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Maxpedition Tactical Toiletry Bag

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A very cool bag, that doesn't get the attention it deserves. All the comforts of home anywhere in the world. Although not limited to bathroom items, it could be utilized as a kitchen module or part first aid kit. http://amzn.to/2mGygzW http://www.maxpedition.com/store/pc/Tactical-Toiletry-Bag-13p1430.htm
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Text Comments (72)
Clara Salaam (2 months ago)
Joie Mojica-Gahum (1 year ago)
nice bag but i prefer using my roadeavour!
Jon Paul (1 year ago)
Thank you, for sharing your your thoughts and experiences about this toiletry kit. As a result, I'm going buy one off of Amazon.
Purple Ash (2 years ago)
Where is the lantern from?
Grizzly Dave (2 years ago)
Nice bag. If you face lather you wouldn't need the bowl, though it could prove useful for other purposes in the field.
Rolando Riggio (2 years ago)
Thank you for making this video brotha!
kr0nakai (2 years ago)
does anyone know if you can strap this to a bag with mesh straps? thanks
Jeffrey Mac (2 years ago)
Great idea! Helped me a lot. Thanks for posting.
lonestarrider (3 years ago)
Very Cool! Great Review!
Jim Piper (3 years ago)
The first item I purchased from Maxpedition before I knew anything about the company or product name. I've had it and used it for several years and have found it an excellent choice for travel. The hook/strap arrangement the designers came up with is a terrific idea. However, an admonition re Maxpedition: WARNING! WARNING! Maxpedition products can be very habit forming and pose a great risk to your wallet. Else, Maxpedition makes terrific stuff.
GLADNEYJOYCE (3 years ago)
Click on my playlist we deal a cute womens toiletry bag it is great caliber leather type fabric. Perfect for your cosmetic and all your accessories.
Dave Lentz (3 years ago)
Great videos, made the decision to get the Tactical vs. the Aftermath easier. Thanks for your time.
Kanzee (3 years ago)
Excellent tips and tricks...love that PopCup for the Shaving...brilliant..gonna suggest that to my friends. Definitely gonna put Velcro on all my mirrors now..lol
Earl Grey (3 years ago)
Excellent. I've been looking around to upgrade my Dopp kit to take my wet shaving on the road. Most Dopp kits don't open up like this and you have to fish around for stuff. I'm getting one.
Griff (4 years ago)
I have the same bag and love it!
I have been looking for a toiletry bag for awhile now for when I go to a friend's house, camping, long trips, etc., but I didn't really want to get one of those gentleman's toiletry bags because they seemed a little flamboyant to me (lol), and I knew my friends would make fun of me. But as soon as I heard Maxpedition makes one, I was so glad and I am definitely buying one for myself. Thanks for the video!
Haikuku (5 years ago)
do you like this one better or the maxpedition aftermath toiletry bag better?
Will (5 years ago)
I need to take a tactical dump
Nerfball6 (5 years ago)
What a dissapointment. I almost purchased that bag until I realized how massive it actually is; and unfortunately the perspective on the video doesn't really show that. 13" wide is way too large for one person for camping or a bug out bag. I'd buy it in a second if they would scale it down to about 9 inches wide.
Deckard Shaw (5 years ago)
the eagle creek is exactly the same..... just looked it up.
CompuDude-KMan (5 years ago)
Nice review! I love Maxpedition gear, but I hope they bought (or licensed) the rights to use Eagle Creek's design, because this is truly exactly the same as my Eagle Creek toiletry bag from about 10 years ago. (They've redesigned very slightly, in the current version, but see their Wallaby bag to see how close these are.) Thicker cordura and different hanging hook (they added the QR buckle), otherwise identical.
Po Muddy (5 years ago)
sweet set up.. nice touch with ur mirror.
nathanlief (6 years ago)
wow great idea on the strop, great video
T. Greening (6 years ago)
A "Tactical" toiletry bag? Does it contain Tactical Toilet Paper? :) Nice vid and looks like a nice bag. I have a "civilian" version that's almost identical in design with the exception of the velcro, which I see as a definite improvement. Not meaning to bust chops, I just find it amusing these days how manufacturers will attach the term "tactical" to just about any damn thing.
raserei777 (6 years ago)
Really nice little kit. Might have to add one to my hiking pack.
Mauhadeeb28 (6 years ago)
Something about "tactical toiletry" doesn't seem right.
aznightrider (6 years ago)
That is exactly what I didn't know I needed.
Ryan draugr (7 years ago)
@beast12101 thanks man last year was my rookie year firefighting and i woulda been way better off had i watched your videos. thanks for the info
Wandering Beast (7 years ago)
@rqm420 seatosummit from rei
Ryan draugr (7 years ago)
whered you score that cool little telescoping cup at?
TheRiz52 (7 years ago)
Great review. I really like the mirror idea. Thanks.
Jimmy C. (7 years ago)
Excellent! This is one "shaving kit" you don't have to dig through trying to find your tooth brush, shaver, etc.. . you can see it all . . I've taken mine on at least 20 trips . . . it's perfect . . plenty of room . . great deals on eBay!
Vild Mark (7 years ago)
@ViolentKisses87 HAHA !! :D
TheGrayman1234 (7 years ago)
@ViolentKisses87 Best Toiletry Bag I have owned. It needs an outside handle, but works perfectly at the camp site. BTW, install a mirror in it using the velcro for sure.
GenKraid (7 years ago)
Great setup!
@2kargarage1 I can't wait to take a tactical shit with this bag
Wandering Beast (7 years ago)
@TheGrayman1234 nice
TheGrayman1234 (7 years ago)
Ordered mine yesterday along with the micro pocket organizer.
John Haisell (7 years ago)
Seems a little oversized
Wandering Beast (7 years ago)
@MrAlNguyen i use the seatosummit shaving flakes a lot, but I have also used JR Liggetts travel soaps
MrAlNguyen (7 years ago)
Thank you for your quick review for the toiletry bag. I am a safety razor shaver, and I love the idea of the Sea to Summit cup for shaving. What shaving lather do you use for traveling/camping?
Appalachian Freedom (7 years ago)
Very sharp setup sir...thanks for sharing!
Wandering Beast (7 years ago)
@Cr0cket20 thanks bud, I have only have it since Feb., but its looks brand new, Its been with me couch serving, traveling, i really like it
goldenscales (7 years ago)
@USFA45LC Thanks for that!
ewtoutdoors (7 years ago)
Nice video, thanks. The only limit would be your imagination with the bag. Take care and have a great day.
Wandering Beast (7 years ago)
@HawkLMT awesome
Wandering Beast (7 years ago)
@markshmily i know LA police gear usually has free shipping
305ssmonte (7 years ago)
Good review I will buy one.The mirror is a good idea.
Vild Mark (7 years ago)
"Tactical Toiletry Bag" LOL do maxpedition have Tactical baby carrier aswell ? :P
survivaleveryday (7 years ago)
Old man's travel bag, lol.
Wandering Beast (7 years ago)
@SoCalPreppers me too, how is that centurion working for you.
SoCals Preps (7 years ago)
Nice little bag, might make a great medical bag as well... Hello, My name is Socal, I am a Maxpedition Addict... LOL I need one... no two...well, maybe three LOL Thanks for the video bud!
Awesome Silver (7 years ago)
Nice bag
Eat Carbs Outdoors (7 years ago)
Interesting.. not sure I like the current price though... gotta be honest. Maybe if a sale rolls through or something... Great review though, thanks for posting.
HawkLMT (7 years ago)
Just got a different truck with lots of stowage spaces in the cab. Will have to be gettin' me a Maxpedition catalog.
IntenseAngler (7 years ago)
Cool bag....
goldenscales (7 years ago)
@USFA45LC Lol! Now that I can understand!
agun17 (7 years ago)
For when you have a tactical call of nature.
Wandering Beast (7 years ago)
@USFA45LC Its there name not mine ;)
KevinMichaelMichael (7 years ago)
thanks for the heads -up beast, stay safe when you get called into action.
MrMonkey Man50 (7 years ago)
@rooftopeagle Check out TheUrbanPrepper's channel. He is doing a series on the nook (and has a review of why the nook over the Kindle). No one right answer, but he has put a lot of thought into these types of issues. As you point out, it's a digital revolution!
MrMonkey Man50 (7 years ago)
@goldenscales You can get it in OD. :o)
MrMonkey Man50 (7 years ago)
Ha! One of those slots should have tactical TP! LOL! Good review, thanks for doing it!
goldenscales (7 years ago)
Good bag, Beast, and good toiletry articles. But why 'Tactical' in the name? It seems to me that everything has to have the word 'tactical' in it or someone will be afraid it won't sell. How is this bag tactical in military matters?
hinckleypoland (7 years ago)
me likey!!
CampfireTalk (7 years ago)
Seriously nice review Beast! Leave it to you to showcase gear that know one else is talking about & nice tip with the scrubber pad.
hhjklmc (7 years ago)
Are beast and cutlerylover the same person?
303Nomad (7 years ago)
Good job Beast. Was looking for something exactly like this. Just ordered one. Oh, and an MPB for a diaper bag too!
Troop66Guide (7 years ago)
how did u get into straight shaving, i was looking into it but its pretty expensive to get started, do u kno of a place where u can get a kit tht comes with a brush, soap, stone, strop, and razor, that is actually quality and isnt to expensive
TheGrayman1234 (7 years ago)
Thanks for the look beast.
Wandering Beast (7 years ago)
@Urbanwild1 not yet, my Co, stays in the NW mostly
cheeseshoes (7 years ago)
you should add one of those small kleenex packets, i know bears dont s**t in the woods but you'll have to
Ryan L (7 years ago)
they have some nice gear but considering where its made I believe the charge far too much

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