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Adidas Z.N.E LookBook | Best Hoodie or just Hype?

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hey everyone. Just another new video. This one is a lookbook of zne hoodies. I wanted to try something new. Kind of cold here so can't really do a lookbook outside -.- Please subscribe and give this video a thumbs up ^_^ #zne #adidas #chibiryan
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Text Comments (79)
Dank Memer (4 months ago)
Who says purple is girly
Deky X (4 months ago)
Adidas ZNE, Best hoodie ever. 👍
Yağızcan Küçükaslan (5 months ago)
I bought white for 769TL yesterday
Tiago Mizuno (5 months ago)
Hello. I am 5'7''/1,70 and 163lbs/73kgs I want to know if you are near this height or weight. I want to cop this jacket, but online and can't find it anywhere to try on. Should I cop S?
ANYONE please find a ZNE ROADTRIP (travel hoodie) grey colour for me. I can't find t anywhere
Ha Nguyen DKhoi (6 months ago)
Can u help me pick up it
Jameson T (7 months ago)
how tall are you
mezingerz sal (8 months ago)
Tts or a size off ?
ChibiRyan (8 months ago)
mezingerz sal tts basically. Just a little big on me cuz I’m not the tallest haha.
jakedaily (9 months ago)
Just copped for $40
ChibiRyan (8 months ago)
haha I have a short neck too bro. for 40$ you can't beat that ^_^ thanks for watching!
jakedaily (8 months ago)
ChibiRyan Very comfy! Only issue is my neck is shorter so it fits really weird lol. I’ll have to return it sadly...
ChibiRyan (8 months ago)
jakedaily great price and such a comfy jacket 😊
Faded Equanox (9 months ago)
Broo i got mine for 35$$ from adidas website littt
Andre Vieira (10 months ago)
looks a bit large for you
Etienne Nkiampila (10 months ago)
The size please ?
Raimundas Salys (11 months ago)
white da best :)
compaq372 (1 year ago)
Conqwiztadore22 (1 year ago)
got called sexy, luve this, lulu lemons for guys
Dan VanOsdel (1 year ago)
the ZNE primeknit that is on the Adidas website is NOT what you displayed. Where can i get it, i must have it!!!
kapoww (10 months ago)
Dan VanOsdel this is the travel hoodie. Dont know if its still in stock
AKULA ALEX (1 year ago)
Bro please music name ??
YTComps HD (1 year ago)
I bought the wire One so that when i play football with black short it looks cool
ZEUS 1 (1 year ago)
Бляя нихуя не сообразил хм не знаю отчего
AKULA ALEX (1 year ago)
ZEUS 1 я тоже 😂
Spudinske (1 year ago)
Can't find that exact grey model with the black hole texture in the good anywhere. Anyone know here I can get one?
Anthony Hepburn (1 year ago)
Adidas.com , Travel hoodie available in navy blue as well , I have both the grey and the blue , do not tumble dry as they will shrink...
Patrick Yip (1 year ago)
size down, too big on you
Keanu Meyer (1 year ago)
Patrick Yip ?
C4BX (1 year ago)
tht junk is gray....
C4BX (1 year ago)
the first one is purple????
TMR 4 (1 year ago)
Can’t find the website you bought the hoodies
kapoww (1 year ago)
Tamer Khazaaleh adidas.com or whatever country youre in (adidas.dk/adidas.uk etc) theyll probly have a blow out sale come january
lowda9 (1 year ago)
I am 5'5" and 140 and medium on me looks the same as small on you. Weird.
Dimitris Kaitatzis (1 year ago)
I have grey,it's very nice color!!
kapoww (1 year ago)
Dimitris Kaitatzis word, very comfortable and stylish
Juraj Lemur (1 year ago)
guys just an advice I have the nike icon fleece in size L and it fits me perfectly and this one in size L is a bit longer and wider but M was out of stock
Matt A (1 year ago)
What is on his hands? Are those gloves or part of the ZNE hoodie?
I have regular z.n.e. hoodie, how is the sizing compared to the travel hoodie (gray)? I use L in the regular z.n.e. but i have heard that you should go down a size?
Luuk Damen (1 year ago)
Christian Juul Anthonsen I just bougt a zne primeknit, size M. I’m 5.9 + (1.77m) , 170lbs. Chest 43 inch. Fits like a slimfit/ athletic . Not loose at all.
kapoww (1 year ago)
Its kinda weird, a lot bulkyer then regular zne imo
Hayden McMahon (1 year ago)
What size are you wearing bud?
Hanan Shafiq (1 year ago)
Hey bro can you tell me your height?
Hayden McMahon (1 year ago)
I just got it in the mail the other day, fits snug and like a glove, its perfect!!
ChibiRyan (1 year ago)
Hayden McMahon haha I'm picky as well just the xs was really tight even though I know the S was a little bigger 😅 hope u enjoy! Still one of my favorite hoodies!
Hayden McMahon (1 year ago)
ChibiRyan thanks Ryan! I got a custom medium one, hoping it's not too big. I'm a little picky on sizes :P
ChibiRyan (1 year ago)
size small bro!
Hayden McMahon (1 year ago)
Was the red one called "Victory Red" being sure for purchase that it's the right one
Shrey Sharma (1 year ago)
Hey plz tell me what is the condition of hoodie after multiple wash, Is it still shiny like new??
Expelliarmus ! (1 year ago)
I just ORDERD black size large Brilliant video hoodie seems good quality
ChibiRyan (1 year ago)
hope your enjoy the hoodie! also many sales on them on adidas.com so best time to pick some up!
One whoSigh (1 year ago)
red 😘
John Rey (1 year ago)
right at the beginning of the video your hoodie is screaming "TOO BIG!!!!!!!!!!"
ChibiRyan (1 year ago)
everything too big on me -.- short problems haha
Lucosadeorange (1 year ago)
fire red wooow
Ghjgghhhj Fhhjjhf (1 year ago)
Not trying to be racist, but I noticed that only Asian people did reviews on these hoodies
La Nguyên B Tòng (8 months ago)
they embrace overlooked products.
Adrenaline (1 year ago)
how do you get the primeknit
Lavender ish (2 years ago)
Yes, the hoodie does have a bit of room on it. It' s made to have that athletic fit. I just made my review, please check it out!!!!
Ridza Weed (2 years ago)
hi how manage to get the 90 dollar?? the last hoodie? do advise thanks
ChibiRyan (1 year ago)
sorry didnt see this. Usually european sites have good sales. The one I would recommend is end clothing. They have 20% off sometimes and when I purchased it was 90ish dollars. This jackets are now harder to find because they are an older model but for newer stuff try euro sites.
Ridza Weed (1 year ago)
hey come on mayne i asking you nicely is there any offer or what so ever you comment as thou i spend on weed to get this 90 hoodies?? come on lame jokes
Chris Wundke (1 year ago)
Ridza Weed Spend no Money to weed
Romain Yameogo (2 years ago)
You 're stylish with these hoodies ... can you send me one😆
Brandon Garland (2 years ago)
I like the primeknit
ChibiRyan (2 years ago)
Hey guys since all you asking. Im 5'5 and around 130 lbs and went with the small which fits me a tiny bit big! Extra small hurt my chest though haha.
bumblebee (1 year ago)
ChibiRyan oh the pocket isn’t big at all? Like can’t fit a iPhone 7? Or anything like that? :/ I live in so cal which has better features?
ChibiRyan (1 year ago)
I enjoy the primeknit version but its def a lot warmer then the normal ones. If you get colder weather where your at, I would say go for the primeknit because of the style. Yes the primeknit doesnt have thumb holes which I find cool on the normal ones. the zipper is just a small pocket that can fit like a small key. Hope this helped!
bumblebee (1 year ago)
ChibiRyan is the primeknit better then the normal one? I was thinking of the primeknit or the white one. Which is better? I noticed the primeknit doesn’t have the thumb holes is that true? I see it has something else instead like a zipper on the sleeve what does that do?
Willie Black (2 years ago)
What's your size in these hoodies and how tall are you?
giannis mac (2 years ago)
I am 5'8 or 176cm and weight 145lb or 66kg...and chest 94cm or 37in....what's the size for me???how tall an weight are you?
Ernesto Sanchez (1 year ago)
giannis mac small
Zuby A (2 years ago)
Definitely looks to be quality, but I prefer the classic trefoil logo on the Adidas apparel now. I'm thinking Superstar-like.
ChibiRyan (2 years ago)
nothing wrong with that. I like the trefoil logo too as long as it isn't too big. More into plain look haha.
KMP (2 years ago)
I like your outfit bro and music dope!
ChibiRyan (2 years ago)
appreciate it kyle ^_^. hope your doing well in Seattle!
RazzerRaw (2 years ago)
I subscribed to your Chanel, Dope stuff bruhh
ChibiRyan (2 years ago)
thank you! ^_^

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