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Tirchi Topi Wale (Oye Oye) Tridev (1989) Amit Kumar, Sapna Mukherjee

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Bollywood Hindi Movie Super Hit Song Oye Oye Star Cast : Naseeruddin Shah, Sunny Deol, Jackie Shroff, Madhuri Dixit, Sonam, Sangeeta Bijlani, Anupam Kher, Amrish Puri. Singing : Amit Kumar, Sapna Mukherjee, Music : Kalyanji-Anandji Tridev is a 1989 Indian film directed by Rajiv Rai. The movie is an action-packed saga of three men — Naseeruddin Shah, Sunny Deol and Jackie Shroff — standing up against a crime lord called Bhujang (played by Amrish Puri), who has plans to spread menace in the country. The three protagonists come from different walks of life with different stories but are connected by their gallantry, honesty and common hatred for Bhujang and his kin. The film was a blockbuster super hit after Ram Lakhan in 1989; it earned nearly 20 crores.
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Text Comments (124)
Kawal jeet Singh (1 month ago)
Great movie Great songs over all very nice performances by Crew members
Ram Senapati (5 months ago)
Guys I remember the Sunday rangoli
Ram Senapati (5 months ago)
Sonam is so charming..
Girish K K (8 months ago)
kamran khan Kotiya (10 months ago)
Nice song
Sonam is great actress
Dr.Aleem Quraishi (1 year ago)
Great song.
Dr. M M Audi (2 years ago)
From zaria, Nigeria. Loving Tridev.
India Utube (2 years ago)
This song and movie were superhit at that time..kids of my age used to say .. Oye Oye..Mummy soye,,bachcha roye...Kanda Pohe
Shalini Goel (2 years ago)
oye oye
Amit Bajpai (2 years ago)
still adorable.
Vikrant S. Sandav (2 years ago)
all time favorite song.. just awesome 🎼😘
Ayush Dubey (2 years ago)
Vishal Kumar (2 years ago)
Ash Tube (3 years ago)
I an watching this in 2016😃
Asim Dadan (3 years ago)
This song is a shameless ripoff of gloria estafan - rhythm is gonna get you.
BionicSamurai (3 years ago)
Gloria estefan rythem is gonna get u
samun omer (3 years ago)
Good song :) 😆
Prashant Sahni (3 years ago)
Used to listen to this song, eat dirt and push a tyre on road!
Sonia Shrestha (3 years ago)
Bloody retards, this is not the song which is remade in Azhar.. How can you ppl be so stupid 😂😂😂
Anod igdd (2 years ago)
+Sonia Shrestha afsgrx
completelynew009 (3 years ago)
@Sonia Shrestha I am very much referring to the other song. I don't teach anything to people who are incapable of learning. Nobody can.
Sonia Shrestha (3 years ago)
@completelynew009 not this one... it other song from the same movie.. and lol look 😂😂 who is teaching me about azhar 😂😂😂 B please go and search gajar ne kiya hai ishaara. This is a different song dumbass.
completelynew009 (3 years ago)
Of course the track in Azhar is a remake of this one. The movie is based on Sangeeta Bijlani (Azhar's ex-wife), who features in the original movie - "Tridev". Get your facts right before getting here and making statements.
Mandeep Baweja (3 years ago)
Hahah yes that is another song gazar ne kiya hai!
Revadewa1 (3 years ago)
people commenting about damage being undone and not realising this isnt the song from azhar 😂 that song is called 'gajar ne kia ishara'
Sonia Shrestha (3 years ago)
Exactly! 😂😂
Ali Raza (3 years ago)
that's not the song u people r listening to undone the damage done by azhar movie..that is another song from same movie tridev which has madhuri and sangeeta in it..this is the copy of Gloria's song rhythem will get you
Anil Negi (3 years ago)
New Oye Oye Mujhe Yaha Le Aaya Oye Oye :v =)) 😹
rafs (3 years ago)
I think everyone commenting after watching Azhar trailer. :P
Tarik Khan (3 years ago)
I am here to undone the damage which remake did in latest one.
Sonia Shrestha (3 years ago)
but this song was not remade dumbass 😂
Moshim The Intertainer (3 years ago)
Avishkar Dangat (3 years ago)
this song is also copied from Gloria Estefan : Rhythm gonna get you
Kiran Raut (3 years ago)
Agreed I just youtubed it.😫😩.
VickY BohRa SAwYeR (3 years ago)
watching it after listening azhar shitfull "oye - oye"..
Kiran Raut (3 years ago)
I am 30. But yet have not seen this movie. 😢
Star Lord (3 years ago)
This song saved my life from got a mild attack after listen new oye oye...from Azhar....
King Mansoor (3 years ago)
where is sangeeta bijlani
Siddhesh Joshi (3 years ago)
Came here after listening to Azhar song😛
Glitter S (3 years ago)
who came here after listening to azhar's oye oye? 😁
Dr.Aleem Quraishi (1 year ago)
Glitter S, still me too
Sonia Shrestha (3 years ago)
@Glitter S YouTube is made for every one ! But why wud fake accounts run for lives? 😂
Glitter S (3 years ago)
oh my god!!!! she is back again😨. Run for your lives!🏃🏃🏃🏃
Sonia Shrestha (3 years ago)
@Glitter S and btw this is the original one 😂😂😂
Glitter S (3 years ago)
+Sonia Shrestha You win! you w9on! 😂
emran khan chirana (3 years ago)
Traveling Chai (3 years ago)
hit like if azhar trailer brought u here :)
jitendra kumar (2 years ago)
xxx sent
gakkadguy (3 years ago)
+Rajath Rai No !!!! this song was famous way before Azhar.
Muhammad Hamza (3 years ago)
Sudarshan (3 years ago)
Wanted to listen once again after watching Azhar trailer
Petrovka Saitovic (2 years ago)
Sudarshan q
TheSuavemanner (3 years ago)
+Ahmad Sahar she's Sonam. Sangeeta is there but in gajar ne kiya hai ishara
namrata singh (3 years ago)
same here
Ahmad Sahar (3 years ago)
+loveamazingstuff12 sangeeta bijlani is the blue dress
Muhammad Hamza (3 years ago)
Muhammad Agafi (3 years ago)
This song is 1 year older than me! Still watching in 2016
ashish kherwal (3 years ago)
+lawan Agafi me too
rayan hayder (3 years ago)
Mon jany
Vinod Nair (3 years ago)
only the opening humming and some percursions lifted...good prelude and interlude by kalyanji anandji...Shame on Rajiv Rai,the director for making Viju Shah the composer/arranger to lift in tits and bits
Sudarshan (3 years ago)
I also thinks same
Sharon Deo (3 years ago)
Fatima Mookhtiar (4 years ago)
Mohammed Akbar (4 years ago)
In those days oye oye became every one's pet to draw attention
Rhyes2012 (4 years ago)
Yes ....."Rhythm is Gonna Get You" ........Gloria Estefan must be proud!! :D
Sonia Shrestha (3 years ago)
haha yes 😂
basar bulbul (4 years ago)
awesomèeeee...song 4m childhood.... bulbul
kawal singh (3 years ago)
+n00bGamer Bollywood on copy duty
n00bGamer (4 years ago)
Then search for "rhyme gonna get you" in YouTube :)
Jasu Manglani (4 years ago)
i like song
Ajmal Ansari (4 years ago)
my favorite song during childhood... :)
wasim dingankar (4 years ago)
yet another copy  from west
Shubham Rastogi (5 years ago)
hahaahaha Very nice song
Jamie Sra (5 years ago)
LOVE SEES NO AGE Sonam the beautiful actress in this  song brought a storm In Bollywood with her beauty and seductiveness. She once gave a fabulous statement in Stardust Magazine like this. "I can lay my finger on anybody in this film industry and get married". Yes she was right because she was so popular in those days. Many young men were falling for her but she fell for an aged film maker Rajeev Rai. She was near 18 when she married Rajeev Rai who was almost 40 and left Tinsel town forever.
natasha Les (5 years ago)
80's rock
nazia khatri (5 years ago)
nice song
sudhir vikram Bhargava (5 years ago)
Naseer looks like Desi cowboy . Thx .
Shazad Rohail (5 years ago)
awsome track
Sathish Kumar (5 years ago)
eureka as a surprise I came upon dhoom 3 complete film. you can see it type this to.ly\_HASH
iIrieVibez (5 years ago)
Nothing original here! Check out the real Gold:Gloria Estefan - Rhythm is Gonna Get You /watch?v=3A7CVrBFC7M It's sad, Bollywood used to be so musically original, and filled with inspiration, now it's as empty as it's movies.
Deep Cheema (5 years ago)
Old is gold
Virendra Jain (5 years ago)
Aamir Sohail (5 years ago)
I was born in 1989
farinaaz zulfekar (5 years ago)
I love this song so much!
MrGovi76 (6 years ago)
gloria estefan's song
jaideep tambe (6 years ago)
Yess AMit sir early 90's were the most golden period of my life...and today's songs as well as item songs especially r really pathetic...
AMIT TIWARI (6 years ago)
wat era was that
AMIT TIWARI (6 years ago)
heart touching music
sharif shareef (6 years ago)
PRESANTH RONO (6 years ago)
nice song

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