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10 Things Men Need To STOP Wearing At The Gym!

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Text Comments (7036)
The mini Futbol (1 day ago)
You forgot the dude with the super short shorts
Jacob Joyce (2 days ago)
The guy teaching us about style is wearing ankle socks with pants
Jorge Wells (2 days ago)
Bro, why the fuck do you care so much about what other dudes wear at the gym? Stop focusing on other people and mind your business. If they feel comfortable with their outfit, let them be!
Jason Benedict (2 days ago)
This guy is a grade A ass hat
Lucifer Leota (2 days ago)
Aslong as ur cloths are sport wear who cares?
FIGHT TIME prod. (5 days ago)
lmao these look like dress pants that you're advertising
Xaos (5 days ago)
This video is annoying. Just work out! It’s not a runway.
Brandon Lee (5 days ago)
Don’t wear Baggy sweats/shorts? Yeah right chief. Basically if you don’t dress like this guy at the gym you’re doing it wrong is what I got from this video lmao. Kudos to the dude wearing jeans working out or the dude in homeless looking clothes cause at least he ain’t the dude walking around in a tank top with the sleeve holes cut literally down to the waste and thigh high shorts and $150 ASICS and Beats headphones thinking they’re the baddest bitch in the gym.
BashrSmashr , (6 days ago)
Only problem i have with going to the gym is having the motivation to go and to keep it consistent if i go for lets say a week i feel great but i just cant seem to keep it consistent for the next week or the week after
Modified_Bonez (7 days ago)
5:00 for the sixth thing not to wear
daniel pino (7 days ago)
Don’t wear this, wear what my sponsor sells
SloppyTaco (8 days ago)
U sir are a butt pirate
Viral Clown (8 days ago)
One guy At my gym wears huge long shorts and a singlet tucked in real tight with big ass headphones and white socks always pulled up high. Kills me 😂. Btw those clothes and colours are ugly
Ben Johnson (8 days ago)
Wearing sweat pants/joggers when you’re running around town makes you look stupid, not fresh. Sorry, Alpha, but you look like a clown out in the streets.
SergioMartelli (9 days ago)
This guy has a love/hate repationship with tights. Almost every "what to wear / what not to wear " video of his mentions them.
fordgt402 (10 days ago)
Spandex is good for treadmill. Its about function not aesthethics.
Rich.active (10 days ago)
I agree. 👏🏼 Thank you for sharing.
Sith1122 (10 days ago)
4.7 million subscribe to an infomercial? You forgot one thing you should not wear jewelry to the gym
J. Tan (11 days ago)
I agree with the jeans and spandex
Fieris (11 days ago)
10 things short people should not wear?
Aug (11 days ago)
The guy who calls himself an "alpha male" (even though alphas and betas turned out not to exist) has the audacity to call another guy a douche? I'm a guy and I wear form fitting clothing to the gym. I feel the most comfortable in my leggings and tank top. The fact I'm at the gym is better than most guys my age (17). I've watched your channel before. Guys are already super restricted on what socially acceptable for them to wear, and here you are wanting to make those confines even tighter. I feel bad for your future son who will probably never get to wear anything he wants because it'll be too "girly" or "unfashionable" or some other dumb excuse.
uin45 (11 days ago)
Oh he’s got Napoleon complex makes a lot of sense
dRuNK UnKLE (11 days ago)
Probably worst gym fitness video out there. Who cares what others wear. Focus on yourself and you will be alright!
Dwayne Owen (12 days ago)
You actually go to the gym?
midwestgrunt (12 days ago)
This guy works out lol?
Adam Ernst (12 days ago)
How is Aaron not joe pesci's son?
C P (13 days ago)
How about you mind your own business and do your own workout? That's the best advice you will ever get. Ohh wait, you just wanted people to watch your video so you can make money. Nice bait. More and more A$$HOLE$ post these idiotic videos.
590jason (13 days ago)
Really dope gear for sure
Joseph Saeteurn (13 days ago)
i could care less of what others are wearing. it doesn't effect my workout but on a serious note. i do really dislike cologne or smelly body odor. it will ruin my workout session.
Ben Taylor (13 days ago)
5 min ad?
alex (14 days ago)
Seems like most the whole video is just you talking about your sponsor
Silence believers (14 days ago)
Or u could just exercise at home ..
Alex Orr (14 days ago)
Why are stringers on the list lol
Aizuddin Nasser (14 days ago)
People do whatever f they wana do. Its a gym for god sake. People gym to workout, not to look at what other people are wearing. Whatever they wear shouldnt bother u. Hence that is why u are’nt making any gains. Its a gym not a fashion show. Flex some muscles, not flex your outfit.
Ryan Bonnette (14 days ago)
The fuck does it matter?
Spandex415 (14 days ago)
This guy is spot on. I all my years of lifting Ive never worn any of those. Another to add. DONT wear tank tops UNLESS you are jacked or ripped.
John Carpenter (14 days ago)
Who the fuck goes to the gym for "fashion statements"? Wear whatever you want. Who wants to take fashion from the guy who wears the same hairstyle every damn video.
E M (15 days ago)
This is a clickbait video for the pants that sponsor him. Thumbs down. 👎 And lose the ear rings. You're supposed to be a man.
Frozen Yogurt (15 days ago)
For fucks sake, man, it's a gym not a runway. Wear what's comfortable for you to work out in. That's all that matters.
Samuel Sandoval (15 days ago)
Ill make it simple...if your going to the gym wear whatever you want as long as your comfortable because guess what NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU WEAR! If they do, then these people need to re-evaluate their life and need help ASAP. 🧐
Ku Daniel (15 days ago)
Oh my fucking ! I hate your voice. You look ugly !
westin evens (15 days ago)
Bro what I wear to workout doesn’t matter, being comfortable is more important to me. The most important is getting the actual workout
Enmanuel Peña (15 days ago)
Thanks for making your videos straght to the point and not a fucking vlog. Their a bit long but it's good info. Hope to start working out on my days off for 1 or 2 hours.
Mhi (15 days ago)
Tf is this video, the amount of fucking retarded ass shit my YouTube recommends is actually insane.
Gotchism 4Life (15 days ago)
This was in my recommended. I saw the title and the thumbnail image. I clicked and hit pause. I then hit "Dislike." I am not wasting one second hearing some punk snowflake fashionista complain about men's clothing. When I work out I focus on pushing myself, not trying to fit some shallow ideal of some suppressed beta trying to pawn himself off as alpha.
Mex1canPapi1 (16 days ago)
V neck..
Mex1canPapi1 (16 days ago)
Two earings ..
bwkid1 (16 days ago)
In a MANS gym you wear what you want. No one cares, asking as you work hard. If you look good in the gym, you are not working hard enough. There is NO WAY I will take advice from a grown man in earings!
footlovinbear (16 days ago)
Will wear whatever i like deal with it
Laylow KING (16 days ago)
Do your own shit mah guy...you're not there to inspect what others are wearing when they work out...
Matt O (17 days ago)
....but most importantly, MEN need to stop wearing earrings
James Lysina (17 days ago)
I have a Phantom Altitude Training Mask and the reason, It actually helps with my asthma and to train me to control my breathing. As for the skin tight compression well guess what I wear that for 1. I have a lot of scars on my arms and I don't like the looks I get or the questions I have to answer about them. 2.Prevention of Staph Infection, Ringworm, and the main one Folliculitis. Peace
Timothy Kim (17 days ago)
you can tell this guy lovesthe outward appearance
Meecrob (17 days ago)
Your there to workout not look good doing it little man. Your almost as bad as female putting mac up on before the gym.
Alexei D (17 days ago)
Who the FUCK are you to tell people what to WEAR. Get a blood LIFE
Mike Benit (18 days ago)
Nice video, and I agree about the altitude masks. Might as well take a trash bag and wear it instead. You can’t simulate altitude, it’s a blood thing for those who are curious.
Smokin Crayz (18 days ago)
People can wear whatever they want to wear buddy. Not everybody wants to impress everyone dickhead.
Esteban Carríon Salas (18 days ago)
Almost didn't notice the advertisement slapped to my face in the middle of the video lol
Cory Vore (18 days ago)
I used to be the idiot wearing loose-fitting sweats and the occasional 'Winter Soldier' compression shirt to the gym. But now, thanks to Alpha, I am so stylish when I'm getting my swole on that men give me random handjobs while I'm in the middle of knocking out a set on the Bench Press. All I had to do was buy a $100 pair of sweats and wear a V-neck. Thanks, ALPHA!
Hanxi Lai (19 days ago)
Men should wear speedos to the gym
Arif Rahman (19 days ago)
two earrings.
Todd Rice (19 days ago)
I love your video but a lot of them have turned into commercials for over priced, expensive items. $95 for workout pants...come on now... who is your target audience?
michael ramos (19 days ago)
Wtf... half the video is just a promo for those damn pants Hahahaha
Dave Santiago (19 days ago)
Don't be bashing my spandex bro!! (Context, my gym is training Jiu Jitsu 3 days a week.)
Kaiser Sose (19 days ago)
This was just a commercial for pants and tops.
Wes Mallo (19 days ago)
This dude is irritating, but I’d still stick it in his mouth. 😮
rafaliber (20 days ago)
sorry if i dont know this guy but this channel is about comedy? or just this video?
Ross Coe (20 days ago)
Wear whatever you want to the gym if you are comfortable, don't listen to this hobbit
the producer (20 days ago)
Ur video is dumb
916nene (20 days ago)
Wish everyone at my gym would watch this video, all of them Wear this smh
uin45 (11 days ago)
Your a beta
Cory Vore (18 days ago)
I bet it kills your hard-on when other men don't look as cool as you. You should interrupt their workout and show them the video. You could save literally save them 100s of silent opinions they don't give a shit about.
Savage (20 days ago)
Okay I can agree about the jeans but I once forgot my shorts and didn’t want to skip the gym for the day so I just worked out in my jeans. Moral is, don’t judge others
Garga Mel (20 days ago)
Where whatever you want to the gym. Jebus Christ, what is this crap?
bayviper (20 days ago)
Loud. Too loud! The comments are funny!
bs 0772 (20 days ago)
Waldorf: The question is, what men can wear in the gym? Stadler: The question is, who cares?
Texas Welder89 (20 days ago)
telling us to stop wearing stuff but he's wearing loop ear rings lmao
ben lee (20 days ago)
Who fucking cares . Dickhead
John Sickler (20 days ago)
Lol let people wear what they want. The world would be boring af if everyone dressed and acted the same.
bjkjoseph (20 days ago)
Only girls care what they look like at the gym.
larry Carty (20 days ago)
Never wear any “sweat paints” in public. Look half ass lazy.
Hunter Adams (20 days ago)
What if those spandex or what I call them compressions actually help you🤷🏽‍♂️
MiderWr (20 days ago)
Goku has sweat bands. Your argument is invalid.
DWBubinga (20 days ago)
I like the pants but $184 Canadian before discount is insane.
saxarra43 (21 days ago)
Im at the gym to workout, its not a fashion show. I could give a rats ass what people think about what I wear.
HighRollahz808 (21 days ago)
It’s people like you that make it uncomfortable for others to even get to the gym. Why TF does it matter to you what other people wear?
Mark Edmon Garcia (21 days ago)
Daming bawal ang arte sa gym pagdating sa damit walang pakilaman ano sinusot eh yan ang gusto nila isuot at yan ang trip nila ang importante naggym hindi fashion 😠😠😠
Mark Edmon Garcia (21 days ago)
Mind your own bussiness. That's they want to wear so what 😠😠😠
Katlin Long-Wright (21 days ago)
Maybe just workout and dont worry about others. Reeks of insecurity
PimpSlapper (21 days ago)
Do u know ur gay ??
Keith Williams (21 days ago)
Bro you have hoop earrings . .
gio cd (22 days ago)
You know what? FUCK OFF! why care so much about others, fucking look away dude, plus, gym clothes have changed over the years but they have always been flashy and neon, get over it! You're not the one that's gonna make it stop, especially yelling at us like you hold the truth... FUCK OFF one more time.
Anthony Perry (22 days ago)
Don't wear this or that only wear the s*** that sponsors my videos a fuking douche
Dug Impossible (22 days ago)
O2 trainer from Bas Rutten is the best, it strengthens your lungs without deprivation. It let's u expel ur lungs freely.
Seldane 321 (22 days ago)
I love how all your lists subtly feature your sponsor Like a 1/5 of the video is about the point that featured your sponsored item. And what kinda “alpha” gives af what others are wearing at a gym your prolly the guy who does like 20 mins of weights for every 20 minutes bs if looking forward in the mirror. I subscribed thinking this channel would have some decent motivating lists, but it turned about to be the guide to be a fuck boi
Tyler Mcintyre (22 days ago)
The thumbnail tells me everything I need to know ..thumbs down and mind your own business. Congratulate anyone who goes to the gym bottom line . What a douche
alonzo calvillo (22 days ago)
You forgot to mention wearing shorts over Spandex tights.Makes you look like a cartoon super hero.
Wheeler 2218 (22 days ago)
Should have just called this, "Listen to some nonsense, so I can try to sell you gym gear"
Turbo Tumor (23 days ago)
I'll stick to normal sized basketball shorts and a hoodie, this is fufu shit
Obid Nazari (23 days ago)
I dont think anyone even fcking listened you to after the first point ... stop watching what other people do or wear at the gym ... you dont pay for a membership to watch people's clothes ... you pay to work out not become a fashion diva ..
Tanner Powers (23 days ago)
I wear short shorts, and a tank top that is cut off above the belly button to let my beer belly show. Oh and combat boots.

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