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Buying A Dopp Kit - How To Buy A Quality Bathroom Bag - Men's Toiletry Bag - Blue Claw Co

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http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/dopp-kit/ - Click here to read the article The Dopp Kit - Essential Travel Toiletry Bag http://www.realmenrealstyle.com/free-ebook/ Click to receive my FREE 47 page eBook on Men's Style and Fashion. https://www.facebook.com/groups/rmrscommunity/ - Click HERE To Join our Facebook Community Are you ready to up your style? Click here for the BEST style course on the planet! https://thestylesystem.com/youtube
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Text Comments (80)
Phylicia Morgan (4 months ago)
girls kit bag
Blast Mink (5 months ago)
I like your sarcasm about low quality bags...)))
Jeff Thomas (10 months ago)
What you are showing is an over sized pencil case - no dividers or a separate pouch?
Stef (1 year ago)
great advice thank you
Tom Tobin (1 year ago)
You, Aaron Marino and Ashley Weston all turned me onto a Dopp kit. I wasn't aware of them before. I bought one for $6 on wish.com, made of sturdy canvas, lots of bells and whistles and a nice navy blue color.
Ivaylo Chinkov (1 year ago)
He came up with a bag...
Ferris Lewis (2 years ago)
is there a silicone dopp bag available?
Daniel Sanchez (2 years ago)
Where did you get that sweater??
J Allen (3 years ago)
I was going to watch this but you need a microphone
SirEdward Daniels (3 years ago)
I still have mine from the Marine Corps
Real Men Real Style (3 years ago)
+SirEdward Daniels Nice!
Nathanael Winters (3 years ago)
You really need to write a book with all those interesting military details and put it on Kindle. And then tell me about it. :p
Gary Martin (3 years ago)
This guy is awesome
Liz Gordon (3 years ago)
Very helpful...trying to buy a good Dopp kit for grandson in college. Thanks.
Valium & Flowers (4 years ago)
Its great that you talk about the history of the Dopp kit :)
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
@The German Eagle thanks!
MadeInVolantis (4 years ago)
Man I Wish Blue Claw had some more products they have some pretty great bags on their site.
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
@dgkallday4u I definitely agree :) they have great bags
Silfverr (4 years ago)
Great video - I just bought a Blue Claw dopp :)
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
@Silfverr great to hear - thanks!
Jayden Seow (4 years ago)
Great Bag! Love the design a lot!
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
@Jin Sheng thank you sir!
Abi Wicaksono (4 years ago)
Thanks for the video, i am still learning about this kinda thing. looking forward to get first my wash bag soon.
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
@AJ Wicaksono You're welcome! :)
kntwing (4 years ago)
can this bag put a headphones on it?
Real Men Real Style (4 years ago)
@kntwing Yup!
Real Men Real Style (5 years ago)
What makes a good Dopp Kit? Why should you own one? *Here are the top 4 things I look for when buying a Dopp Kit*: http://youtu.be/Pgpltfd6sW8 #DoppKit     #groomingtips  
jonathan Jaffe (5 years ago)
i like to take all my shampoo, conditioner,face wash etc and put them in small demo sized bottles and keep that in my kit so it saves room and whenever i need to go somewhere im ready to go toiletry-wise. also little pockets on the inside of the bag are great if you want to stay organized 
Real Men Real Style (5 years ago)
@jonathan Jaffe cool! 
tate mariscal (5 years ago)
which of two blue claws dopp kits do you prefer?
The Ruminator (6 years ago)
While late, I understand what you mean about lost things in complex bags - I recently opened up my deployment/travel backpack and found items which I hadn't seen since my wife and I got married.
MrHoffmannfd (6 years ago)
A real Dopp Kit is LEATHER! They're usually inherited or gifted from father to son as a rite of passage. Just like being taught how to tie a tie, shave, and shine shoes. Fathers usually buy one for their son when they begin to shave.
Er Flores (6 years ago)
What about when traveling and the TSA agents say that my 3oz shampoo, lotion, soap containers need to be on a ziplock bag ? would this Dopp Kit do the trick for them ?
Nick Rosaci (6 years ago)
Also, executive airports don't have security screenings. In short, flying your own personal plane is akin to driving a car. You don't have to put in hours of planning ahead of time; you go to your hangar, gas it up, and head to your destination. The only difference from driving a car is you have to notify air traffic controllers where you are and where you're heading so they can help you avoid any collisions. One of my professors flies, and has flown me to conventions we were attending.
Nick Rosaci (6 years ago)
Well, the fabric that held the mirror in was torn up; the article would need to be repaired altogether. But that's a good suggestion!
rincewind93 (6 years ago)
I call mine a medicine bag and i've had it for four years but i have to get a new one because my sister stole mine. :)
Taurean Dokk (6 years ago)
I've had my Dopp kit for years. It's leather on the outside, has a wooden "floor" or bottom, and the waterproof vinyl lining was great until it got a tear in it from scissors. I still use it, but since it's compromised, it's time for a new one. That Blue Claw looks sweet!
ComBkKD (6 years ago)
Forgot to mention the brand incorporates a bar-code tracking system in most everything and they ship it to you free of charge. Things like this let me know my hard-earned money is going towards more than just a brand name.
ComBkKD (6 years ago)
The Dopp kit absolutely love is the TUMI Riley Kit (Alpha Bravo Series - Green/Orange). The brand is known for the functionability, design, and durability. It is expensive but hands down the best investment to date aside from my suit. Ballistic Nylon, hide-away hanging hook, compartments for all items, and the structure stays to form. I change between my gym bag and weekend bag every week and this covers ALL the bases. Love that thing.
Omega (6 years ago)
That Hoodie is awesome! What brand is it?
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
Great example!
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
I would think you could find a replacement mirror somewhere - that would be a cool additon.....giving me some ideas here!
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
Very cool!
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
You're forgetting about all the small plane owners out there - have a lot of buddies with smaller planes who routinely fly wherever they are going. I also use mine when I check my luggage! Thanks for the great comment Allex
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
Thanks Ben - appreciate the support sir!
Ben Heit (6 years ago)
I have always heard of Dopp kits, but I never knew it was my "travel bag" that I used to call it. Dopp Kit is it's new name!! Thanks Antonio, been watching your videos for a few years now...Love them!!!
Allex Radu (6 years ago)
If is your plane you wouldn't be watching youtube for style advice, you'd have three assistants who took care of you and carried your bags. If you use a public airport and private plane you have to fallow the regulations as everyone else. My advice still stands, forget about it if you're flying. If you're flying once or two times a year, you could buy the stuff at your destination in the airport or a supermarket, it saves you a lot of time and keeps your suits clean and you worry free.
Luis Lamadrid (6 years ago)
Those are the best, the ones passed down to us by our fathers!
Luis Lamadrid (6 years ago)
I have a BVLGARI dopp kit that came with my dad's lotion. I still can't believe I've had it for almost 3 years, that thing is indestructible, simple design, and of great quality overall for a lotion add-on. :)
Nick Rosaci (6 years ago)
My dopp kit was passed onto me by my dad at least a decade ago before my first international trip. I believe it's a Paisley brand. It used to have a little mirror on the top flap of the kit, but that has since fallen out; which is a disappointment, as that is a handy addition. You never know what kind of hotels you'll end up in overseas, so a spare mirror can be handy.
Nick Rosaci (6 years ago)
I have flown LOTS since those stupid regulations were made. I brought my dopp kit with me every time. They sometimes give me a quick lecture on how everything should be individually bagged inside the kit, but they let me through anyway. Playing dumb works in getting through TSA faster. I just place the kit on the conveyor open, and most times they don't give me any trouble.
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
Keep working on that - I'll work harder on the mind control device.
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
Kenton Sorenson is great and made two hours south of me. I didn't realize we had beautiful singers in the comments. Best of luck with your dreams there.
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
Ahh, but what if it's your plane:)
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
Not even if there is a fire?
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
Haha - don't worry about this till you get your first bit of leave at your first duty station. Till then - if you need it - the Corps will issue it. Best of luck! Antonio
Jake Watters (6 years ago)
Never leave the house without a collar on.
Allex Radu (6 years ago)
JUST FORGET ABOUT IT IF YOU'RE FLYING, here are the regulations: "Special rules apply for liquids, creams, pastes, gels and aerosol cans. You may only carry these in your hand baggage in small amounts not exceeding 100 ml ( 3.4 oz) per article. They must be placed in a transparent and sealable plastic bag with a volume of no more than 1 litre. The bag must be closed and the articles must fit inside it easily."
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
Almost - there are a few others with me in sweaters and one in a t-shirt!
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
It's the timberland half-button wool sweater!
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
Cool - have to check them out!
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
Just wash it by hand!
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
It's pretty far down the list - but I am looking to make 1000 vids so I should get to it:)
N64 GC (6 years ago)
It wasnt from walmart, i bought it online big mistake i was out 30 bucks
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
I think so to!
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
A hoodie? It's a casual wool sweater!
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
return it to Wal-mart :)
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
We need to change that!
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
I know - I'm calling my mom tonight. She has big influence in Ruidoso, NM!
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
And my idol is Billy Idol - so what does that make him?
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
I get those too!
Real Men Real Style (6 years ago)
Thank goodness you didn't fall for it - because then you might support a business that supports me - wait....what?
morocCaNhmed (6 years ago)
NEW EMAIL : RealMenRealStyle just uploaded a video
Alex Shaw (6 years ago)
You obviously don't remember back when he got <100 views per video, Great to have seen it grown like this because Antonio is a great resource
Ansh Chuadhary (6 years ago)
can you do a video on messenger bags?
TimesNwRoman (6 years ago)
How would you go about washing it? I asume machine washing isn't a good idea.
Nicodemus Diablo (6 years ago)
Antonio!! My idol. Good vid.
N64 GC (6 years ago)
Last 30 to 40 years? i had one that broke in 5 days
Quickseb (6 years ago)
This channel needs more attention
John Chen (6 years ago)
It's like the first time you aren't in a sport coat haha but still looking sharp!

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