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8 Hacks For Skinny Guys To Look Good (How to Dress If You're Skinny)

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Text Comments (2731)
Clarissa Contreras (12 hours ago)
ronnie smith (6 days ago)
this nigga ears look like a rat
qarhsi (6 days ago)
then why do you own shirts that have space in between the sleeve and your arm? yeah, i can see the outline of the shorts under your jeans. not a good look. the rest of the points are fine.
Deandre Mcmillian (6 days ago)
I feel like he yells in regular conversation
Salman Ahmed (7 days ago)
To be honesty this guy is ugly I think I look better than him way better if I wore the cloths he is wearing but don't have the money to do anything and I am 13 Let me know if you think the same and I am not asking for likes just tell me in the comment
JustSipping MyTea (7 days ago)
Honestly skinny jeans can sometimes look weird on a guy this is coming from a female but don't listen to me
Alfred Asare Antwi (9 days ago)
1:22 So I'm lighter than other people cause I'm *bla.......*
Gustav Propovski (9 days ago)
Oooor, hit the gym
Leebus Shing (10 days ago)
im 165lb , 5'10. idk if I should be here
Red Marshal (9 days ago)
Lol definietly not
The Indian Juvenile (10 days ago)
Hey are you an Indian? If yes you are awesome. If not still you are stylish man.
Gentle Gaming (10 days ago)
Just work out and don't worry
Alex and logan (12 days ago)
Shii I've always thought it was for me changing if the cops on me like onm
Van Tan Tran (13 days ago)
drop the pant down to knee but do not take off and show your muscle and underwear.that is my favorite style.please do some more
milan bhoir (14 days ago)
Chutiye s
yserrato16 (15 days ago)
Black is better
hehe hehe (16 days ago)
skinny guys, y'all already look good
i h a i d s . (16 days ago)
“Skinny” *puts abs in thumbnail*
John Denzel (17 days ago)
Ridouan Sabbabi (18 days ago)
Are you Indian ??
Christopher Lambros (18 days ago)
Your not a hard fucking gainer you just don’t fucking eat enough, if you want to put yourself in a sufficient calorie surplus then you can’t be eating just over your maintenance macros. Eating for taste is NOT wtf you should be doing you should be eating for purpose. Stop blaming your “genetics” it’s your fuking self that’s messing up your progress.
royal said (19 days ago)
I am 1.84cm and I am 68kg 16 years am I skinny? Guys
NATSU WARE (15 days ago)
yes good, but eat as much as u can it all goes into ur body and strength
M. Black (15 days ago)
Metric system, ugh lol
royal said (18 days ago)
+NATSU WARE u mean it is good for me
royal said (18 days ago)
NATSU WARE (18 days ago)
royal said healthy
Eric G (19 days ago)
I don't agree with everything said in this video. At the end of the day, if you're healthy (physically and mentally) AND skinny, you're on a MUCH better place than people who are more muscular. Before you take any of the advice in this video, see if it is true and applies to you first.
Youtube Bitch (19 days ago)
Thick hoodies are good too they make your arms bigger and torso 😊
JC Chavez (19 days ago)
When he a said if you're really skinny "a walking stick"😹 I'm one of those
Nauman Ahmed (21 days ago)
Bro get off of roller coaster and get serious about some fashion here
Aditya kumar (24 days ago)
Please share buying link second number shirts
garnet pouka (25 days ago)
Walking stick present ✋✋
Armo (26 days ago)
I am 85kg but i am skinny
Rory (26 days ago)
Do the opposite
RD ChanneL (26 days ago)
Hey what to wear with blue jeans
kuldeep singh (28 days ago)
You motherfucker copycat of Alpha m. 👿
Farin Khan (28 days ago)
Abe chup
Shan (1 month ago)
Just start thinking positive. Wear anything u like or find comfortable. Eat healthy, work out, make effort, be patient and dont be hopeless or negative. You'll be fine.
Tiago Guerra (1 month ago)
Yeah so I go with my girlfriend to the room and then she sees the overlay of pants. What you do then? 😂
StA1E (1 month ago)
But if im tall and skinny that means im emo so i need to wear black
Rowe Samuel (1 month ago)
I have broad shoulders but I’m skinny n like 5’5 and 14 I hope I grow
Uzi (27 days ago)
Lmao don't worry I'm like 5'6 at 15 and weight like 116
Elite SkillzAndHandlez (1 month ago)
You would start growing until 5'10 which is one inch above average
Ashaun Walwyn (1 month ago)
my upper body is alright but my lower body is small
Elite SkillzAndHandlez (1 month ago)
Than run alot and do squats. That's all you gotta do man
Kevin (1 month ago)
Skinny People joined the Chat Fat people has left the chat
Wavypaiin (1 month ago)
I have the smallest wrists ever holy shit
Samson DiDi (1 month ago)
dont move so much sir.. it make my eye sick
Devin Fraser (1 month ago)
oh my god i’ve been doing all of these all along and didn’t even realize 😂
Demetri Garcia (1 month ago)
I’m fat lol
Gaming Android (1 month ago)
I am doing this thing now I know I am using this advantage from a long time
Frosty_ Cyclone78 (1 month ago)
My school nickname was “The Twig”
Anil Bishnoi (1 month ago)
Justine Bangit (1 month ago)
"Walking Stick" OUCH. 💔
Grace Anne06 (1 month ago)
Hey guys want a girl opinion -we honestly don’t care if your “two skinny” -be honest it helps -and you don’t need to look good just get us toco belle
Grace Anne06 (1 month ago)
*girls really don’t care* **Just be honest ppl** Legit us girls do the absolute OPPOSITE
Jan Marini Eslao (1 month ago)
i dont think you're skinny though, you look ripped and your body seems nice haha
Audie Arts (1 month ago)
Boy u call that skinny
Brandon Davalos (1 month ago)
Where can I find that top? 5:42
xXRipKidXx (1 month ago)
Ohhhhh now I get why my bf always wears shorts under his pants 😂
Salty Salt (1 month ago)
xXRipKidXx I normally put pool floaties around my arms and wear a long sleeve shirt. That’s why I always look jacked in class
Roberson 3 (1 month ago)
He said walking stick and I was like. Oh come on even he makes fu. Of me😂
Bret Michaels Fanpage (1 month ago)
I just want to make my bulge look bigger
Patricia Leal (1 month ago)
I've been the same weight for the last 3 years and I'm 11
knowledge of time (1 month ago)
Skinny people like me can't where Chunky shoes because are legs are to skinny so it makes our feet look HUGE!!!
VoGod aka sitL (1 month ago)
Hey skinny boys, why am I watching this i’m fat
Eric Perez (1 month ago)
What if I like being skinny 🤔
yashaswi vanga (1 month ago)
LLEGANCE (1 month ago)
Love hack number 2!! So clever :) I try and implement these tricks on my own channel too. I just dropped a new video on men's style tips you can't ignore and I would love your take on it and some feedback: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zx4OWiOYc-o ! Thank you so much in advance xoxo
Hamse Hamse (1 month ago)
Indian people all fat am not see one person skinny Indian
Abdulahi Mohamed (1 month ago)
where u from
koala bär (1 month ago)
idk why i watched this im not skinny and im also not a guy
Kris (1 month ago)
I love when all raped males start talking trends and advice for skinny guys, yeah thanks, that helps.... :) I'm happy for your abs but now I lost hope in life, if that's skinny then mine is "dead".
Sandixing (1 month ago)
I think no one skinnier than me here because I'm just 44kg
ADMIR (2 days ago)
Sparky Music huh we are in the same situation just you are biger than me!! i have turned 46kg i saw the results yesterday!!
Sparky Music (3 days ago)
+ADMIR i'm 180 55.3 kg 😑
ADMIR (3 days ago)
Sparky Music iam 170 cm and 43,7kg this sucks
Sparky Music (4 days ago)
+ADMIR and how much is your bmi?
ADMIR (19 days ago)
iam 43 mannnn😏😏😏💔
Lord Voldemort (1 month ago)
Nice body, can we have sex?
Ryan Spiker (1 month ago)
Omg, I needed this so much
Maritza Vasques (1 month ago)
Great hacks,but I really find annoying the "gamer" voice you use. It looks like you are talking only to teens and not guys in general that may have this problem. You're good talking but tone down the "gamer" , you could do it great without this exageration in the tone of your voice. By the way, you have georgeous arm muscles :-D
Deathhorse (2 months ago)
I have a body that's similar to your body except its smaller since im still in puberty do you have any tips how can i gaim muscles in the chest area ??
Deathhorse (2 months ago)
Just so you know i cant lift weights
obese rat (2 months ago)
I feel personally attacked while watching this
Tony Montana (2 months ago)
Its a nice hack but what if I’m going out to a bar or nightclub and meet a girl and then she wants to get freaky with me and in bed she sees that I’m wearing two T-shirts and a pair of shorts under my pants 😄
Khari Jones (8 days ago)
Fucks up the mood take me so long to get my clothes off
CASPER 12345 (2 months ago)
Hack #1 don't wear skinny jeans Hack #2 don't wear skinny jeans Hack #3 DONT WEAR SKINNY JEANS Hack #4 pussified snowflake soy boys wear skinny jeans (only) Hack #5 - 8 repeat 1 - 4 .
Drew MLG (2 months ago)
Im fat 😞
Angelo Cruz (2 months ago)
Just throw on some j’s
Donalson Jarquin (2 months ago)
I just have skinny legs💔
Lucas Ariel (2 months ago)
Khartik Shankar (2 months ago)
What does actually means when a girls calls you cute
Noah Hutchison (2 months ago)
these are the best tips for us guys. And thanks so much because I'm thirteen and because of your tips my friends (that are girls ;D) always compliment how dressed I am, how muscular I look with my shirts, and most of all how good I smell. Thanks so much.
Mostafa Al-Tumah (2 months ago)
Fuck you
DJ Razeen (2 months ago)
Fuck...over body language u
tootsie (2 months ago)
If you want to gain weight or mass, just fucking consume 2 to 3 peanut butter sandwiches a day
sonal pande (2 months ago)
Make the videos for slim men
Unethical Goose (2 months ago)
You look bigger with the looser sleeve in my honest opinion
SkaterLauro (2 months ago)
Why would i wanna look big though? I'm a runner i don't about looking big, just looking good
Your Song Request (2 months ago)
"walking stick" u hurt me.
XxKazxX xoxo (2 months ago)
182lbs? I thought he was like 150-160... he doesn’t look 182lbs ... he looks slim ... mayb ur body mass is heavier because u eat a lot lol
Anthonio Nesbitt (2 months ago)
I cant wear skinny jeans my big dick is show
M’ Baku (2 months ago)
We are skinny
Luis Mendez (2 months ago)
The sad thing about being skinny is wearing tight clothes make you look gay. Layering is a good way to fake it.
Tn_ sng (2 months ago)
U look like an imdian guy
Jose Ramon Heifer (2 months ago)
en español
Raul V (2 months ago)
Walking stick ahehe
Jamir momin (2 months ago)
Here after Ranveer Alahbadia video
oh hafiz (2 months ago)
Ngomong apaan sih kontol bikin gw bingung :'(
Its_unclear 123 (2 months ago)
What about the fat guy’s
Zené Cobain (2 months ago)
That's so body shaming.
Matthew Garcia (2 months ago)
I hate this asshole, doesn’t give two fucks about fashion. Has a promo in every fuckin video.
Elgerrgram 1 (2 months ago)
Your still skinny
james mcgrath (2 months ago)
your sexy bro
Radiant Noro (2 months ago)
Rule number 1 Stop wasting your time watching this videos Rule number 2 Work out..hit the gym And get shredded..😎

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