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Is the Peak Design WASH POUCH the best toiletry bag in the market? | The Travel Line Kickstarter

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🔶 COUPON CODE INSIDE: Peak Design is shipping the Travel Line now so get your orders in: https://goingawesomeplaces.com/peak-design-travel-line and use code FORTHEW to get $10 off your order of $100 or more. 💥The first thing I'd like to focus on is the Peak Design wash pouch that is one of the items part of the 45L Travel Backpack bundle in the Travel Line. This is essentially a toiletry bag but built to Peak Design's thorough design and with usability and versatility in mind. This is my detailed review of the pouch and how it stacks up with others in the market. Subscribe here: https://goaw.pl/AwesomeTube ⁉️HAVE QUESTIONS? This is probably the most important of all - ASK your questions down below so I know what to focus on in my upcoming videos! 💲PRICING Wash Pouch - $48 Kickstarter; MSRP $60 🔵 SEA TO SUMMIT TOILETRY BAG - https://goingawesomeplaces.com/seatosummittoiletry 🗺️MAP FEATURED IN THE VIDEO - https://goingawesomeplaces.com/palomar-pin-world 📸 WHAT GEAR DO I USE? ▶ The Do-Everything Camera - http://goingawesomeplaces.com/omdem1mk2 ▶ Super Wide Lens - http://goingawesomeplaces.com/olympus7-14 ▶ All Purpose Lens - http://goingawesomeplaces.com/olympus12-40 ▶ Super Zoom Lens - http://goingawesomeplaces.com/olympus40-150 ▶ Camera Mic - http://goingawesomeplaces.com/rodevideomic ▶Primary tripod - https://goingawesomeplaces.com/siruit024x 🔆 LOOKING FOR MORE? ▶ BLOG - http://goingawesomeplaces.com ▶ SUBSCRIBE - http://goaw.pl/AwesomeTube Produced, filmed & edited by Will Tang Music via epidemicsound.com 🛫 TRAVEL MORE ▶ Insurance: 🇨🇦http://goingawesomeplaces.com/kanetixtravelca and 🇺🇸https://goingawesomeplaces.com/allianz-travel-insurance ▶ Hotels (get $40 discount): http://goingawesomeplaces.com/booking-com ▶ Flights: http://goingawesomeplaces.com/skyscanner ▶ Airbnb (get a new account to get free $36 credit): http://goingawesomeplaces.com/airbnb-free-credit 🤘 LET'S CONNECT! Instagram: https://instagram.com/goingawesomeplaces Twitter: https://twitter.com/goawesomeplaces Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/goawesomeplaces Facebook: https://facebook.com/goingawesomeplaces #peakdesign #findyourpeak #travelgear
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Going Awesome Places (9 months ago)
What's your current favourite toiletry bag that you use for your travels? What makes it good? Do you think the Peak Design Wash Pouch is going fit your needs and are you going to pick it up? You would be amazing if you could subscribe to the channel at https://goaw.pl/AwesomeTube. More videos coming out!
KomalC Pure leather is awesome. PD felt clumsy n bulky and overthought product. I am doubling it as a tech pouch for my second kit
blondre3000 (19 days ago)
Good god that thing is way too big
Ben Zo (1 month ago)
Nope, the Dopp from HEIMPLANET is sexier by far!
Going Awesome Places (1 month ago)
Sweet let me check that out.
RVing Live The Dream (1 month ago)
nice review. looks bulky. the orange bag looks better. RVing across the country I need to think small. thanks for the video.
Going Awesome Places (1 month ago)
You're welcome!!
themahonster (2 months ago)
Peak design does use great materials. However they tend to make things more bulky then they need to be. The travel backpack is way too big and you end up looking like a turtle. Too boxy of a bag. If you are gonna make a 45L bag the materials need some give. Also I wish peak design would combine the everyday backpack with the travel bag and make an everyday travel bag that is normal size so that it looks good when wearing it. Too many companies making these huge bags instead of making normal size bags and just adding more outside pockets.
Going Awesome Places (2 months ago)
Thanks for stopping by! I definitely agree in terms of the bags' bulkiness and that it could be slimmed down although it's one of those thing where they'd have to give up something. The other side of things is that I do like the rigidity of the bags that I feel provides more protection. Now in terms of an everyday travel bag, I'm guessing you're thinking about a cross between the 30L Everyday Backpack and the 45L Travel Backpack. I wonder if a 35L will be in the works down the road??
pepitoaus (3 months ago)
Your animation is fantastic! Thumbs up just for that! :D
Going Awesome Places (3 months ago)
Chris Gallagher (4 months ago)
I agree that it is too bulky, but if I was going on a long trip I could see it’s usefulness. I believe the exterior was designed to hold just a shaving razor so that is why it is shallow.
Going Awesome Places (4 months ago)
For my latest trip I actually tried to put my electric toothbrush in there and with the head off, I was able to make it fit so that's another way you can use the exterior pocket.
Gregory Chen (4 months ago)
I find Peak Design stuff over engineer even the most basic items just to justify their prices. I have a Deuter wash pouch that I've been all over the world to and hung on whatever available surface no problem. One look at this toiletry bag in person and immediately I see the hook as the problem. Next!
Going Awesome Places (4 months ago)
@drizlax Nice I'll check out the Topo and I've heard about the Bellroy wallets but haven't looked at any of their other gear. Thanks for dropping by!!
drizlax (4 months ago)
Going Awesome Places you’ll like the sling .. I don’t spend too much time wearing it . It’s just something I put my camera or drone in , then throw it on the car . It’s built really well , hard shell is awesome for protection . I actually had the 10L sling first , it was too big so I never used it . I ended up selling it (broke even thankfully) and got the 5L, much better option for me . The field pouch is going to have to go also . I have a pouch from bellroy , another from Incase , some other ones from Topo design . I actually use a micro Topo design pouch as my wallet (not sure how that happened but it’s awesome 😂) The field pouch is too stiff . I have big hands as well and hate putting anything in there , maybe that’s the problem ? There are better options out there for what it’s supposed to do . The bellroy pouch is a an absolute masterpiece . It’s solid but can be opened wide and it holds a lot of crap . Anyway , keep the posts coming . Great work !! ✌🏼
Going Awesome Places (4 months ago)
@drizlax Thanks for leaving your thoughts here! I agree that not all the products are going to hit the sweet spot for everyone's usage but appreciate them trying to think about how travellers and creators work. In terms of the field pouch, I used to use it to just hold miscellaneous things but with all the different pockets that the Travel Backpack has, I don't really need it anymore. The toiletry bag I've used on a number of trips now and I have to agree that it's just a bit too large. I'm going to have to go with my smaller one from now on I think. The 5L sling I just got - awesome!
drizlax (4 months ago)
Through my experiences with Peak Design , I’ve always summed them up as ; hit and miss .. this Dopp kit is overkill to say the least fir me !! It’d take up way too much space in my backpack .. I honestly just buy toiletries at my destination . On a recent trip to Thailand , I literally only brought sunscreen with me .. I bought deodorant , tooth paste and a toothbrush up there . The resort had everything else I needed (I actually didn’t even need to buy the toothbrush because they had em in the rooms😂) On the way back to Oz the chick at airport security threw my deodorant can in the bin, I was so tired I didn’t protest . Peak designs: hit and miss . They have some wonderful products like the 5L sling that I use often , the camera strap and hand strap that I use . I did buy the field pouch and that’s just sat in my wardrobe since I bought it ; I don’t know what to use it for ? Anyway : great editing and review ! To each their own .. ✌🏼
Going Awesome Places (4 months ago)
You definitely have a point there! This was probably my least favourite product out of the whole line and even through my own testing I've encountered more issues with it so you're definitely not wrong in terms of over-engineering.
quotidianlight (4 months ago)
I love the design of the wash pouch and if a company came out with a similar accordion design in lighter materials and smaller I'd me all over it.
Going Awesome Places (4 months ago)
I've really fallen in love with this accordion design although I'd say more-so on the tech pouch side of things if I were to compare the two. But yes I totally agree - lighter, smaller, and more minimalist-friendly would have me all over it too :)
Matt Cahill (4 months ago)
I have the same trouble with getting the hook in and out of its stow pocket. Mine has so little slack I can't even really twist it round. I contacted peak design and they said it's normal and they hadn't heard of anyone else with the same issue so it's good to hear you bring up the same point.
Going Awesome Places (4 months ago)
Okay phew so it's not just me either. I did reach out to Peak Design about it as well and they said that the stow method that I show is the intended way to put it back in so we're not crazy!!
Duane Rollo (5 months ago)
I have one of these wash pouches and I like the design, but it is too big for me, probably twice as big as I need. I put a first aid kit into one side to fill it up.
Going Awesome Places (5 months ago)
Yeah I have to agree, it's larger than it needs to be especially if you're trying to go minimal.
makanimike (6 months ago)
The stuff you bring seems like the opposite of minimal. Soooo much stuff! I feel like the PD is a great toiletry bag, but a terrible travel toiletry bag. The many pockets are gonna be a pain in the ass when going through airport security. I have ended up using a pain, single compartment toiletry dopp kit into which I drop my clear zip lock bag. This system allows super speedy passage of security.
djjohnson75 (5 months ago)
makanimike I agree - I travel a lot for work and use a separate quart sized clear travel bag for all of my liquids. I don’t see how TSA would allow liquids stored individually in this PD bag, unless you’re checking your bag.
makanimike (6 months ago)
@Going Awesome Places that's too much work for me lol. I have a single compartment bag (it came free with a Clinique for Men Travel Kit). In that I have my non liquid items, and I drop my clear bag of liquids in it. I got one of those heavy duty plastic bags from the drug store, not a regular zip lock. Come security area I can open my suitcase, grab the toiletry bag without having to pamper it, and then place it in my tray for the X-ray.
Going Awesome Places (6 months ago)
It's my standard travel kit - sure I could bring a little less but it's my compromise between minimalist and comfort. While yes I could travel with just a ziplock bag, that's also a bit of a pain to travel with especially when you want to get something quickly without digging your fingers in to find the right thing or just outright pulling everything out. That said, depending on which airports you frequently go through, you might need to (especially London) but even if I travel through LHR, I just know to have a ziplock bag handy for flying and then when I'm on the road again, I just transfer everything back to a toiletry bag like this one or perhaps the Sea to Summit.
soundofenigma (8 months ago)
Now I know the next pouch I'm gonna use for my Nintendo Switch and its accessories
drizlax (4 months ago)
Going Awesome Places really ? Have you tried putting your switch into it . I’ve been looking for a nicer pouch (than the cheap arse amazon one I have atm) .. this is a dumb question - would it fit the dock too ?
Going Awesome Places (8 months ago)
It's the perfect size for it actually!
ImagineerCam (8 months ago)
Is the sea to summit toiletry bag in this video the small size?
Going Awesome Places (1 month ago)
wytefoxx (1 month ago)
Yes, it's small size
Jake C (8 months ago)
Yeaaaa that outer pocket is designed for your shaver so small hairs won't come in contact with the contents in the main compartment.
W.D. Callahan (8 months ago)
So how does it fit inside the pack? I'm assuming this replaces one of the small cube?
Going Awesome Places (8 months ago)
For the wash pouch, I kind of just put it either vertically or horizontally on top of my small camera cube. Or I put it right beside the camera cube. Check out my latest video about comparing the 45L to the 20L (part 1) and 30L (part 2)
Gearology (8 months ago)
Can’t you fit the Sonicare if you separate the brush head?
Going Awesome Places (8 months ago)
Ah hah! That's brilliant lol! Not sure why I didn't think about that as I never pack my electric toothbrush with me but yes just tried it and all of it just fits.
walli546 (8 months ago)
Does your electric razor fit into the front pocket?
walli546 (8 months ago)
@Going Awesome Places yeah it would be nice to have a separate compartment without needing to carry another bag
Going Awesome Places (8 months ago)
I know! Like I said, I wish they made the pocket a little deeper because that would totally eliminate the need for me to use a carrying case for it. The shave bits get ALL over the place right?
walli546 (8 months ago)
@Going Awesome Places hm what a pitty... i have a similar shaver. Awesome video btw :D
Going Awesome Places (8 months ago)
I just tested it with the Braun electric shaver that I have and that's a no unfortunately. The widest part of the shaver is just a smidge too wide for me to close the zipper.
SnapClik (9 months ago)
Hey, Any interest in hosting a Toronto Peak Design Travel line meetup? I pre ordered but it would be cool to check it out in person.
SnapClik (8 months ago)
Let me know!
Going Awesome Places (8 months ago)
You know what, maybe after the Kickstarter is done, I'll see what I can work up with PD. It'd be amazing if they could sponsor a mini-event of sorts. Perhaps even do it at a camera store?
SnapClik (9 months ago)
Not really. I'm a rare Pokemon :(
Going Awesome Places (9 months ago)
Didn't know you were located in Toronto! Yeah I might be open for that if there are enough people that are interested. Do you know many backers in the city or people interested in backing it?
SnapClik (9 months ago)
This was great! Can you link the other toiletry bag you were talking about?
Going Awesome Places (9 months ago)
No worries! Enjoy :)
SnapClik (9 months ago)
Ahh Must have missed it, thanks!
Going Awesome Places (9 months ago)
It's actually in the description! It's under Sea to Summit Toiletry bag and has a link in there.
Dany Houde (9 months ago)
Interesting concept for this pouch. Love the map in the background and the timelapse shots! Definitely working those video editing skills Will!
Going Awesome Places (9 months ago)
Thanks Dany! What do you currently use for your toiletry bag?

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