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HINDI: How To Apply Makeup: Victoria's Secret Angel Makeup Video

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Learn how to get the Victoria's Secret Angle look. Here is a step by step makeup tutorial on how to look, hot, sultry and gorgeous, all at the same time. Step 1 - Victoria's Secret Angel Look Start off by moisturizing your lips. Step 2 - Victoria's Secret Angel Look Start with priming your eyelids. Step 3 - Victoria's Secret Angel Look Apply a dark bronze eyeshadow on the outer half of your lids and blend it in to avoid harsh edges.For this look the colors must be soft and well finished. Step 4 - Victoria's Secret Angel Look Apply a gold eyeshadow o the inner half of the eyelid. Apply a lighter gold eyeshadow on the inner half of the lower lashes. Step 5 - Victoria's Secret Angel Look Don't forget your tear ducts for that glamorous look. Use a blending brush with some bronze eyeshadow on it and blend in all the colors. Step 6 - Victoria's Secret Angel Look After applying a thin line with a gel liner very close to the lashes, use an angled brush with some black eyeshadow on it to blend the black line into the rest of the eyelid. Step 7 - Victoria's Secret Angel Look Apply a highlighter under your eyebrows and use a gel liner close to your lash line again to make the lashes appear thicker. Step 8 - Victoria's Secret Angel Look Finish the eyes by curling the lashes, applying mascara and putting on some false lashes. Step 9 - Victoria's Secret Angel Look Choose a lip color closest to that of your own, outline your lips and then fill them in. Stain your lips with a lipstick of the same color instead of applying it directly by dabbing with your finger. Step 10 - Victoria's Secret Angel Look Contour your face by using a bronzer and a highlighter generously. Thumbnail Image Credits: Anton Oparin Thumbnail Link :http://www.shutterstock.com/gallery-55912p1.html Thumbnail Image from:Shutterstock Link: http://www.shutterstock.com Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/mdhilhindi?sub_confirmation=1 Connect with us: Like us: www.facebook.com/mDhil Tweet us: www.twitter.com/mDhil
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Text Comments (6)
Priya kaur (2 years ago)
thanks tips ke liye
Archna Chandrakar (2 years ago)
fake eyelashes kaise lagate hai kaise fixe karte hai please hindi me bataiye
kaur k (2 years ago)
nice video
SUMMI AKOOJEE (3 years ago)
Sexy look
Eden Melissa Rhodes (4 years ago)
Pretty tutorial
Rashmi Manchanda (4 years ago)
Please list the products and brushes used?

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