your needs and lifestyle.Dango Pen Features: CNC'd 6061 aerospace grade aluminum  Anodized finish for a long lasting, durable coating Schmidt 4889M black ink refill (Made in Germany).  Compatible with Fisher space ink refills as well.   Slotted end, allowing attach points for keyrings, lanyards, etc.   Silicone o-rings for grip        Standard ballpoint pens rely on gravity to dispense ink, which is why they can only write at specific angles. This may be fine for writing on horizontal surfaces, but not for writing upside down or on vertical surfaces. Space ink cartridges use compressed air to dispense ink, allowing users to write on surfaces at any angle.               We feature RFID protection in all of our wallets to help insulate our customers from "RFID skimming" - a type of electronic pickpocketing. Many credit cards, drivers' licenses, and passports now come with embedded radio frequency identification chips. When activated by an RFID reader, these chips transmit certain types of information wirelessly, so that you can verify your identity or even make a purchase without swiping your card. Our wallets are built to protect you from these hackers.      Included with all our P01 Wallet + Pen combos, is a compact notebook that fits neatly in the P01 wallet. Hand stitched in the US 24 page notebook         We chose to make the Dango P01 Pioneer Wallet in the US to keep American quality at the forefront, supporting our local communities, vendors and fellow business owners.          Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather is highly regarded as top quality due to several reasons: Craftsmanship: It's produced by hand by craftsmen with natural and plant-based extracts, not mass-produced in factories like other leathers. Uniqueness: Vegetable-tanned leather is a uni...
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The Rogue Packraft by Kokopelli Packraft
The Rogue Packraft is a lightweight inflatable raft that weighs under 5 pounds and can roll up into the size of a roll of paper towels. About this project : We believe that nature should be experienced in its purest form, that power lies in those waters no matter how fast they move, that wilderness feeds the soul Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/557157975/the-rogue-packraft/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project :  And we want to help you get in deeper. That's what Kokopelli Packraft is all about: the sense of awe that comes from immersion and nowhere else.  Whether it is hiking into an alpine lake to fish, rappelling into a canyon to paddle out, or floating down a remote backcountry river, having the most durable and lightweight gear is more than a tool, its the key. We founded Kokopelli Packraft out of a garage in Denver, Colorado with the dream of designing and creating products unlike anything else out there.  And every time we launch a new piece of equipment, we are amazed at how our community uses it to chase that wilderness awe all around the world.  Our latest project is the Rogue, an ultra-lightweight, one-person, inflatable raft that is exceptionally durable, packs small, and opens doors that were once locked by terrain and the limitations of gear.  When your path seems to dead-end into water, the Rogue is the way. To seek nature in its purest form is to chase the boundaries of what is known.  The new Rogue Packraft will give you the comfort, security, and confidence to find what you seek. Rogue-lite GoalWe want to help grow the sport of packrafting and make people more aware of the capabilities of the packraft.  This project involved creating an ultra-lightweigh, one-person, inflatable raft that is durable enough to handle lakes and rivers but can also be easily packed into your backpack or on the front of your handlebars.  We have been designing the Rogue packraft for over a year focusing on every detail including material selection, d-ring placement, and hull design.  The result is high product performance and paddling comfort mixed with ease of setup and use.  We need your help taking our product design and testing to get the Rogue packraft into full production. In the PressKokopelli products have received recognition from industry-leading press and media.  Our prior packrafts received awards from Gear Junkie and ISPO Brand New.  However, we believe the Rogue will be our best packraft yet.    Features   Rewards   Rogue Series SpecsPlease note all specs are estimates based on prototyping and design.  We will update the community once we complete a final production model.  Weight may vary +/- 2 ounces based on final material specifications.    The Kokopelli CommunityWe love our community and can't wait to grow the Kokopelli team.  We stay in touch with our paddlers and love hearing about their adventures and feedback on our products.  Remember to tag your adventures with #PackraftingAnd and #KokopelliPackraft for a chance to get featured on our feeds!   Shipping and VATWe only ship packraft rewards to the following countries: U.S., Canada, all EU countries, U.K., Norway, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.  Please note that shipping to Japan, Australia and New Zealand will incur a $100 shipping charge. When shipping to EU countries, we will charge VAT after the Kickstarter has ended and prior to shipping the packraft reward.What's in the BoxThe Rogue-lite reward includes the Rogue-lite packraft, an inflatable seat cushion, an inflation bag and repair kit.The Rogue and Rogue w/ Tizip include the Rogue packraft, an inflatable seat cushion, a kayak style backhand, and inflation bag, a premium sprayskirt and repair kit.Please email us at [email protected] with any questions regarding the rewards, shipping costs, VAT tax, or other product related questions.  We strive to respond within 24 hours to these requests. Rogue  ConclusionWe are passionate about packrafting and helping grow the sport worldwide.  With the all-new Rogue packraft people with all experience levels will feel comfortable and safe paddling in our stable 1-person packrafts.  Please donate, purchase a packraft or share this video with your friends. With your help we can make this project possible.  Thank you. Additional resources and videos can be found on our Vimeo page here.   ...
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BoxLock Home - Smart Padlock for Protecting Deliveries by BoxLock, Inc.
BoxLock Home is the first smart padlock designed to protect your deliveries from porch pirates and package thieves. About this project : Lock in simple, 24/7 protection from package theft with BoxLock, the first internet-connected padlock specifically designed to safeguard your home deliveries Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/196013167/boxlock-home-smart-padlock-for-protecting-deliveri/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project :     Why do you need BoxLock Home?  When it works, home delivery is a convenient and efficient way to get anything you need from just about anywhere. But what about when a package isn't on your doorstep, even though the carrier's tracking says it was delivered? If you're one of the 23 million Americans who've had a package stolen from their doorstep by a "porch pirate," you've experienced the frustration of a missing package and the hassle, delay and expense of trying to replace it - if it's replaceable at all.  How does BoxLock Home work?To use BoxLock, your delivery driver simply grabs the BoxLock and presses the button on the top to scan the tracking number on your package. Only packages addressed to you and that are actually out for delivery that day will unlock the BoxLock. The driver opens the bin, places your package safely inside, closes the bin and locks the lock.You’ll be notified which package was scanned and that your BoxLock is safely locked with your packages inside.  BoxLock Home App     Smart Design BoxLock Home Timeline How to support BoxLock Home  If it looks like we're out of Porch Boxes and Parcel Boxes or you don't see a style or color you like, don't fret. There are lots of other options out there. We've curated a few others here.BoxLock Home + BoxLock Pro Designed for most single family homes and small businesses with one location. It will be available for one flat fee with no monthly costs.BoxLock Home supports one lock, one administrator and four additional users. Users and Administrators can unlock the lock via Bluetooth Unlimited auto collection and tracking from Amazon, FedEx, UPS and USPS Share barcodes permanently, for one time use or with an expiration date   A subscription-based service for your BoxLock, designed for contractors, franchise owners, and other businesses or families that need multiple BoxLocks.BoxLock Pro comes with support for 5 locks and 10 users. All users can be administrators. Additional locks and users can be added to the account for a low monthly fee. All BoxLock Home features Any user can be an administrator Support for tracking up to 500 shipments/month from smaller, less common carriers Advanced barcode and user management on our mobile applications and desktop web Zapier Integration  Early Prototypes Here you can see some of our first attempts to control a locking mechanism using off the shelf components. Below is one of our earlier prototypes being unlocked by scanning the tracking number of a package with BoxLock's barcode reader.  Here you can see the same prototype being unlocked through the mobile application, providing a convenient way for the lock owner to open the lock without scanning a barcode.  Follow us on Social          ...
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Drift Boards: Snowshoe for Snowboarders & Backcountry Travel by DRIFT
Drift Boards combine the best elements of touring skis, XC skis, and snowshoes into a revolutionary new product for backcountry travel. About this project : In situations where snowshoes are too slow, split boards and removable skins are overkill, and XC skis are too cumbersome, Drift Boards provide the quickest and lightest solution for moving across snow Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2049904275/drift-boards-snowshoe-for-snowboarders-and-backcou/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : Whether you're looking to hit that cliff drop that's just a little too far for post-holing, grabbing a quick dose of powder before your Saturday chores, or taking your dog up the canyon for an hour after work, Drift Boards have you covered.Drift Boards are excellent at breaking trail in deep snow. They hold an edge on slick traverses and fit perfectly in backcountry skin tracks. They glide like skis and they have the convenience of snowshoes. Drift has taken elements of skis, snowboards, and snowshoes to create a tool that fits into your quiver a lot like that pocketknife you carry because you know it’ll come in handy every day. Drift boards are the brain child of a couple of snowboarders (who also happen to be composite engineers and designers) who looked at the current options and figured there has to be another way for snowboarders, or anyone else, to access the backcountry.        Benefits over split boards: Efficiency: Carry the weight of your snowboard on your back rather than your feet while climbing.  Choice:Ride backcountry snow with any snowboard you choose.  Convenience: No bindings to rotate, latches to unhook, or skins to install. Just strap your board to your pack on the way up and strap your Drift boards to your pack on the way down.  Benefits over snowshoes: Speed: The shape and permanent climbing skins allow you to glide rather than step.   Agility: Drift board's narrower shape makes them much easier to move around in.   Weight: Drift boards are lighter than many snowshoes. Benefits over skis: Agility: Drift boards are much shorter than traditional skis and much easier to move around in without sacrificing speed while ascending or surface area to float.  Weight: Carbon and aluminum construction makes Drifts boards much lighter than touring skis and even many cross country skis.  Convenience: No need to install or remove climbing skins. Drift boards work with any soft boot (sorels, hiking boots, fat bike shoes, snowboard boot), and they fit in the trunk, backseat, or even your backpack.           Drift Boards  Specs: Ultra-lightweight carbon fiber construction handmade in the USA. (one pair weighs 3.75 lbs, less than 2 liters of water in your pack)  Durable aluminum bindings that work with any boots  Steep nose ramps and built-in skins for traction and glide  Webbing straps and folding heel cup  Heel riser bars with two height options  Stainless steel hardware  Dimensions 6.75" W x 35" L                                       The Drift Team is passionate about the outdoors and playing in the snow. We live by the mantra work hard, play hard. Together we share years of experience in the outdoor industry, composites engineering, design, and manufacturing. We can't wait to share Drift Boards with the  world.      ...
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SolarGaps - Energy Generating Solar Panel Window Blinds by SolarGaps
The obvious solution for those who can't (renters) or don't want to install rooftop solar panels to reduce their monthly power bill. About this project :  SolarGaps | Photovoltaic Solar Panel Window BlindsReduce your apartment, home and/or business electricity bill by up to 70% with solar energy generating smart blinds Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1170840477/solargaps-smart-solar-blinds/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : Solar Energy Producing Window Treatments SolarGaps smart blinds automatically track the sun throughout the day, adjusting position to the optimal angles to generate solar electricity to power devices in your home, apartment or office.   We engineered SolarGaps with features designed for renters, homeowners and small businesses to affordably reduce energy usage, create renewable energy and transition to energy independence: DIY PLUG & PLAY - With apartment renters in mind, the interior wall brackets are designed as a non-permanent, plug & play solution with additional installation options for homeowners to maximize energy production. ENERGY GENERATING - Built-in solar panels can generate up to 100W-150W of renewable energy per 10 sq. ft. (≈ 1 m2) of a window, enough to power 30 LED light bulbs or three MacBooks.  ENERGY REDUCING - In addition to generating solar energy, the window blinds also save energy by shading your home interior and reducing air condition cost by up to 80%.  AFFORDABLE - Energy surplus can either be stored in the battery or can easily be sold to your electricity company as green energy through a two-way meter they provide.  SMART FEATURES - Easily integrate with smart devices like Google Home, Echo, Nest Thermostat and more to control by voice, temperature and/or smartphone app.               The obvious solution for those who can't (renters) or don't want to install expensive rooftop solar panels. Check out the 30 second video above to see a quick overview of how SolarGaps works.       Have a look at some recent press and media reviews of the SolarGaps smart window shades:     "One of those ideas that seems so obvious after you hear about it, because even 'dumb' window blinds can save a significant amount of energy" -TREEHUGGER "Solargaps have created their smart solar blinds to open the window to green energy for anyone and everyone" - DESIGNBOOM "If you are looking for relief from the heat and from a high electricity bill, this may just be the product for you" - DIGITAL TRENDS "SolarGaps actually has a shippable product ready with only a few differences from the final product they are promising if the campaign is successful" - ANDROID AND ME "On display here at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, SolarGaps turns the actual slats of your window coverings into solar panels" - CNET"Your windows become powerful with SolarGaps." - Techcrunch    Not sure what size is best for you? It's OK, simply use the $249 Reserve Now, Pay Later option for now, then shoot us a comment and we'll help you choose the optimal quantity and size units...        They're designed to look like traditional window blinds but they're smart and covered with photovoltaic modules. Current color options are Silver and Black, with others planned as 'Stretch Goals' at the $500k level. SolarGaps are the world’s first renewable energy producing window blinds that use solar panels to create electricity to power your apartment, home or office.By replacing your current window treatments with solar energy producing window shades, you can save up to 70% on your electric power bill allowing the SolarGaps to essentially pay for themselves over time.  Yevgen Erik (founder) was in charge of building eco-friendly houses and installing blinds in office buildings when the idea of solar blinds came to him.  "I spent one day in the fields outside of the city studying how the sunflowers followed the sun...then, I carried out research which proved that although solar modules are the cheapest among all other sources of energy, they are the most effective ones" ~ Yevgen Erik After researching the sun-tracking characteristics of the sunflower plant, Yevgen then experimented with ways to replicate the self-adjusting movements automatically in his blinds.    Not sure what perk is right for you? Check out these tables.              The photovoltaic cells generate electricity to power devices, store in a battery and/or sell to your electricity company. Ou...
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MOAI:Robot for Your Aquarium by MOAI
Robotic Camera + Cleaner for your aquarium. MOAI brings less worry and more fun to your aquarium hobby. About this project : MOAI takes your aquarium to next level by adding a robot helps keep your fishtank clean, while also allowing users to capture and share aquarium wonders with friends Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/moai/moai-robot-for-your-aquarium/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : You can’t always be around to see what’s happening in your aquarium. With MOAI, you don’t have to be. Just connect it to home WiFi and explore your tank live in beautiful HD. Rediscover Aquarium   Explore your aquarium with 24/7 live streaming, from anywhere. Bookmark your favorite positions and return to them at the tap of a button.   Select Auto-Cruise to explore the area horizontally or cruise your bookmarks. Capture and share your aquarium wonders with friends. MOAI prevents algae from building up on aquarium glass, keeps your tank clean and healthy.   Achieve Efficient, Connected Cleaning   Connected CleaningStart, stop and schedule cleaning sessions when convenient for you. Smart DockingThe MOAI Robot will go back to its home base to re-dock when it needs to charge or is finished cleaning.   MOAI Mobile App The MOAI mobile app allows you to control and monitor your robot remotely using a smartphone or tablet device – at home, or on the move. Clean, Explore, Share.   Form Follows Function For the novice or the experienced hobbyists, the MOAI is designed to enhance the natural beauty of aquascape even amidst a busy urban lifestyle. Real-time Navigation The MOAI has a ultrasound navigation system so it knows where it is on aquarium and where it has already cleaned.   Adaptive Mapping It uses ultrasound sensors to map its way around the aquarium. You can set cleaning area above sand bed with mobile app to prevent sand stuck and scratches. Long Exposure Photo of a MOAI's Path (150cm length, 6 mins )   360° ViewExplore MOAI in beautiful 3D MOAI by MOAI on Sketchfab Plug&Play You can set it up in a few minutes.  Dimension  Operating Range       We are a team of designers and engineers based in the "Silicon Valley for hardware" Shenzhen. We build MOAI to bring less worry and more fun to aquarium hobbyists worldwide. Thanks to HAX experts and mentors, we have turned MOAI from a creative concept into manufacturing ready prototype. We are excited to bring MOAI to life with the help of crowdfunding. Our Partner World’s First and Largest Hardware Accelerator Evolution of MOAI       ...
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Aurora: World's 1st Day/Night Camera with True Night Vision by SiOnyx LLC
View, record and review life’s adventures all day and night. True color night vision enhances your safety, lifestyle and experience. About this project : High resolution day only cameras have small pixels and sensor sizes, usually 4 to 5 mm Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/189168434/aurora-worlds-1st-day-night-camera-with-true-night/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : However, good night vision requires a larger sensor and big pixels. Very high resolution with big pixels require a very big sensor and an equally large lens — goodbye portability — and a budget busting price tag of more than 10x Aurora’s current cost. Aurora is affordable access to action through advanced technology that captures the adventures of your days and your nights, truly. Light is the key to crisp images. With 3 user-selected modes — Day, Twilight, and Night — SiOnyx Aurora will make the best use of available light. With the correct mode selected, that means seeing deer in the woods at twilight is just as possible as birds in the marsh at high noon. SiOnyx Aurora has an IP67 Waterproof rating which means it can withstand water up to 3ft deep for 30 minutes. And gracefully handle pool splashes, rain and snow, or a water bottle spill.  At just under 8 ounces and sized to fit comfortably in one hand for easy operation, the SiOnyx Aurora packs a lot of features into a compact package. A removable neck strap allows you to keep it accessible on any adventure. Back at camp you’re admiring the sparkling night sky through your SiOnyx Aurora — so many stars! — when you hear a rustling in the bushes. Curious as to what it could be, you set up Aurora in time-lapse mode to record periodically what happens while you sleep.  Audio recording in Stereo Mode for crisp, clear sound. SiOnyx Aurora stores imagery on a 32 GB Micro SD card which provides enough storage for 4 hours of video. Streaming high quality content to social media is as essential as breathing these days. Ok, maybe not. But with SiOnyx Aurora’s WiFi capability and App for iOS or Android you can share your adventures on social media so that friends, family, followers — no one — misses out. Mr. Saylor’s career spans more than 20 years of emerging technology design, development and commercialization in a range of imaging markets. Prior to joining SiOnyx, he served as a Vice President of Product Management and Product Marketing for Adobe® Systems where he managed Adobe’s award-winning digital video product line. Mr. Saylor joined Adobe from FlashPoint® Technology, a digital imaging company he co-founded with a team from Apple®, which they built into one of the most prolific licensing firms to serve the consumer digital photography industry. In his early career, Mr. Saylor held a variety of technology management, marketing and engineering roles with Apple, Polaroid® and Technicare™ Corporation. Mr. Saylor holds a B.S.EE from Northeastern University. Dr. Carey is an expert in optical physics and the interaction of materials with ultra-short laser pulses. Dr. Carey played a key role in the discovery of the unique optoelectronic properties of pulsed laser microstructured silicon, the study of which formed the basis for his Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Harvard® and led to the founding of SiOnyx. Dr. Carey is an author of more than 20 papers and conference proceedings, is a named inventor on 12 U.S. and international patents, and has presented at numerous international conferences. Dr. Carey also holds a B.S.E from the University of Michigan. Dr. Vineis has a deep background in semiconductor material and device development. Prior to joining SiOnyx, Dr. Vineis was with Wakonda™ Technologies, an early-stage company developing flexible thin-film photovoltaics that was ultimately acquired by Solexant® (now Siva Power). From 2005 to 2008, Dr. Vineis served as a Member of the Technical Staff for MIT® Lincoln Laboratory developing InGaAs(P) avalanche photodiode arrays for single-photon time-of-flight (LIDAR) imaging. Dr. Vineis started his career with AmberWave™ Systems as Director of Wafer Technology. AmberWave’s strained silicon technology for high speed/low power CMOS was licensed or utilized by a wide range of semiconductor companies including Intel®, TSMC, UMC®, Applied Materials®, LG® Siltron and SUMCO™. Dr. Vineis holds a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a B.S.E. from the University of Pennsylvania in Materials Science...
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Livin - Shower, redesigned in a smart way. by Livin
Tap a button, get a perfect shower - perfect temperature, water saving, smart integration, easy install, and sleek design. About this project :   Let’s think about our shower this morning Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/livinlife/livin-shower-redesigned-in-a-smart-way/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : We run the water and wait for it to warm up but don’t know when it will be ready. So we touch the water or check the steam to see if it’s warm enough. Okay, finally we think it’s good to get in. However, now we have to fine-tune the temperature by rotating the knob left and right to get to the sweet spot.This way of controlling the shower temperature takes time, the moment is unpleasant, and it wastes water.  Livin Shower is a new type of shower control that lets you start your shower with just a press of a button at the perfect temperature while saving water. The new shower integrates software technology with elegant hardware to improve your holistic shower experience.         Skip all the hassles to take a shower. Plug in (or say, “Prepare my morning shower” to Amazon Echo or Google Home) and get notified - “Your shower is ready.” Livin Shower warms up your shower and pauses the shower stream once the water temperature reaches the target so you can walk in and start your shower right away with just a press of a button. No more guessing how much the valve needs to be turned. Also, you can pause and resume your shower with one click. We imagine the day where we will say “We are able to set the temperature on the oven and the thermostat; now we can finally set the temperature on our shower too!”     From day 1, Livin Shower saves water by auto-pausing the shower stream once the temperature reaches the target in the preparation stage. It also helps reduce unnecessary water flow while in the shower as you can pause and resume your shower without losing the warm temperature. Furthermore, our unique temperature control algorithm finds the shortest amount of time to reach the target temperature and minimizes water waste by analyzing your shower data on how the temperature is mapped in relation to the opening of the mixer valve. This will save the water up to 1,875 gallons per year for average household* which is equivalent to 30,000+ glasses of water. Be conscious of your shower and find out how much water you will actually save at your home with Livin Shower. Our mobile app will help you track your water use, temperature, and duration of your shower.     Connect to your favorite music apps like Spotify or Apple Music and listen to your shower playlist to make your shower the most relaxing moment. You have full control to play, pause or skip songs (speaker is not included.)      Shower Recipe™ was designed from our passion to make the shower the moment in the day where we are most secluded and relaxed. We created recipes of certain temperature patterns that can help you wake up faster or feel more relaxed by leveraging Livin Shower’s ability to adjust water temperature. Try the Wake-up Recipe™ that cools down water gradually to finish your shower feeling more refreshed. Having a cold shower in the morning is proven to help you to wake up faster and be more productive throughout the day. More recipes to come!      Livin Shower is not just connected to our app but also integrated with other devices. Start your shower with your voice via Amazon Echo, or let Nest warm up the room by reading your shower temperature to prevent after-shower chill.   Because everyone has different preferences for many aspects of showering, Livin Shower remembers each one and provides a personalized setting. You can create up to 10 profiles and each profile activates preset shower temperature, favorite music, and connection to other devices. Each profile owner may track their shower temperature, water usage, and duration of the shower. If you choose to set a profile for a baby, Livin Shower will recommend a proper water temperature with ‘Safety lock’ to limit the temperature not to go above or below a certain level.     No need to tear down the wall or get professional help - meaning there is no need for a pricey installation. Livin Shower can be installed by yourself with simple hand tools within 15 minutes. Also, Livin Shower is compatible with most of the single-handle type valves in the market.    Compatibility           Unintuitive User Interface of Traditional Shower Valve To...
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Liberty+: The First Zero-Compromise Total-Wireless Earphones by Zolo
Graphene-Enhanced Sound | Exceptional Comfort & Fit | Unbreakable Bluetooth | 48Hr Playtime | Effortless Setup | Smart AI About this project :                       The people of LA put Liberty+ through its paces Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1792059063/liberty-the-first-zero-compromise-total-wireless-e/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project :     For people like us with true passion for music   We’ve achieved breathtaking audio fidelity thanks to a lab-created material called Graphene; a nanosheet with 100 times the hardness of steel yet only a fraction of the weight. Through laboratory tests, we discovered applying a layer of graphene to a dynamic driver created an astonishing improvement in sound quality. As the graphene-coated driver vibrates back and forth to create sound, its extra rigidity and lightness ensure precision oscillation. The result: superior sound across the entire frequency spectrum; with a dramatic enhancement for treble and overall clarity. Everyone’s ears are different. How will we make sure Liberty+ fits everyone, perfectly?  We spent over a year analyzing thousands of ears, inserting hundreds of earphones, and squeezing seemingly infinite eartips. It appeared that a suitable material was beyond current technology. Eventually though, our perseverance paid off as we struck audiological gold. The Perfect Fit  Liberty+’s in-ear comfort is guaranteed thanks to eartips engineered from liquid-silicon. Softer and more pliable than standard tips, they gently slide into and adapt to any and all ears. The extra-secure seal offers superior sound and isolation with zero discomfort. GripFit Technology  The task of inserting total-wireless earphones has turned listening pleasure into arduous frustration. And once they’re finally in, it can still feel like a gentle breeze might pull them out.   To create an instant, rock-solid fit we developed GripFit technology; exclusively for Liberty+. With its innovatively designed casing, Liberty+ slide in then twist to create an exceedingly secure yet comfortable hold.     Liberty+ will use the same wireless communication technology as satellites and drones. The specialized hardware is known as an LDS antenna. Instead of being an independent component of the device, we’ve devised a way for the Bluetooth antenna to integrate with the earphone body itself. This larger surface area means a stronger connection. A stronger connection means music is streamed flawlessly. No skips, no drops. Bluetooth 5.0 is the ubiquitous wireless technology’s latest iteration. At the time of its release, Liberty+ will be one of the only devices to take advantage of its features.   Doubled data transmission speed   Bigger range   800% increase in data-transfer capacity   Liberty+’s LDS antenna and Bluetooth 5.0 technology synergize to offer unbreakable connectivity within a 10m range. With Liberty+ using such cutting-edge hardware, it is essential that the software is intuitive and effortless to use—both on iOS and Android. Using some innovative coding and a huge amount of patience, we have streamlined Liberty+’s pairing process down to 2 simple steps: Push and Go. After the initial pairing, Liberty+ will automatically connect to your phone as soon as you remove them from the case. Liberty+ Shuts Off When Inserted Into Charging Case And as you read this, we’ll still be hard at work improving Liberty+’s software further. We promise to create the world’s most user-friendly total-wireless earphones.     Incubating with Anker, the world leaders in portable power, is giving us exclusive access to some of the world's most advanced battery technology. We're integrating their leading Li-ion cells and power management systems into Liberty+'s hardware. With this energy boost, playtime extends to around 6 or 7 complete music albums. And when Liberty+ runs dry, placing it in the included charging case pushes playtime to an incredible 48 hours.       Amazon’s Alexa voice-controlled AI not only gives immediate access to music streaming services, weather, news, traffic and other real-time information; it puts complete control of your home right at the tip of your tongue. Simply tap Liberty+ twice to access AI assistants. Liberty+ will be fully compatible with the Alexa system via the iOS and Android app. With Siri and Cortana also instantly accessible.   Liberty+’s extra-secure fit provides exceptional sound isolation from exterior noise. ...
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DIY Li-ion battery building kit | Make your own 18650 packs by Micah Toll
A simple way to make DIY lithium-ion battery packs from 18650 cells. The Vruzend system makes modular, customizable lithium batteries! About this project : Are you a maker? Do you enjoy building things yourself? Do you have a project that needs lithium-ion batteries for energy storage?We created a solution just for you! Our 18650 battery connectors make it easy to build your own DIY lithium-ion batteries of any size, voltage, capacity and power level that you need to fit your project! 18650 cells are one of the most prevalent types of lithium-ion battery cells Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1354698863/diy-li-ion-battery-building-kit-make-your-own-1865/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : They are available from dozens of companies in hundreds of varieties. This makes them an ideal cell for custom battery builders.[Journalist? Check out our Media Kit]However, the most commonly used method of joining them - spot welding - requires expensive tools that most hobbyists don't have. That's why we created the Vruzend caps - to help you build the perfect battery for you!Unlike spot welding or soldering, Vruzend caps allow you to assemble and disassemble a battery pack easily. This is helpful for modular applications where your battery size or capacity may change over time, or to allow you to swap out batteries over time as they inevitably weaken. You're no longer stuck with tossing an entire battery because a single cell went bad. The new V2.0 terminal caps Our system uses an interlocking dovetail design to securely join the caps together like children's toy blocks. Once the caps are connected, you simply insert your battery cells. Now each cell has a threaded post terminal allowing for easy and customizable connections. Easily assemble 18650 cells into any battery pack size and configuration We have been testing our current version (V1.5) of the Vruzend DIY battery building kit all over the world and with great responses. However, the power ability of the kit was somewhat lower in the initial version. We have been working hard on a new version of the kit to allow higher power capabilities and are excited to announce that it is finally here! The Vruzend V2.0 kit works just like the V1.5 kit that has been tried and tested, but uses pure copper bus bars and copper alloy spring contacts to allow much higher power levels, as high as 20 A continuous per cell! Improvements made in our most recent kits include: Superior polymer for more resilient plastic caps Elongated terminal posts to allow more busbars Spring contact includes stopper for more even insertion Improved mold tolerances makes assembly even easier The copper based components in the new V2.0 kits are nickel coated, taking advantage of the high conductivity of pure copper and the corrosion resistance of pure nickel. The Vruzend team has been working for months to bring our V2.0 kit to the market, and we fully expect to begin shipping V2.0 kits in May for our early bird rewards and June for our secondary rewards (once the early bird rewards are sold out). The first group of V2.0 kits will only be available here on Kickstarter, and then will be available on www.Vruzend.com afterwards. Make sure to take advantage of the special kickstarter pricing now though, as we won't be able to offer the kits for this price for long!We are offering both kits, our existing Vruzend V1.5 kit and the new Vruzend V2.0 kit as rewards for backing our Kickstarter campaign. You can find details for each reward level and the option to pledge for that reward on the right-hand side of this screen.The contents of each kit include:V1.5 kit (includes enough for 52 cells): 104 caps with SS spring contacts 104 SS nuts 130 SS bus bars 6 brass wire clamps 6 zip ties Note: The V1.5 kit is rated at 3.5A continuous and 7A peak per cell Everything included in the V1.5 kit V2.0 kit (enough for 30 cells): 60 caps with nickel-plated copper alloy spring contacts  60 nickel-plated copper alloy nuts  90 nickel-plated pure copper bus bars  4 nickel-plated copper alloy clamps  4 zip ties Note: the V2.0 kit is rated at 20A continuous and 25A peak per cell Everything included in the V2.0 kit Vruzend is also the proud sponsor of multiple electric and solar-electric race car teams, including Team Sunergy from Appalachian State University! Pictured below with their award-winning solar race car, Team Sunergy is using the Vruzend 2.0 kit in the battery of their next-generation solar race car. Pictured below ...
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Tranquil 2.0: Neck Support to Decompress for Instant Comfort by Pankaj khatwani
Stop ignoring daily stress! Get comfort & ideal alignment - Tranquil 2.0 supports your posture by decompressing your neck. About this project :  Why is Tranquil 2 Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1331382094/tranquil-20-neck-support-to-decompress-for-instant/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : 0 so important? What can I get with Tranquil 2.0?"I woke up with a tension headache and neck pain this morning, and when I used the TRANQUIL 2.0, after ten minutes my pain went away completely!" - Meredith M."I was feeling so sad, and my mind was racing. Tranquil 2.0 immediately soothed me and calmed my nerves, and now I feel clear and centered, and my anxiety is gone!" - Michael J.People always ask me how they can reduce stress in their neck and shoulders. We started to build this relaxation device three years ago, with our main aim – to provide an alternative option to people who dealt with chronic discomfort from stress and tension. After lots of amazing stories of how this was helping people, now we have created an all-new second generation that includes a heating pad to help increase the comfort, in addition to the amazing decline that supports the neck and back to decompress and relax.  Who can benefit from Tranquil 2.0?"Teck Neck" challenges all of us in the modern world, it is caused by bending down at mobile phones and having bad posture at computers too often & for too long. We all want uncompromised alignment and we are all ready to stop ignoring our daily discomfort. Everyone is looking for a way to take the load off their shoulders, improve their posture, and find a stress free feeling in their neck and back, right from home.  All New: Get even more relaxation with heat Here's why:Strains from overexertion, Discomfort, Tension, and stress can make it unbearable to go about your day. Discomfort in the body can make it unbearable to carry your purse or briefcase, do housekeeping, concentrate, play or exercise. We are all punishing our necks and shoulders from using technology too much, sitting in bad posture, driving, working on computers and phones, and playing sports, and we can feel many stiff spots in our body. 31 percent of U.S. adults have some sort of neck or back challenge that causes them chronic issues.  What's going on with our posture?If you work in an office, are involved in sports, or normally slouch, no matter what position, there are huge amounts of stress on the neck and often you have muscle tension that accumulates from your home and office work. We all know: Everyday slouching creates stiffness in the neck and upper-back. Too many people have daily discomfort in the neckFrom misalignment of our neck and shoulders, to compression of the neck discs, we've been hurting our body with bad posture and no way of adjusting and relaxing on our own. We wanted to find a way to help improve neck alignment and comfort, right from home.  When posture is off, your head feels heavy.  How does Tranquil 2.0 work?       Our Vision: Why Tranquil 2.0 is so great:Our device uses a gentle, adjustable decline method to support healthy neck posture and extension. The all new heating pad stimulates the key muscles and increases the circulation to your head. After only ten minutes of using it, you can feel more relaxed and comfortable in your neck, shoulders and upper back. You’ll remember the feeling of comfort and freedom, even after long hours of tense driving, exercise, or a stressed day at work. This is a very unique product. While using our product, when you lie down, your neck is stretched over a decline and your neck discs are decompressed. A posture is created that can relax your muscles and increase blood flow. With improved circulation to your head, it helps to improve your mood, and you’ll feel more clear in your body and head and ready to take on your day. Our all-new heating pad makes this product more special, as it relaxes your neck even more and can improve your outlook and experience, in addition to creating more clarity and freedom in your muscles, discs, and nerves.   You can use this product while you sleep - it can replace the pillow, and also even with a few minutes during the day it can provide sufficient support. The heating pad speeds up the muscle relaxation process, where other un-heated posture devices cannot. Use it for 8 minutes every day and you'll find more freedom from your challenges with stress and tension. Our product helps create a gentle decline to ext...
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Modulos - an ever changing desk for your ever changing needs by Modulos
With Modulos, you can customize your work surface to your own individual needs, then customize it again... and again... Get yours now! About this project : Our concept allows you to change your desk surface A fully modular desk, designed to fit you Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/modulosdesk/modulos-an-ever-changing-desk-for-your-ever-changi/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : Forever.Modulos is the only desk that gives you absolute freedom in organizing, upgrading and changing your workspace.In our search for the perfect desk, we found it nearly impossible for one desk surface to be able to work perfectly in different situations and spaces while evolving along with your needs. Furthermore, for you to buy an expensive wooden desk and down the road your needs or the space to fit it in changes, you'd end up having to buy a new one. That not only costs more money, but is wasteful - just imagine how many perfectly good desks gets thrown away!That's why we decided to re-imagine the concept of a desk all together. Up until now you could change the legs or accessories but the desk surface would always remain a constant. So we re-imagined the concept of the surface itself!     Timeless design, timeless usability.Modulos is designed to be sleek and to easily blend into any environment. Its wooden surface becomes a design element of your interior as well with its timeless beauty and warmth that no artificial material can reproduce. Since the inception of the idea, our goal was to create a piece of designer furniture that doesn't scream "design", but rather blends into its environment and enhances it all together. There are many cool desks built today featuring add-ons such as device docks, USB hubs, and other unique elements. But the issue is - times change. Technology changes and your old built-in USB hub or wireless charger doesn't work with your newest gadgets. Modulos changes that. It allows you to upgrade your desk just as you would upgrade your PC's graphic card. Need a bigger desk? Add more modules to your existing ones. Desk too big for the new office? Rearrange it into a corner desk or build a smaller one and use the remaining modules to create a coffee table. Moving into a new apartment? No need for a truck - disassembled, your desk fits into your car trunk - with space left over.    Modular design philosophy - the moduleSince Modulos is based on a modular design philosophy for the surface, we are able to make the surface not only a simple flat space but functional as well! This means you can order different kinds of modules with different functionalities. So far we have developed: Basic module - a simple flat surface basic module - available immediately Rounded module - a module used when you want to create a rounded edge on your Modulos desk - available immediately Cabling hole module - a module with a cabling hole that enables you to handle that mess of cables that go through to the top of your work surface - available immediately Pencil holder module - a module with neat grooves that prevents your pencils from rolling off your work surface - available immediately iPad/iPhone dock - this module enables you to dock your tablet or mobile phone. It has a groove that fits your device and three strategically placed holes that lead your charger cable from below the desk - available immediately Rotary iPad/iPhone dock - this module has a groove that fits your devices with a center hole for cabling and allows you to rotate your device. This works great when you're using your iPad as a second screen or want to keep an eye on your phone screen at all times. We have designed and produced a test model and are now testing and refining it (which requires some additional funds). USB Hub module - a module with an integrated USB hub. We have designed and produced a prototype that includes a quality Sabrent USB 3.0 hub. This module will be available shortly in production as well. We need to test out some more options regarding the best USB hubs to integrate. We would love to hear your opinions about it! Wireless charger module - a module with an integrated wireless charging pad neatly engraved into the surface. The prototype is done with a standard IKEA charger. We are looking into better options and better charger models to integrate. A showcase of all currently available modules. Over time, only lack of imagination is the limit to what kind of modules we can offer!   Modulos allows for numerous combinations fo...
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MAKERBALL – The DIY Pinball Machine Kit by MAKE & PLAY
An affordable, stable, mutable, pure & simple pinball machine that can be upgraded digitally. An entertaining DIY toytool for adults. About this project : Makerball is a DIY pinball machine kit Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/make-and-play/makerball-the-diy-pinball-machine-kit/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : It's ready to play and upgradeable. Makerball is your new hobby. (-: And it's fun! :-)   Makerball is sturdy and solid with. The design is pure and simple. It consists mainly of wood and works with simple, reliable mechanics that are easy to understand. You also have the option of upgrading Makerball digitally: with a microcontroller and the free MAKE & PLAY score app on your smartphone, you can start playing for points!As seen on Makerball assembled. Materials, mechanics & design: pure and simple. Idea “I’ve always liked playing pinball and wanted to own my own pinball machine, but I never had the means to buy one. Used models weren’t an option either because I wouldn’t know how to repair them. And I couldn’t decide which kind of machine I wanted anyway. So I came up with the idea of Makerball: an affordable, simple and versatile DIY pinball machine.” (Alain Schibli, inventor of Makerball)   Assembly Depending on your DIY skills, it takes around 30 to 60 minutes to assemble. All you need is a screwdriver; we highly recommend a battery-powered one. Makerball packaging (photoshopped). The starter kit comes in a box (17 x 60 x 90 cm ) weighing +/-14 kg and can be shipped worldwide. Level 1: Assemble & play Once you’ve put all the parts together, you can start playing right away! The starter kit includes a basic obstacle set consisting of wooden obstacles, rubber elements, copper plates, metal pieces and magnets that can be placed anywhere on the perforated wooden playfield board. The basic obstacle set (included in the starter kit).   The basic obstacle set in various positions. Level 2: DIY – Do it Yourself We provide the base, the rest is up to you! Expand, change, decorate, paint or pimp it up the way you want it. There are no rules and the sky is the limit! Makerball allows almost endless possibilities and is all about DIY. To give you an idea of what’s possible, we have created our own playfields (which was the most fun part of this project). Some of them might look nice, but they are far from perfect. We know that YOU can do better. Go crazy! Surprise us with your creations! Your pinball machine can be anything you imagine it to be. Let your creative juices flow. Just make it! Cardboard, wood, bricks, clay, metal, paper, trash, gold – you can use almost anything to build your playfield.   Go nuts!   DIY! Sky is the limit. Level 3: Analog + Digital = Analogital Makerball can be upgraded digitally. The starter kit includes wires and conductive copper foil that function as sensors. They are actually switches which are switched on when the ball hits them. Connect the wires to your microcontroller (not included), install the free MAKE & PLAY score app on your smartphone and start playing for points! On our website, we will provide you with all instructions required to set up the electronics. It’s no biggie, even if you have no prior experience. Makerball is also an easy way of entering the maker universe and starting to experiment with microcontrollers. Schematic figure of the electronical parts.   Right row: The ball connects the two conductive copper plates and sends a signal via microcontroller to the MAKE & PLAY score app on your smartphone.   Connection on the underside of the playfield.   The MAKE & PLAY score app can be downloaded for free.   Microcontroller, wires, breadboard, battery and smartphone are NOT included in the starter kit. Research Makerball was part of a Master’s design project at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) and has been developed over the past two years. It was explored in six circles of iterative prototyping. The seventh prototype is now ready to go into serial production. With your support, the production can finally start.     Within the Master thesis entitled „make & play“, the two seemingly contradictory activities “play” and “make” were examined: In our efficiency-driven, highly stressed society, playing is widely seen as a waste of time, especially by adults. Play became a four-letter word. At the same time, it is increasingly used as motivational way of boosting efficiency, ...
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Baseus: World’s Fastest Magnetic USB-C Cable For MacBook Pro by Baseus
Baseus 4.3 A USB Type-C cable. The first and fastest magnetic cable to charge your new MacBook (Pro) and any USB-C device. About this project :   Apple‘s magnetic charging connector has been one of the best features in the Mac line for many years Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1234664819/baseus-worlds-fastest-magnetic-usb-type-c-cable/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : It helps to save your laptop at significant moments. However, the useful staple  gone on the new Mac products, which makes our life quite inconvenient when we rip our laptop off a table unwarily. Now say cheese, MagSafe is back!       Baseus is the world’s first, fastest and strongest magnetic USB Type-C cable. It adopts the most innovative way to charge your New MacBook (Pro) and any USB-C devices with 4.3 A fast charging. By applying the unique “L” design, the Baseus Type-C cable also helps you to achieve the most convenient and comfortable user experience. Say goodbye to tangled cables and simplify your charging life with the Baseus magnetic Type-C cable from now on.     Current Test Video With superior wiring technology, the Baseus Type-C cable achieves the max current range of 4.3 Amps, which is equal to the highest current Apple applies for the 15’’ MacBook Pro and faster and more stable than any other magnetic USB Type-C cable. It charges at 86 watts and supports USB Power Delivery (USB PD)*.* USB Power Delivery (USB PD) is the newest power standard that has a maximum power output of 100 W (20V / 5A). Apple’s magnetic charging connector has been a great convenience of Mac line for years, which saves your laptop from crashing to the floor through careless ripping. Now MagSafe is back, with superior features.  Unlike traditional cables, Baseus adopts the innovative “L” design, which prevents the cord from being bent, increases the cable’s lifespan, and makes your desk neater. Baseus is a magnetic USB Type-C cable designed specifically for the New MacBook and MacBook Pro. Change the way you charge your new Mac today.   The premium TPE braided nylon cable has been tested and proved stronger and more durable than any other cable on the market. You will have no more dust in your power socket with Baseus magnetic Type-C cable.   Apart from the new MacBook and MacBook Pro, Baseus Type-C cable is also compatible with other USB-C devices like Notebooks, Tablets and Smartphones.           Hitch Free  Connect With One Hand  No More Bending  Charge In The Dark Baseus Type-C cable is the only magnetic cable specifically designed for new MacBook (Pro) and achieves the highest charging speed at 4.3 Amps. The design concept originated from pogo pins, which are arranged in a dense array, connecting many individual nodes of the two circuit boards together. That means these tiny parts require high exquisite craftsmanship and polished assembling fitting degrees in order to ensure stability, as well as preventing pin blocking and spring burning. The Baseus team performed long-term research and development month by month. Finally, we broke the current limitation to magnets and achieved the highest output in themagnetic Type-C cable market.    Baseus Magnetic USB-C Cable Charging MacBook Pro 13''                       With this USB Type-C to USB 3.0 adaptor, you are able to continue using your current wall charger or car charger to charge your USB-C devices at speed of 2.4 A and 5V. Correspondingly, you can also charge your USB-C devices with normal laptop by using Baseus cable and the adaptor.              Baseus is a technology company composed of a group of skilled and energetic talents who are experts in breaking limitations, excavating ideas from daily life, and bringing the most convenience to everyone. The Baseus team aims to solve those neglected details and helps more and more people achieve the best user experience. Apart from focusing on highly precise technology, the team also pay great attention to stylish design and products with extremely exquisite craftsmanship. We do small things, but we do them perfectly. Make your life easier with the Baseus team.   ...
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Zion Padfolio | A New Modern Padfolio Design by Zion Design Studio
Work Smarter with a Professional Padfolio that offers a smart organizational system, allowing for device charging, display and more... About this project : A one of a kind smart padfolio organizer sure to keep your essential accessories orderly and ready to go!  A New Look: Padfolios have been around for quite some time Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1559148956/zion-padfolio-a-new-modern-padfolio-design/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : Our team wanted to take a traditional product and give it a nice design-face-lift by offering a smarter design layout that fits the work and lifestyle of today's on-the-go individuals. And that's exactly what we've accomplished! Better Organization = Better Productivity:Whether you're a designer, student, or entrepreneur, the ability to stay organized and focused on your work and trade is essential to what results you're able to achieve. With the Zion Padfolio, you are ready for whatever demands that are sent your way. The Collection: Our padfolio collection includes three color options: Black, Blue, and Tan, and each is designed with a cross-pattern sketching. A Smarter Work Station A Better Built Padfolio  Zion Padfolio in Black   Zion Padfolio in Blue   Zion Padfolio in Tan Height: 33.5 cm Width: 3 cm Length: 26.5 cm Weight: 648 G Materials: PU Leather Battery Type: Lithium Polymer Battery Size: 5000 mAh Port Adapter: Micro-USB Output: 5V / 2A Certifications: CE Thank You E-Card -- $1 Super Early Bird -- $45 Early Bird -- $49 Regular Offer -- $59 Two Pack / Early Bird -- $90 Two Pack -- $118 Three Pack / Early Bird -- $130 December 2015 -- Prototyping Begins April 2017 -- Final Prototype Completed July 2017 -- Kickstarter Campaign Begins August 2017 -- Kickstarter Funding Ends September 2017 -- Shipping out Backer Rewards October 2017 -- Fulfillment Complete Our Team at Zion Design Studio has been working on stationary products for over two years. We take interest in designing modern, high-end, and tech-friendly padfolio products, and we're very excited to now launch this project on Kickstarter! Please join our mission in launching the Zion Padfolio to market. Help us by offering a pledge or sharing this project with any family and friends! ...
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Sea x Sky - The Waterproof Backpack That Fits In Your Pocket by The PNW
Waterproof, Packable, Lightweight and Durable - The Sea to Sky Pack by PNW is the ultimate travel backpack that fits in your pocket. About this project :                     Big enough for all your adventures  | Small enough to fit in your pocket           In the summer of 2016, we set out on a 4-day hike into the Garabaldi's Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/351938236/sea-x-sky-the-waterproof-backpack-that-fits-in-you/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : With over 7,600ft of elevation, our gear had to be light, compact, durable and built with maximum utility to not weigh us down - we managed to get our packs down to 60lbs. The one thing that was missing was a backpack that we could take with us on our day trips out from basecamp. A backpack that would be large enough to carry our day trip gear, light enough to not weigh us down on the way up, yet durable enough to survive our rugged journey. The Sea to Sky pack was born out of necessity. We designed the pack to be large enough to fit everything we needed, yet small and light enough to conserve space and weight. After going through dozens of prototypes and iterations, we finally created a bag we were happy to call our own.        ---- Lightweight | Waterproof | Compact | Durable | Functional | Beautiful ----The Sea to Sky Pack is made for all you world travelers and adventure seekers. Designed with durability, functionality, packability and style in mind, this compact and ultra-lightweight 24L pack will come in handy on your next adventure.      Built with purpose. The Sea to Sky pack is lightweight, functional, and is jam-packed with essential features that make this the perfect addition to all your adventures. Pack and Unpack In Seconds: Made with lightweight and durable CORDURA® material that easily and packs and unpacks in seconds. Submersible 24L storage compartment built for the Pacific Northwest.  Made with 100% Waterproof Material: The main 24L compartment is completely waterproof and doubles as a dry sack. Easily access your essentials on the go with the front pocket. This pocket is sealed with a water resistant zipper. Water resistant 3M reflective zipper: Be seen at night, whenever you're on the go.  Made for rugged adventures: Sand-proof, dust-proof, dirt-proof, simply wipe it down for easy cleaning. Easily adjust the sternum strap for comfort when on the go. Sea to Sky Packs are made with a padded lightweight strap for comfort and durability. Cordura® material meant for the great outdoors. Built with Cordura from top to bottom. This durable material is meant for rugged terrains. ITW buckle and a 95dB whistle: Made with high-quality buckles and a 95dB whistle for emergencies. Multifunctional side pockets are large enough to hold your water bottle or other accessories without you worrying about them falling out.   Adjustable stability straps for maximum fit and comfort.  Roll top closure system ensures the main compartment stays 100% dry - doubling as a dry sack. Day to Day - Designed for everyone. Take the Sea to Sky pack with you wherever you go.             CHOOSE YOUR COLORS AT THE END OF THE CAMPAIGN        Built for the Pacific Northwest. Take the Sea to Sky Pack with you from the coasts of the Pacific Ocean to the tops of the Rocky Mountains.                           Where will your next adventure take you?   Help us by sharing The Sea to Sky Pack with your friends! Know someone who would love the Sea to Sky Pack? Help us spread the word by sharing on your social media accounts! Sharing is caring <3                                                                                                                                                                                 ...
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The Marsblade Ice Holder - Setting a new standard in hockey by Marsblade
Be a part of the biggest evolution in skate technology in decades. About this project :       The Marsblade Ice Holder dramatically improves a hockey players skating performance with several key benefits:           The Marsblade Ice Holder transfers your weight faster in order to create tighter and more efficient turns Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/267946449/the-marsblade-ice-holder-setting-a-new-standard-in/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : The rocker also helps you to gain more speed out of your turns as it prevents the skate blade from digging into the ice.A regular holder has only one pivot point which puts all the pressure at the back part of the blade and a shorter glide zone and forces the steel to dig into the ice and thus lose speed.     The Marsblade Ice Holder enables a broader range of movement while distributing the pressure more effectively for a longer and more powerful stride. The rocker also enables more steel on the ice for optimized glide speed. A regular holder lose speed when the player shifts their weight forward or backward as this forces the blade to lose contact with the surface as well as digging into the ice.      The Marsblade Ice Holder allows key muscle groups to be utilized for a longer period of time to increase stride power and speed. The rocker also optimizes your balance for a stronger and more explosive skating position, while increasing a player's power and control when stickhandling and shooting.         We’re now in the final stages of the development process of the Marsblade Ice Holder. We have tested the current hand-made carbon fiber prototype extensively and the feedback from professional players and power skating coaches has been incredible. You can see some of them trying the Marsblade Ice Holder for the first time in the videos below.                                  Scientific research clearly demonstrates that the fastest skaters are characterized by a longer stride. A longer stride is exactly what the Marsblade Ice Holder and the Flow Motion Technology enables.   On-ice performance tests Our initial speed tests shows that the Marsblade Ice Holder enables a longer stride which gives higher speed. Agility and power sole tests also confirms that the product generates quicker turns and a more powerful stride.    Durability tests We have conducted on-ice and laboratory durability testing, as well as advanced computer simulations, to ensure the product withstands the high demands of hockey.    Material tests  Materials and components have carefully been selected and tested to optimize performance, strength and durability.                                       The Marsblade Ice Holder will come in eight different sizes and fit junior size skate sizes 5 - 5.5 and senior skate sizes 6 – 12.  If you’re unsure about getting the correct size, don’t worry. When you have pledged to a reward, we’ll send you a survey to collect your size info and make sure you receive the correct size. You can also check our FAQ or send us a message.                       Per Mårs, the founder of Flow Motion Technology and Marsblade, is a former professional hockey player and a third round draft pick of the Columbus Blue Jackets in the 2001 NHL draft – and a true visionary. A proud Per Mårs just drafted by the Columbus Blue Jackets. To the right, Per is representing the Swedish national junior team. It all started as a small project to help himself become a better hockey player. Mårs was always training extremely hard during off-season, but never felt like his hard work paid of when going back onto the ice. Mårs was often searching for new and innovative training methods to maximize his on-ice performance. He started experimenting with various balance drills and noticed a huge improvement in his on-ice performance. Mårs thought for himself “what if I could challenge my balance in a hockey stride”? Per testing an early prototype that a few years later become the Marsblade Roller Frame. The result - Flow Motion Technology and the Marsblade Roller Frame. After a couple of prototypes he was amazed by the feel and performance of the product. Due to a back injury, Mårs had to quit his hockey career early, but he was convinced that his idea and vision could help hockey players to improve their off-ice training, allowing for improved on-ice performance. With this goal in mind, Per decided to ...
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KableCARD | Multi-functional Cable Essentials For Your Phone by CARD
ALL THE CABLES YOU NEED ARE HERE, don't even think about it, just put it in your wallet or your bag. No more charging problem! About this project : What's the Problem?You have so many different chargers, for your phones (iPhone and Android), tablet, travel adapters, portable battery and more Type C devices coming up Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/156937076/kablecard-multi-functional-cable-essentials-for-yo/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : BUT, you can’t throw away all of your old micro USB devices, and Apple just wouldn’t give up on their lightning connector. So, the question is, how many types of cables do you need for all of your devices? The answer is 6. There are at least six essential cables that you need. We’ve all been there, searching frantically for the right cable for a particular device. Murphy’s Law reminded us that you probably wouldn’t have the right cable in time of emergency, when you need to charge your device the most.How easy is it to bring 6 different types of cable with you at all times? We say very. Very easy!What is KableCARD?6 Types of Cable in a CardKableCARD is a revolutionary design that integrates all the essential and most frequently used cables connectors; a near 1 foot long Type C base cable with 3 types of adapters which makes up to 6 different types of cables.You’d imagine something that contains the function of having 6 types of cables AND wireless charging to be quite heavy and definitely bulky. Well, that would defeat the purpose of it being portable and assessable whenever you are, wouldn’t it?We designed to be as small and light as a credit card, with a thickness of 0.3”inch only. Wireless Charging But what about that phone you bought that supports wireless charging? KableCARD is designed with a wireless charge. When Kable CARD is plugged into a power source, it acts as a wireless charger for your device. With or without wire, it’s all up to you. Efficient & Organized The great thing about having cables and essentials to be designed as a card dimension is that it’s just so neat. Everyone has to dig around their bag looking for the right cable among other cables and objects lying around in the depth of the bag — but not you. With KableCARD, you don’t even have think about which type of cable to bring. Just slide the CARD out of your wallet or pocket. Whenever, and wherever you need. More Than CableSIM Kit When you’re traveling overseas, you’d buy a local SIM card so that you wouldn’t receive an outrageous phone bill afterwards. KableCARD includes a SIM ejector pin and 2 nano SIM card storage. It might look simple, but makes a significant difference when the occasion arises.   Memory ReaderWhen there is no internet, no email access, how do you transfer a file to someone? Thumb-Drive works…but wait, what if someone only has Type C ports. What now?No worries, KableCARD can read memory cards and support both Type A (Standard USB) and Type C. All done! Phone Cradle Long flight? Movie? Landscape mode and hands-free? Yes, yes and yes. One second to set up KableCARD as a cradle. What makes it even more awesome, is that you can watch movie on your phone hands-free WHILE charging it at the same time! (Don’t forget that KableCARD supports wireless charging as well.) Ambient Light KableCARD has elevated the ease and convenience for smartphone users. But at the same time, we, as designers, are concerned about the long term influence of smartphone usage, in particular, the harmful effect on your eyes when using smartphones in the dark or even dim environment. According to multiple studies and reports from the American Optometric Association (AOA), some main symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) or Digital Eye Strain includes headache, blurred vision and eyestrain. One of the major cause of this is reading or staring at screens with poor lighting. That’s why we designed a three-stage switch 3000K LED on KC7, with both diffusion foil and diffuse reflection sheet, reflecting soft diffused light of 1W on table tops (when KableCARD is used as a cradle) or on the wall, creating effective biased lighting to protect your eyes.  Features The CARD Series We design products for travellers, so portability and efficiency are of the utmost importance. That's why all of CARD's products are designed to be of the same dimension as a credit card. Systematically optimizes all of your gadgets, making your life neat and organised.We designed and cr...
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CrossHelmet - the smart motorcycle helmet by Borderless
The CrossHelmet is a next generation motorcycle helmet with sound control & 360° visibility that will transform your riding experience. About this project : 【日本語サイトはこちら】Share CrossHelmet on Facebook and Twitter, and support us to pave the future of the Helmet!UPDATE!! 【Cliquez ici pour le site français】UPDATE!! 【由於市場的熱烈反應以及支持,我們正式開始提供香港,台灣,及新加坡的送貨。】  Motorcycles have evolved faster than helmets have Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/491835187/crosshelmet-the-smart-motorcycle-helmet/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : The CrossHelmet brings state of the art technology to a safety staple that has remained stagnant for years. Our product combines integrated head-up display with 360° range of vision, sound management, and Bluetooth features to riders. It is the smartest motorcycle helmet ever.                  360° VISIBILITYWe believe rear vision is an essential part of increasing rider safety. That’s why the CrossHelmet is equipped with a rear-view camera. The camera is combined with a wide-view visor that allows more road-vision and eliminates blind spots, allowing for optimum, 360° views.HEAD-UP DISPLAY With an high definition displayed packed into each side of the HUD, you can clearly see the situation behind you. Working demo from our prototype RIDE DATAWith the CrossHelmet, riders can easily access relevant journey information, like weather, temperature, and compass direction. Stats like network connectivity and battery level are also shown, plus step by step waypoints, distance and time to destination.Sound Management CROSS-SOUND CONTROLCrossSound Control, CrossHelmet’s unique noise control system, is a first for the motorcycle industry. It’s designed to reduce or enhance environmental sounds, depending on the rider’s needs. Riders can limit road, engine, and wind noise in urban environments, sound which are often responsible for rider fatigue. CrossSound Control simulation GROUP TALKThe Group Talk features lets riders start a conversation with other members of their group, sharing locations, routes, photos, and videos. This extends to include members without a CrossHelmet.BRING SIRI, GOOGLE ASSISTANT ALONG FOR THE RIDEA one-touch assistant activation allows for voice control.PLAY MUSIC, PODCASTS & PHONE CALLSYou can listen to music, radio, podcasts, and make/receive calls with high quality sound through the interior speakers. Smartphone Functions The CrossHelmet pairs your phone through Bluetooth for seamless and safe connectivity. TOUCH OPERATIONCarry out essential smartphone and HUD functions through the helmet’s discreet touch panel for easy, safe, and intuitive usage. We've included a capacitive sticker add-on so you can use your favorite pair of gloves. MOBILE APPLICATIONOur dedicated smartphone app, available on iOS and Android, provides effortless access to the CrossHelmet’s many features.         Safety SAFETY COMPLIANCE We've collaborated with our manufacturing partner, with experience, resources, and advanced facilities, in order to ensure the CrossHelmet meets the safety standards required in each country that we ship to. In order to improve the structural strength of the CrossHelmet, our team has also incorporated variable thickness and advanced architecture in our shell, techniques that are currently used in the automotive racing industry.ULTRA SAFE BATTERY -Solid-state Lithium-Ceramic Battery- Using state-of-the-art battery technology, our Lithium-Ceramic Battery (LCB) is completely risk free. No leakage, smoke, fire, or explosions after physical impact, puncture or thermal damage. LED SAFETY LIGHTLEDs, mounted on both sides of the helmet, increase visibility while riding at night.             The CrossHelmet comes in 2 sizes with 3 padding options to ensure it fits perfectly on our riders.        The unique and functional design of the CrossHelmet is what sets it apart. Our team has years of combined experience working on world-renowned products like the Yamaha MT-09 and the Walkman - experience they’ve applied to our product.AERODYNAMICSThe unique shape of the helmet and visor, designed to the highest aerodynamic standards, creates better ventilation and wind resistance for a stable and comfortable ride.INTERIOR SPACEThe unique wide-angle visor is an innovation all of its own. Compared to traditional motorcycle helmets, the CrossH...
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Puretta | The Ultimate Multifunctional Toothbrush Sterilizer by Puretta Techonolgy Co. Ltd.
Advanced Infrared, Solar Powered Multi-Functional Sterilizing Toothbrush Station. Kills 99.9% of Bacteria and Germs. About this project : Introducing Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2049256765/puretta-the-ultimate-multifunctional-toothbrush-st/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : .. Puretta New infrared intelligent ultraviolet, multi-functional sterilizing toothbrush station  What you need to know about Puretta:     1. Killing Bacteria from All Angles: Puretta uses a U shape design, and it's coated with a silver surface that can reflect UV light, allowing it to reach different corners inside the station cleaning and sterilizing from all angles. 2. Smart Station: Puretta can detect body movement, and when a body is within 1 meter of the station will smartly postpone the sterilizing process. 3. Super Sterilization: Puretta uses a 253.7nm UV light to kill bacteria in an instant, giving you and your loved ones a clean toothbrush and peace of mind everyday.   4. Power Saving: Advanced solar power technology allows the station to be charged with any type of light (including indoor lighting).   5. Easy Installation: The Puretta can be easily installed on any surface wall by either 3M tape (pre-attached) or open slot attachment via nail or screw.    6. Safe: With Puretta, you don’t need plug in with any external cables like other stations. Cables are unsightly and a potential hazard in the bathroom around water.    7. Multiple Cleaning Stations: With Puretta, you can place 4 toothbrushes, 3 dental floss packs, a tongue scraper, one shaver, and one toothpaste. 8. Go-Green: Even in the bathroom you can be environmentally friendly, as the Puretta runs completely on solar power, saving you money and keeping your home more eco-friendly. 9. Modern Design:  Puretta has a great, modern design to keep your bathroom organization both clean and organized. 10. Effective: can kill 99.99 percent of bacteria and the product has been tested and certified on claims. 11. Durable: product is made with a thick ABS plastic that was built to last.  12. Better Organized: Keeping the bathroom clean and organized can be a challenge. Now with Puretta, you've got the perfect toothbrush station to provide a clean bathroom, clean toothbrush, utensils and peace of mind. COLOR OPTIONS: White or Black Use of Funds:    Our goal for this campaign is to raise $10K to help cover the costs of the injection molds and partial part of the materials needed for production.  Our Team at Puretta Technology Co, Ltd. has been working on the Puretta toothbrush station for about two years. We take interest in designing modern, high-end, sterilization products, and we're very excited to now launch this project on Kickstarter!     Where we are in Development: We are nearly complete with Puretta. We're already midway through our tooling process for the station and we're looking to gather backer support to help us cover some of the expense in the mold creation, and materials for our first production run. Press Kit:  For media and interested backers, we've put together a press kit that can be accessed HERE. ...
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Convertible and Customizable Carry Bags from NIID by NIID
A Customizable Everyday Carrying Solution from NIID About this project : Choose Your Adventure Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/485414743/convertible-and-customizable-carry-bags-from-niid/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : Choose Your Style. All you have to do is FOLD or SWITCH. It’s that simple.If you’re like us, you take your life with you when you leave the house. But, most days, you don’t need a full-sized, bulky backpack. URBANATURE by NIID has created the FOLD and SWITCH bags that complement each other and work together to simplify your life. They’re convertible and customizable bags that can be added together, expanded, or used singularly for everyday wear. We like to think of these bags as choose-your-own-adventure packs. You get to determine the storage capacity and style. All you have to do is fold or switch. It’s that simple. How To Get Them  By becoming a backer and picking a reward, you will essentially be pre-ordering one of these bags, backing this project not only gets you a special discount, you'll receive the bags before they're available in stores. Want to buy more than one? Check out Rewards & Add-ons. We have no traditional investors. Instead, we launch products here on Kickstarter. The funds we raise not only go towards manufacturing, they also help us design future products.  The FOLD / Sling or Messenger  At a glance:   Sling mode: fits a 10” iPad or tablet   Messenger mode: fits a 15” laptop   Innovative design Quick access front and side compartments   Anti-theft (hidden) back pocket for stashing your valuables Cushioned shoulder strap for comfort    Waterproof coated polyester Expandable front cover flap Magnetic flip cover The SWITCH / Chest Pack - Laptop Sling -Waist Pack   These interchangeable and ergonomic bags were designed for easy transitions. The SWITCH is for carrying the essentials. The Waist Pack and Laptop Sling, Chest Pack can be combined, attached and worn as an ultra-slim sling bag. While the Chest Pack is a bag all its own.  The SWITCH / Chest Pack  At a glance: Interchangeable buckle   Hypalon Phone Fetcher   YKK Waterproof Zipper   Leather Wrapping Side Pocket - iPad Mini Compatible   Secure Magnetic Side Closure   Slim fit to body The SWITCH / Laptop Sling   At a glance:   Fits a 13” laptop   Expandable double layer   Waterproof   Anti-theft magnetic flap lock The SWITCH / Waist Pack   At a glance:   Fits the essentials— iPhone 7, car keys, ID   Doubles as shoulder strap when attached to the Laptop Sling or Chest Pack   Slim and no bulk Specs FOLD SWITCH Rewards & Add-ons Production    Our Previous Design  For us, looking back at where we started, and where we ended up is always enjoyable. We started this particular journey with an idea and knew generally where we wanted to go. But the final products evolved and expanded, in great part due to feedback from our wonderful customers. We owe a great deal of our design to you and always welcome new ideas for the next product. Hooray! The winner from sharing our pre-campaign Is "Roman Rackwitz". Please contact our staff and get your reward. ...
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GoBag | The Vacuum Compressible Carry-on Backpack by James Fyfe
We believe you don't need bulky luggage to travel the world. So we designed the ultimate carry-on backpack. About this project : Max Pack System - Vacuum Compression   Two years ago we launched our first project, the GoBag, and were blown away by the support and recognition the bag received Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1116395139/gobag-the-ultimate-carry-on-backpack/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : Our Kickstarter campaign received 2,444 backers from 53 countries and we were featured on Wired, GQ, Stuff, and Everyday Carry. Pack small. Think big.We believe that when you pack less, you experience more. We designed the GoBag so you can see more of the world, without the burden of hauling around bulky luggage.   It does things other carry-on bags can't. It's time to make the most of every adventure. No waiting around to check in your luggage. No delays at the luggage carousel. No lost baggage. No checked baggage fees.No checked bag, no problem.     Don't you just hate hauling around bulky luggage? Thanks to our Max Pack you can travel the world for days, weeks or months at a time with only a carry-on bag. The vacuum compression system works by hand (or with a vacuum cleaner if you’re really serious about space-saving) to free up oh-so precious interior space.   It can accommodate an impressive amount of kit wherever you’re headed — leaving room for a few keepsakes when you return.  With a monster 2m-long YKK main zip and six different ways to open your bag, you can instantly access what you need, when you need it. With more of your gear next to the zip, you can say goodbye to digging around in the depths of your bag - or emptying your stuff in the rain because your waterproof happens to be at the bottom... More zip. Less hassle. Say goodbye to wasting time at airport security. Our integrated transparent wash bag has got your liquids and pastes ready to go from the off. The fully welded design and waterproof zip means that any shampoo explosions are safely contained - leaving your clothes free of dodgy stains and ready for the adventure ahead! Hassle free traveling is at your fingertips. We designed the Travel HQ so you can stay organised for the adventure ahead. Everything you need when you need it, stored securely at the top of your bag and laid out just how you like it. There's also a soft pocket to protect any digital items that love getting scratched.  Simplify the way you travel. Peace of mind is priceless - and never more so than when you're traveling. We designed a hidden pocket so your documents and money are securely concealed next to your back. Did you see that?     Whatever the adventure, the GoBag is up for it. From trekking in the Himalayas to your daily commute, the ergonomic harness keeps you comfortable and supported. We've also included a sternum strap and removable waist belt. Every laptop up to 15" is safely protected in the padded laptop pouch. What's more, there's a quick release tab that works faster than James Bond's ejector seat.     Bottle pockets. Stay hydrated.  Side and top grab handles. We've selected the finest components and best quality materials to ensure that your GoBag goes the distance.The GoBag uses ultra hard-wearing hypalon on the base of the bag and to reinforce webbing straps. This is the material that white water rafts are made out of - so it's super tough! This is backed up with waterproof TPU-coated fabric to cover the rest of the exterior - helping to keep all your stuff dry in even the wettest of weather.There is only one option when it comes to zips, and that's YKK. They can't be beaten for their reliability and toughness - so guess what we've gone for on the GoBag.We've included magnetic compression straps to get your stuff buckled up that bit faster - and that satisfying magnetic clip signifying you're all packed and ready to go doesn't hurt either.      Take a look at some of the rewards available for backing our project.     NOTE Vacuum Hand Pump - Available after KickstarterMax Pack System - The bag will come in yellow (not fluro orange) as shown in the images in the gallery below.      Want to see the GoBag in action? We sent a bag to Ethan to test out on a trip he was taking to Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania.             Here's what some of our previous backers have said about their GoBag.   We’re incredibly proud to call the Scottish Highlands our home. In fact, we’re pretty sure anyone who’s trekked a hidde...
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Hands-free Reusable Shoe Cover by Joel Fersaci
Hands-free reusable shoe cover! Stop throwing out disposable covers or your back, just step into our shoe cover! About this project : Be Happy with our new Covers Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1979718732/hands-free-shoe-covers/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project :   Step in Sock Logo Hands-free Shoe CoverStep In LLC. is excited to offer the first, fully self-sufficient, hands-free shoe cover.In early 2015, a vision was realized after breaking the backs of so many work shoes. Something had to be done about this. The simple solution would have been to just accept the limited option of shoe covers and struggle to put them on. This option could not be accepted, so a mission was formed: Floors needed to stay clean and shoes needed to stay on.Broken Shoes that Started it all Broken Shoes that Inspired the Creation of Step in Sock After many tough months of failed designs and ideas that came up short, we started to see great potential in the idea and it finally started to become a reality. Long nights and never giving up resulted in a product we can be proud of and finally step in! Step in Sock was born!Evolution of Step in Sock When you have a lot of passion for something you will find the motivation to wait 9 hours for a Shark Tank audition  Shark Tank Casting Audition Our Standard Polyurethane bottom Step in Sock cover Step in Sock being used on a shoe The Step in Sock company has been created from the ground up. By sticking with hard work and showing passion for helping others, we offer an easier option to all service industries.Our Synthetic Quality leather Step in Sock shoe cover option Our Synthetic Leather Version The idea of Step in Sock is exactly how the name describes it; our company has a passion in providing the easiest way to step into a shoe cover and having it automatically hold onto your show, allowing for an easier and faster day of work or protecting your athletic footwear.Our Cover, when open are strategically designed at 17 inches long by 12 inches wide to fit all sizes up to a 13 Step in Sock Open to Step in With your help, Step in Sock can manufacture to reach it's many customers. From high school sports, personal use around the house to residential services or construction Step in Sock will be a Eco friendly reusable simple hands-free shoe cover for everyone.  Step in Sock is currently in operation at www.StepinSock.com but we need your help to scale up manufacturing.Thank you!Joel FersaciFounder / CEO   ...
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Vinci 2.0 - World’s First Standalone AI Fitness Headphones by Inspero Inc.
Run without phones. Music, calls, and fitness trackers all-in-one. Voice-controlled AI. 15,000 skills with Alexa. Noise cancellation. About this project : Powered by AI, Vinci 2 Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/inspero/vinci-20-worlds-first-standalone-ai-sports-headpho/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : 0 is the first intelligent workout companion. It supports cellular and WiFi connectivity so you can leave your phone behind and stream music, take calls, keep track of your fitness performance, and more. For the first time ever, your headphones can be completely voice-controlled for a hands- and eyes-free experience.  Workout and stay connected without your phone. Perfect for 100+ workouts or activities. With Vinci, you get over $1,000 of value. "Vinci 2.0 is your perfect sports partner!" Quick Start Demo and Test Run with Vinci 2.0 functional product. NYC testimonial interviews with Vinci 2.0 functional product.    Make calls and send messages directly from your headphones. Vinci 2.0 is a standalone computing device with a Quad-Core ARM Cortex A-7 processor and WiFi, 3G cellular(SIM card built-in), and Bluetooth connectivity. You can ask Vinci to make a call, send a text message, set a reminder, or give you directions. No phone is required so you can carry less and workout more. Stream 42 million songs directly to your ears. Vinci 2.0 integrates with Spotify, SoundCloud, Amazon Music, and KKBOX, with a library of over 42 million songs while leaving your phone behind.  Don’t miss important alerts when you leave your phone at home.Vinci 2.0 can receive push notifications directly from your phone no matter how far away you are from it.    Voice control all your music and features.Whether you are lifting weights, jogging, or cycling, just ask Vinci for your favorite songs, request songs by specific genres or moods, or let Vinci recommend a song for you, 20+ languages supported.  Clear voice recognition with bone conduction mic.Vinci 2.0 uses a bone conduction mic for crystal clear voice recognition, even in the nosiest environments. This technology is deployed in mission critical situations (military, emergency services) for near-field voice recognition. Ambient noise is filtered out and only the speaker’s voice is collected and amplified. With this technology you can whisper voice commands in a noisy gym or make sensitive calls on a busy street without raising your voice. Music recommendations based on your preferences and activities.Always learning, always getting smarter.Vinci 2.0’s AI works on 2 levels. First, it learns from your music listening habits and physical statistics to make intelligent music recommendations. Second, it uses natural language processing (“NLP”) algorithms to recognize your words and understand your intentions. All of this allows Vinci to recommend music that best matches your query, mood, location, and activity. True gesture control. The easiest way to change your music.   Track a casual run or an intense ride, and share your results with your friends. Vinci 2.0 has over 10 built-in sensors to accurately analyze your fitness and health data.  A personal fitness coach in your ear.   Vinci 2.0 is fully integrated with Amazon Alexa, with English (U.S.) English (U.K.), English (India), German and Japanese. Also, we will support google assistant later, which supports 20+ languages including Spanish, French and Italian.    Sublime comfort after 512 point ergonomics test.Vinci collaborated with one of the greatest industrial design firm to create the most comfortable and ergonomic fitness headphones. Vinci 2.0’s unique “pentagon” shape is designed to fit perfectly and flexibly around your neck. We tested the fit and feel of Vinci 2.0 on over 512 diverse head shapes and neck sizes to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for all. Extremely lightweight and exceedingly secure. Vinci 2.0 only weighs 86g and has a holding force of 150g so it’s very secure. No matter what activity you are engaged in, Vinci 2.0 will stay in place - even during the most vigorous activity.  Rock out without your earbuds falling out.  So attractive - Magnetic neckband holds your earbuds in place. Sweat-proof neckband fits securely during any workout. Use Vinci 2.0 all day long. Vinci’s subtle style goes well with whatever outfit you’re wearing, from athletic wear to a business suit. In addition, Vinci 2.0’s long-lasting 600 mAh lithium-ion battery is designed to charge quickly an...
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GOVO: The Most Functional and Durable Badge Holder & Wallet by GOVO
The best way to carry your work ID and credit cards About this project : Designed in Cleveland, Ohio, GOVO Badge Holder & Wallet is the world’s most functional and durable badge holder and wallet Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1460729046/govo-the-most-functional-and-durable-badge-holder/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project :  When thinking about how many items people need to carry every day, we often come to the answer of wallet, phone and keys. There is one thing we always neglect but very important, which is the ID Badge we carry to work. We found so much inconveniences of carrying and using a work ID that none of today’s product have a good solution. From there we set our goal to create a wearable device that brings good experience and can be used not only as badge holder but also a wallet to simplify items we carry.   The construction of GOVO Badge Holder & Wallet came from inspiration of military gears that require durability and light weight at the same time. “Versatile, Durable, Light weight” are three key principles we kept in every steps when we developed this product.                Best gift for everyone! Each GOVO Badge Holder & Wallet comes in a nice and neat  package.      GOVO Badge Holder & Wallet can hold 1-4 cards. Its' Card-Securing system holds card securely whenever it is loaded with only one card or four cards.              The patent pending Multi-Carry System makes GOVO Badge Holder & Wallet ultimately wearable. It can be clipped on your belt, pockets, shirts, jacket, suit, backpack or note book. You can also hang it on a lanyard, keychain and carabiner OR simply put it in your pocket.                        Every part of GOVO Badge Holder & Wallet was engineered to do its job perfectly and endure heavy duty usage. The front cover is made of thickened high strength transparent polycarbonate. We designed a frame structure on the polycarbonate back cover which allow us to thicken the material without adding too much weight. The clip is made by manganese steel secured by metal screw and reinforced structure to the holder. Most importantly, cards are secured by a metal spring system which holds well whenever it is loaded with four cards or only one card.                When you have more than one sensing ID cards need to carry. You can put one in the front and another in the back of GOVO Badge Holder & Wallet. It allows you to sense cards from both sides.     GOVO RFID Blocking Card helps to protect your credit/debit cards' information from data thieves. Add this item to give protection to your cards.Most of ID badge use low frequency to communicate with sensor. GOVO RFID Blocking Card blocks high frequency signal to protect your credit card but will not block low frequency ID badge signal.  (For some ID card using high frequency, the RFID blocking card might block their signal )          GOVO Badge Holder & Wallet comes in four different colors: Dark Gray, Blue, Purple and Black.            ...
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T3D - The World's First Mobile Multifunction 3D Printer by T3D
Print directly from your smartphone or tablet. A mobile 3D printer that has it all. Multi-Color. 360 Degree Scan. Open Source. About this project : We wanted to create a mobile 3D printer that prints directly from your smart devices Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/906506734/t3d-the-worlds-first-mobile-multifunction-3d-print/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : With our modular design, T3D has everything you need to meet your creative needs without sacrificing on functionality. The concept is simple, with your smartphone or tablet you already own half of the 3D printing process, so with T3D, we help you complete the other half! See who's talking about us!      Download Press Kit    How does it work?1) Print directly from mobile devicesWith T3D printer, 3D printing becomes a true mobile experience by printing directly from your mobile devices. Excellent Portability with Mobile Devices  3D Printing On-The-Go  2) Smartphone or tablet? You decideT3D printer utilizes the lights from the smart devices to harden the resin and brings your designs to life.   3) Open Air PrintingBecause of our patented daylight resin, you only need to avoid direct light during the 3D printing. You don’t need to place T3D Printer in the darkroom. At T3D we facilitate the “Maker Moment” by giving users front row access to the entire process as it happens. 4) Uncompromised User ExperienceWith T3D intuitive application, users can take full control of their creative 3D designs. T3D printer provides users with a wide selection of pre-tested 3D design models via cloud services, making every print a successful one.Pair, Point, and Print.    Key Features   Exceed your imagination and don’t limit the size of your creations. With a maximum print volume of 1033.6cm3 for tablets and 684.7cm3 for smartphones, you can focus on your design and let T3D take care of printing.     T3D printer supports iOS and Android smart devices, allowing users to enjoy seamless 3D printing experiences.   T3D utilizes Bluetooth for a stable high-speed connectivity, ensuring an experience without all the wires in the way.   T3D printer provides users with a variety of model gallery via cloud services to choose from. It also offers a “3D Model Check Service” to ensure every printed model can meet users’ expectations, as well as a “Support Material Setting Service” to guide proper resin setups so that every print can be a professional one.   T3D printer keeps track of resin usable information with easy-to-use scanned barcodes, as well as recommending optimal exposure time and model sizes to ensure quality 3D printing experiences.   Why only print one when you can print many? Save time and cost with T3D.   In addition to multi-color printing and 360 scanning, T3D printers plans to provide several functional kit developments in future releases.   Don’t buy a whole new printer, just add on the multi-color printing kit (M-cube) and start adding vibrant colors to your 3D printings.     T3D printer is not just a printer, it is also a 360 scanner.      T3D printer adopts open source standards, enabling users to have full control of personalizing 3D printers according to their desired specifications.   Flexible power options make T3D more conveniently than ever.   Are you an experienced 3D printer user? Don’t change your tool preference because you change a printer. Whether it is Blender, Autodesk123D, SketchUp, Rhino, etc, not a problem. T3D will support it. Resin IntroductionSpecification Certification Compatibility  Surface treating agentWe all hate cleaning up after a print job. With our exclusive surface treating agent, cleaning your printed products is no longer a hassle. We make it easy, fast, and safe.  Amazing T3D!                          SEE T3D in action!From Pair to Print.  Set up in less than TWO minutes!  M-cube prototype Technical SpecificationHardware  Software  Rewards For the first 50 backers we can fulfill your pledge by the end of Dec. 2017 with limited Prior run version models (if preferred).           Development Process and Timeline Molding preparation for resin tank manufacturing. Machine Stability Test   Our Team PartnershipT3D is a startup spin-off from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan Tech). Currently we’re working with XYZ Printing, the world’s largest 3D manufacturer, to ensure that the T3D will be produced on schedule and up to your expectations. ...
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The QuadFusion Print Head- Making Color 3D Printing Possible by M3D LLC
The QuadFusion is the first of its kind four filament mixing extruder, allowing you to mix both colors and materials. About this project : M3D, the leading name in consumer 3D printing, is proud to announce The QuadFusion Print Head, our first direct drive four-filament mixing extruder Subscribe to our channel for latest and most popular technology videos everyday! http://bit.ly/FutureT Back and learn more about this project on Kickstarter : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/m3d/the-quadfusion-print-head-making-color-3d-printing/ LEGAL NOTICE: We do not own this video, it belongs to its rightful owners. About anything please contact us via [email protected] If you want your product to be promoted and/or tested please contact us via [email protected] More about project : This revolutionary new print head allows you to mix both materials and colors, making it possible to print in a full-color palette when you use CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Key) filaments.Multi-Color & Multi-Material 3D Printing  Until now, full-color palette 3D printing has been the ultimate dream for 3D enthusiasts. Some commercial products have been introduced in recent years, but they come with limitations and a high price tag. Few options exist under the $3000 price point. A few multi-filament extruders and advanced add-ons are on the market but they are are limited, for example by mixing just two or three filaments, printing only in PLA, or relying on multiple independent nozzles. The QuadFusion is the first four-filament mixing extruder available on the consumer market. Combining Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Key (CMYK) filaments allows you to print over 50,000 unique colors. The key filaments can either be Black, White, or Transparent. Using white creates different tints which lighten a color, using black creates shades which darken a color, and using clear adds a degree of transparency and depth. This vase was printed using Red, Blue, Transparent and Black filaments. Technically, there are over 150 different colors within this vase, with a slightly different color on every single layer.      With the QuadFusion you can also print with any four compatible filament materials. To be compatible, they should have a similar melting point temperature. This allows you to easily change between materials within your print, or to blend materials together in as many ways as you can imagine. This allows prints to vary in strength, flexibility, and rigidity from one area of the print to another. This allows you to fabricate things in a whole new way, you no longer need to think of your final product as a collection of separate parts to be made out of different materials, but rather it can be one 3D printed part made out of a combination of different materials.   A great benefit to both color and material mixing, is that you can get more out of less. Since you can combine colors and materials, you don’t need to keep as many different colors and materials in stock. Additionally, there is no need to worry about painting or post-processing, you just grab your print off the printbed and go.   Our New Filaments    You can use any standard 1.75mm filament in the QuadFusion Print Head, however if the colors aren’t optimized for color mixing, you may not get a high quality color result, for example if you want to use a key like Black, you need to use a calibrated black because typical black filaments are loaded with carbon pigments which have a very wide particle size and distribution, so what would normally happen is you’re trying to change from black to yellow for example, and you’re going to have to expunge 200mm of filament to get a clear switch between the two, which is a very large waste pillar, and even then you still may have residual specks of black show up in your print.   To solve this problem we developed a few lines of filament that would be ideal for color mixing. To do this we calibrated the pigment size and molecular distribution so that it falls within a narrow range, giving you the ability to get controlled mixing ratios, which results in a wider and more pure color palette. The recommended starting material is based primarily on PETG, which comes in two series: ABS-R3 provides opaque material ABSR provides transparent colors and keys.  We also offer an opaque PLA line, as well as an opaque Tough 115A line.   Versatility    We wanted to make the QuadFusion available to as many people as we could, which is why we wanted to make it compatible with a wide range of 3D printers on the market, not just our own. We are going to make a variety of 3D printable mounting plate files available for download to help users get the head mounted as seamlessly as possible. Currently, we have verified mounts for the following 3D printers: MakerBot Replicator 2X, M3D Crane, M3D Promega, and ...
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