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10 Things Men Need To STOP Wearing At The Gym!

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Text Comments (7236)
BeBetter Podcast (1 day ago)
He looks like a jacked version of Charlie Day.
SM LW (3 days ago)
Look at this twig
SM LW (3 days ago)
You look like a rejected George Michael look a like.
Andrew Eagle (3 days ago)
Who wants to listen to this guy screaming his personal feelings?! He is no one!! Wear what you want, to hell with him!!!
JDG3981 (5 days ago)
I only wear a sweatband on my head to keep sweat out of my eyes. Everything else, my gym clothes are mostly that sweat wicking/reducing cooling material so I don't get much sweat on my hands or anything. Plus, deodorant works for sweating too lol.
Mile High (8 days ago)
Sorry bro but im old school baggy shorts and jeans no offence but im not down with that skinny fag shorts or jeans i like my nuts to have space 😆
Stuart Garlick (8 days ago)
Or wear what you feel comfortable in, because the gym doesn't operate face control, and doesn't have a man on the door. Just stop worrying what others think - that way you might enjoy working out rather than viewing it as a popularity contest.
Lil Sleep (8 days ago)
everyone can wear what they want to wear. fo biatch
Reagan Lau (9 days ago)
is it okay for us to wear hats to the gym? also do y'all bring bags like me
breakingdan (12 days ago)
This is the most annoying guy ever. The irony of him calling others douchebags.
Daniel Goh (13 days ago)
Dude stop shouting.
Scott Shields (15 days ago)
Ironic you bring up the duche at the gym . Considering that you are in fact THE DUCHE
asdfgh123 (15 days ago)
All lazy , self righteous meat heads in the comments. Looking decent is one of the easiest things to achieve in first world countries. Stop fucking complaining.
H0NEYMOURN (15 days ago)
This guy is literally Frankie Grande💅👏
Jose Chavez (16 days ago)
Things to bring to the gym: 1) shorts, and shirt/tank top that covers the basic areas, socks ad sneakers 2) spare shirt to change into, and outer layer for after the workout 3) water bottle 4) your keys Anything else is just fluff, not a necessity. In my opinion.
Jose Chavez (16 days ago)
While the list is not completely right, for a style video, it makes sense. Things that make a LOT of sense here is the denim, nipples, headphone, and cologne. Anything that can create a hazard or is offensive to other people definitely needs to be paid attention to. The cologne thing for sure. I can't stand getting a good workout, breathing hard, and getting a blast of Axe or Obsession from the guy next to me who doesn't understand that all smells will assault your nose if overdone.
Lazic B. (17 days ago)
Coming from a video where Klokov lifts 200 kg in a Ninja Turtles shirt and all I can say is: Damn, this guy is full of shit! I bet he's one of the guys that constantly walk around with a cell phone.
Yash Goyal (18 days ago)
Get some apparels for Indians also with friendly prices 🙏
SANJE KHANNA (18 days ago)
No paypal
Mr Spine (19 days ago)
Alpha m is dick head Like if u agree
nikola trajkovic (19 days ago)
literally half of your video is an ad, what a waste of time lol
FatGuyonTheCouch (20 days ago)
He should add wearing diamond earrings and a vneck...
TheOne GUY (21 days ago)
Mind your own business you old fuck
Reyes Munguia (22 days ago)
men need to stop wearing an earring in each ear, is that any different that women wearing earrings.
John Harbey Balase (23 days ago)
You go to the gym to workout. Who cares of what you're wearing. You're going to sweat and smelly anyway.
Tobias Tellefsen (24 days ago)
ADHD or is this dude just sarcastic? 😂😂😂😂
Jacob Rogers (24 days ago)
Just cant stand this guy
Jacob Rogers (24 days ago)
You are going to the gym dude. Who cares what you wear. Nobody
Matt Page (25 days ago)
Thanks for the advice! For the first time, I've started going to the gym and I wasn't sure what to wear to feel good and look good.
Joshua Rivers (27 days ago)
The fuck is this shit? Who the fuck goes to a gym to check out what other men are wearing? Get the fuck out of here, I wear my leggings (the women ones) every time I go the gym and I give no fucks, you're there to workout, drink your Gatorade and get the fuck out, end of story.
fc barcelona (28 days ago)
did you have any code for this pants
TYRONE POWER (28 days ago)
heroinhero69 (29 days ago)
you're like an even more bro gary v
buu Ho (30 days ago)
If you are a real man, you could give 2 f about whag you wearing at the gym, just dont make yourself look like a clows.
Artem Smirnov (1 month ago)
wtf the hoody he advertises looks like a pajama. Who even wears it at the gym?
سلمان Salman (1 month ago)
We go to the gym for woking out , not modelling
سلمان Salman (1 month ago)
This guy is so judgemental, he needs to fix it
سلمان Salman (1 month ago)
Omg just who cares, do wut ever u find comfortable guys
D G (1 month ago)
Get off youtube with your feminine opinions. Rather someone wear some loose fitting shorts/sweats than $100 nuthuggers.
MC Mango (Official) (1 month ago)
No.11 Collared t-shirts.
MC Mango (Official) (1 month ago)
But, I like spandex.
Salus Solutions (1 month ago)
Guy you said things NOT TO WEAR! If I wanna see a video advertising sponsored gear, I would subscribe to such a channel. And for G.. sakes, who does your editing!!!
Monkey Wrenching (1 month ago)
You embody what sjw’s and feminists think all men act like, a judgmental asshat. Congrats, you’re a douchbag.
chriscem (1 month ago)
fashionable sneakers to the gym? What are chuck taylors for deadlifting or olympic weighlifting shoes Alex?
James Chung (1 month ago)
I disagree about working out being the most important thing you can do, you can never out exercise a bad diet. Regular sleep/rest is also important. I like those pants but not at $95, that’s crazy. Just go to the Nike outlet store or search for sales online.
jole' Mays (1 month ago)
What does attire have to do with getting your swole on
Ryan Driver (1 month ago)
Thanks for the paid promotion
Tridoshic 1 (1 month ago)
So wearing v necks like the one he is wearing is fine to wear to the gym?
L L (1 month ago)
you must be gay to care about your outfit too much. wear whatever makes you comfortable when doing your workout
Moe Kesbeh (1 month ago)
another garbage video to generate views and "ad money"
1102afe (1 month ago)
You should change your name to beta m.
T. Lucalake (1 month ago)
Men need to STOP wearing newly applied cologne before working out. There's a difference between a man already wearing cologne and a man who applies new cologne before a workout.
John Finlayson (1 month ago)
What a fucking shill for an athletic company
alexander segura (1 month ago)
Judging and making fun of people of what to wear now that's being a Douce with a Capital BAG
Harambe (1 month ago)
Some guy was wearing Spider-Man spandex at my gym. I couldn’t keep a straight face
Joshua Rivers (27 days ago)
You shouldn't be worried about it.
Martin Miazga (1 month ago)
Sorry Aaron, i normally like your vids but im gonna have to disagree with you on this one...
Er Ic (1 month ago)
You are telling people how to dress, but do you see yourself ? Ummmm no please
Fakeblood Gaming (1 month ago)
compression pants are the best tho
Overstreet Cycles (1 month ago)
I’m 5’4 and I wear those basketball shorts , I must look super short sorry man lol
Weston Ross (1 month ago)
Me and alpha are then same size🤦🏻‍♀️😂 in 13 btw😂
JACOB PINKNEY (1 month ago)
alpha your a great guy but this is the dumbest video you have put out
Kenzo Suzuki (1 month ago)
Bitch, Imma show up in ALL spandex because that's what I want to wear! If you checkin me out that's YOUR problem! I just have my headphones on, focusing on ME! I don't care what others wear either! You do you! If you are like this douche-whistle KEEP YOURSELF AT HOME AND WORK OUT! Don't bring your judgemental ass to a public gym if all you care about doing is playing fashion police like a lil bitch!!
Kenzo Suzuki (1 month ago)
I think you are a HUGE douche! Let people wear what they want! You aint cool lookin anyway! Lame ass! Pay attention to YOURSELF! People like YOU make other people UNCOMFORTABLE at the gym! FUCK OFFF!!
Xpert30G (1 month ago)
This beta male said nobody want to see anyone wearing stringers. Nigga....
SuperGman314 (1 month ago)
Gw7 (1 month ago)
It’s a fucking gym not a fashion show
King Rundzap (1 month ago)
Wear whatever the hell you want to wear, as long as it's not something that's going to damage the equipment. It's not up to other people what's comfortable for you.
Chris - Sol Mon (1 month ago)
I feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone when I see all these ostensibly straight men giving meticulous fashion advice. A few years ago you would’ve been gay bashed. But suddenly it’s manly to be overly groomed and concerned with fashion? I mean, what the hell is going on here? All of the macho men that used to make fun of fashion are now the ones most involved with it. Rappers, jocks, the everyday joe, etc.
Ghosty (1 month ago)
LOL!! This MF promoting $100 gym pants. The F is wrong with you? 100 bucks for a pair of pants to wear at the gym? F is your problem? This MF thinks he is walking down the catway. This dude is the kind of dude that sings along to "I'm too sexy for my shirt." F out of here.
Chris - Sol Mon (1 month ago)
Ghosty - he’s the type of dude who looks into the mirror and proposes to his reflection.
Michael Camacho (2 months ago)
Is wearing a sauna suit in the gym weird?
Pirana 86 (2 months ago)
Sounds like insecure and jeaulous. Rather one spray cologne to much, wich by the way in europe is normal to use, and girls love it. It's clear that wearing cologne for 99%of the american feels like gay. I guess "eau the sweat" is what they prefer...
Johnny boy (2 months ago)
All you pathetic so called men, The guy has nearly 5 million subscribers so people value his opinion,, not like you bunch of idiots, men who act like girls..
James Fraley (2 months ago)
Aaron... can you put up 375lbs 12 times? I'd be darn-tootin' impressed.
Kyle S (2 months ago)
You're 5'6" and you wear a 30x30....bullshit, more like a 26 inch inseam.
kennedy justice (2 months ago)
Commercial starts at 2.30. Who cares if its Baggy or skinny. Nigga, continue your workout!
Mike Disper (2 months ago)
Coupon code doesn't work 😞
EAGLE___EMPIRE (2 months ago)
Meanwhile this skinny feminine dude is wearing hoop earrings in 2019...LMAO
kramden (2 months ago)
Love those Nikes...While your "don'ts" are right on target, you keep mentioning the right stuff to show off a good gym bod....But, what do us old guys with "dad bods" wear? I would look foolish in the nice form fitting gear you wear....
kummer4523 (2 months ago)
this guy is a tool
Andrew Trader (2 months ago)
the pants are 100 fucking dollars... wtf ALSO FOR HEAD PHONES DO YOUR RESEARCH bluant over the ear head phones meant for gym 50 bucks blue tooth just as good as beats and jbl shit that is 2 or 300 bucks...shirt shorts head phones done...gym isnt for fashion it is to take care of yourself and transformation not say hey look at my nice new pants im going to fuck up
dexter morgan (2 months ago)
V neck with both ears pierced, alpha?
abdul attar (2 months ago)
I did not understand why should not wear basketball short , I find it more comfortable than the pants you talked about :(
TheDpandolfo86 (2 months ago)
TheDpandolfo86 (2 months ago)
Did you just go full infomercial mid video?
Jeffrey Osiwala (2 months ago)
fuck this video. People can wear whatever they want.
Lars P (2 months ago)
How much did he get for that marketing?
Aaron Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Your name kick ass, dude!
Jozef Pribitny (2 months ago)
Shorts need to feel free not tight.😁
Bill J (2 months ago)
This guy has got to be the biggest douche in his gym...
Aaron Johnson (2 months ago)
The jeans comment and shoes comment I get, but the rest was just you being a douche. On the off chance that I drag my fat ass to the gym I'll wear whatever I goddamn well please as long as it's appropriate. Also, the irony of being told that working out is for me, while simultaneously being told that I should somehow give a shit about your opinions on what I'm wearing while doing it gave me a good laugh.
Richard Carchia (2 months ago)
Suck my c- -t
Wombat 04 (2 months ago)
Are cowboy hats just O.K. ?
Jesper Hedström (2 months ago)
Who is watching this in 2019?, and by the way tailored gym pants? Really your taking it too far dude😂
Jules P (2 months ago)
Just like an American in Paris wearing jeans and rubber shoes with baseball cap...Hello!!! You need to wake up and smell the coffee.
HappyEnding 711 (2 months ago)
@Alpha M., I sweat a lot at the gym and I hate it when sweat runs down my face in the middle of sets burning my eyes. I wear caps but they end up with sweat stains(especially black colors). Can u do a video on which cap or headbands best for sweaters ? Thanks
Alex williams (2 months ago)
You can and you should wear whatever the fuck you want in the gym it’s all about reaching that goal you’re working towards to
Richard Carchia (2 months ago)
I agree with everything but headphones! I rather hear the music that I like! not the shit around me or the elevator music that the dum bells who work there like!
Andy Bragg (2 months ago)
100 dollar for one pair of those pants?!? lol No thanks I’ll look short
martijn bakker (2 months ago)
You can go fuck yourself with your commercial
Josh Drummond (2 months ago)
Not to be a dick... but why are you hiding you bulge?

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