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MR EW (2 months ago)
How long was your trip? And did the travel size toothpaste last long? Im.planning a month long trip overseas and wondering if i should buy two of each travel size items..
Eileen Webb (9 months ago)
I was wondering why you would bring two toothpaste tubes. The last time I checked, Canada also sells toothpaste in its shops. Is your toothpaste hard to find or do you have to order it online? Safe Journies!!!
HarrLable (2 years ago)
Reid low key sounds like Justin Timberlake
WANDERLUSTYLE (2 years ago)
HarrLable haha never really thought of that!
CHANDLER (2 years ago)
Hey, I really like your video and I've come to show some support, I've dropped you a sub so I can keep up with your cool content. we make similar content, why not check my channel out? keep up the good work :)
William Pelizzari (2 years ago)
Serching for CANON 5D mark iv, your video appears. Nothing related. Disliked.
WANDERLUSTYLE (2 years ago)
William Pelizzari that's what we use for photography but this video (title is there) is definitely not a review or focused on that camera.

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