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The World's Highest-Paid Models 2017

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The World's Highest-Paid Models 2017 by Forbes.com Models in this video: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Liu Wen, Ashley Graham, Bella Hadid, Gisele Bündchen, Chrissy Teigen, Karlie Kloss, Kendall Jenner, Adriana Lima, Gigi Hadid Video credits: Sports Illustrated Michael Kors Dior W Magazine Bottega Veneta Vogue Italia UGG Balmain Stuart Weitzman Victoria's Secret Love Magazine Dolce & Gabbana Harpers Bazaar Music: "Wall Street" by Mike Stud
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A FASHION (9 months ago)
Since a lot of people are asking for the music , the song name is "Wall Street" by Mike Stud. I have put together a playlist on Soundcloud and also on Spotify where you can find tracks that I use in my videos https://soundcloud.com/anna-davidsson/sets/a-fashion-playlist https://open.spotify.com/user/weloveyoursound/playlist/5EcH2FgDpRFgAigQgRGYJB?si=mXXSdmbOSqKqeY0QWpTzMQ
m. mache (2 months ago)
You can always mail me on : [email protected]
m. mache (2 months ago)
Honey I don't know ist you are who is written that or a comment of some one I hardly seeny you since the first time we spoke if it's you its you its fine but I can see you like you have been desstres for a resons of your private life I can only edvicd you if you are happy with that or you wanted to talk about thomting blinds it's okay for me I'm strong and plus lots more. .? Reply if you are happy if you not no need to reply I'm songs writer and singers Actors and politics writer thank you. Mo RAAD Artists and judges on YouTube. ? Mo
xxxnaughtydevil (2 months ago)
Music doesn't fit.... Were not talking stock! Talking models....
m. mache (2 months ago)
Thanks for all your comments general public please curry on comments on YouTube Seleberity. Mo?
m. mache (2 months ago)
Honey for the second day I haven't seen you I hope everything fine with you you can ask me eny Question you wish about eny thing I did study madical political songs writer plus lots more of my life time going thank best wishes you can keep it for yourself if you want too. Mo RAAD Artists and judges on YouTube.
Miki Pav (15 hours ago)
Nr. 1, 3 and the hadids are a disgrace for the modelling world.
video X (4 days ago)
Nice video
The Hadids and Kendall on the runway look like they are going to buy nuggets
Ok that's enough internet Time to watch Naomi's catwalk now
Neha Sinha (7 days ago)
Adriana serving viiiiibes ooof♥️
Alexander Afxendiou (8 days ago)
All models are soulless clones synthetic Humans Androids robotoids organic robotoids
BLUE PANTHER (8 days ago)
22 million is nothing compared to her other sisters. And the fact that she is the highest paid model is not that surprising. Maybe it refers to the product that they sell or there partnership with other companies
그냥지나쳐 (9 days ago)
15 teen (10 days ago)
Editing 😘😘😘😘😘😘❤❤❤
starchild (18 days ago)
most models are ugly no nice body and aurora etc fake butt implants and plastic surgery n makeup!
Vaishali Kulkarni (18 days ago)
I love Kendall
Zeuses Coven (18 days ago)
How's Chrissy tiegan a model she does fucking nothing
Kristy Yonclas (19 days ago)
Kendall Jenner is an insult to this list.. I'm so sick of the Kardashian's
Really ? Kendall Jenner is the First (The Number One ) ? Please!! las Hadid are more Beautiful and elegant and more atractive ,
Monique Walker (20 days ago)
Very impressive congratulations to all you ladies👏😉
Monique Walker (20 days ago)
These girls make bankkk!!!!!!👏
Junwiel Luzgano (22 days ago)
How about duckie thot
Hanai Eilish (22 days ago)
Bella Hadid has really pretty eyes
morning star (23 days ago)
Oh the world is ending soon..
Shivangi Sharma (23 days ago)
Highest paid for exactly what? I don't get it.
Roberta Continni (24 days ago)
Bella haddid,quer ser minha amiga?
Muhd Azmi (25 days ago)
kendall is so ugly
Ken bats (26 days ago)
Kendall? Damn
Devangi Machhar (27 days ago)
Kendell Jenner and Gigi Hadid
Bipasha Akter Bithi (27 days ago)
0.07 the bad girl🤣🤣she showing her breast
m. mache (28 days ago)
The world hgyest paid models girls your fashions styles designed colors conffy silky smooth remarkable quality new York London Paris Italian style love it public sector voted 200k like each style 200k like every models congratulations to you by mo RAAD Artists and judges on YouTube International? Mo
Sandra Van Der Biezen (29 days ago)
💖 kendall very beautyfull 👏👏
x Jemosy. (29 days ago)
N1 has small tits and no ass
Dylan d (1 month ago)
U used worst videos for karlie
Dylan d (1 month ago)
Karlie is no 7 she should be in top 3 and what is John legend wife doing up there
Tychus Major (1 month ago)
I'm not gonna follow thru
amethyst dawn (1 month ago)
Kendall looks like a wet noodle on the runway lol
vigneshwari srinivasan (1 month ago)
Watch in playback speed of 1.5...... thank me later
Gennie Deckssar (1 month ago)
Adriana Lima , Barbara palvin, cara, Naomi should be there In the top 4 and not these nepotism celebrities
aly nacario (1 month ago)
Damn Liu the hottest asian
Vanessa Jimenez (1 month ago)
How about vika levina?
zyrilrian galontare (1 month ago)
Yeah, Maureen is the most beautiful.
TIffanyrose Angeles (1 month ago)
No no Kendall over Giselle? Bribery.....😡😡😡😡😡😡
da ne (1 month ago)
I wonder if they are smart enough to build contract portfolio to bring in to your banker, and get loan for home/property?
Rocker Gyu (1 month ago)
KENDALL 😍😍😍😍😍😍
R Dudley (1 month ago)
Beautiful ladies beyond my paygrade
damaris Ndoria (1 month ago)
Why are a lot of people commenting on Kendall. Sounds jealous
Aditi Magesh (3 days ago)
Hun just look at her walk. It's bad
some weirdfeeling (1 month ago)
Cause she became a model just because she is rich and she wanted to. Her walks aren't good tho and there are a lot of models better than she, but they didn't born rich
Victoria Adusei (1 month ago)
what about the dark skinned models?
Victoria Adusei (1 month ago)
cmtangiiti89 ...oh
cmtangiiti89 (1 month ago)
Obviously, they are not paid as much -_-
Bonks49G K (1 month ago)
Where is Tyra? She isn't doing runways currently, but she is an incredibly high paid model.
Vergel Cirera (1 month ago)
Where is Naomi
Eliza (1 month ago)
I’m sorry where is Candice Swanepoel she earns 7 million
Thank u next (1 month ago)
$22.000.000 yas Kenny that's huge
Esteban Flores (1 month ago)
You forgot #6
Kamiah C (1 month ago)
And jeffrey gets paid 150 million 😂😂
Brandon V (1 month ago)
I can sense there entitlement and there shallowness through this video. Fuck them
hemmoindaeyo (1 month ago)
wow surprised to see Liu Wen here! the only asian model on the list
Ahja Mowell (1 month ago)
David Valerio (1 month ago)
Wheres Naomi Campbell she's richer than all of them
AAA (2 months ago)
The reading comprehension skills in this comment section are sketchy at best.
Belinda Ali (2 months ago)
Look like trannys.
Mai (2 months ago)
I don’t know w you think but I hate Kendall, she became famous because of her fam and instagram and isn’t a “real model” Besides she promotes fur
Maria Ezzi (2 months ago)
All these women might turn me lesbian 😂😂😂
maki rodriguez (2 months ago)
KENDALL, HADID SISTERS- highest paid but definitely lowest quality.
m. mache (2 months ago)
Thanks for all your comments on YouTube Seleberity top higher paid models love you. Mo judges
m. mache (2 months ago)
The highest paid models in the world the remarkable body's fashion styles design Hollywood style London Paris Italian girls I love you all your beauty eyelashes eye brow lipsticks superb linings perfect public sector voted 200k like Congratulations by mo RAAD Artists and judges on YouTube. ? Mo judges.
m. mache (2 months ago)
WOW WOW WOW INCREDIBLE fashion styles beauty design presentation conffy love it great video public sector voted 100k like each congratulations by mo RAAD Artists and judges on YouTube. Mo?
Melody Myers (2 months ago)
What is it to gain the whole world and lose your soul!
diy lover (2 months ago)
I just put on heels, played this song strutted around the living room feeling like a queen. I love being home alone 😂
Шлюхи одним словом!!!!!!!!!!!🚼🚼🚼🚼🚼🚼🚼🚼⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️
Вот это Вымя !!!!Я бы Ей вставил меж сисек собственный кожаный штырь!!!!!!!!🚼🚼🚼🚼🚼🚼🚼⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️
mriam (2 months ago)
Is this in a year or monthe
Alice Cormier (2 months ago)
This video is calling me ugly in 7840 languages
yzarCgnikcuFmi (2 months ago)
nice intro
m. mache (2 months ago)
The highest paid model in the world my darling friends you are looking Absolutely stunning gorgeous sparkling beautiful charming makeups hugs beauty eyelashes eye brow lipsticks superb linings perfect love it public sector voted 300k like Congratulations by I'm not Stranger's mo judges on YouTube Artists singer Actors. Mo
m. mache (2 months ago)
The 40 royal family prinssece Diana prinssece Catherine prinssece Meghan prinssece Charlotte and the most high paid model in the world and Taylor Swift kendall top Artists in the world I love you girls you are looking Absolutely stunning gorgeous sparkling beautiful charming remarkable baby Ariana grande I love you too Shakira huge one of the top Artists singer's public sector voted 300k like each congratulations by I'm not Stranger's to the Royal family x mo judges on YouTube and Artists singer Actors International Congratulations. Mo
Navi Ossaj (2 months ago)
Where’s Cara Delevingne!!!!!
Michael Lawrence (2 months ago)
What is that garbage that they're playing in the background
Franz Bi (2 months ago)
Can you do highest paid supermodels.
Faizan Ch (2 months ago)
Gisele Adriana ❤️.. Why is kendall on top wtf
Savannah Jiggets (2 months ago)
Faizan Ch because she is part of the Kardashians and they are famous
Jason Stokes (2 months ago)
All the models are amazing but one!!! Kendal Jenner wish they would just go away..
Eileen Kauffman (2 months ago)
Chrissu Teigen has the weirdest face!!
busy bee (2 months ago)
even i feel annoyed that kandel is most paid for doing so less than others..i wonder how other models feel..💔
jeanne d'eau (2 months ago)
Paid millions for what? What a disgusting and unfair world!
Nexxt Lai (2 months ago)
Kendal ? Really ?
Priszena Bandeira (2 months ago)
Don't worry guys...these girls will never be a legend because to be a legend you really need to be one of the best in your craft...cough cough Naomi Campbell.
0:05 WooW 😍💖
Ed Vhong (2 months ago)
Candice Swanepoel should be there!
La tribu Astrale (2 months ago)
*Adriana should be the first one. She's the best !*
chahat modgil (2 months ago)
chahat modgil (2 months ago)
Barbara Palvin?
charlotte Wu (2 months ago)
Yay Liu Wen!!!
sony s (2 months ago)
Bella hadid sucks😣😣
As Al (2 months ago)
Where is my icon Alessandra Ambrosio?? ☹️
de mi (2 months ago)
Bella hadid? Really? Are you kidding me? Bella not supermodel... gigi carrier make everything easy for her... lol
P.Q Morik (1 month ago)
de mi bella’s salary has increased, why gigi still the same, so i don’t know why ..
Adory Petrocelli (2 months ago)
Excellent video, besides the beautiful women. My 8 year old is on the path of becoming a professional model. She’s on TV and does modeling, please subscribe to our page if you want some laughs and cuteness mixed in one😊
Jeong Woon Lee (2 months ago)
Can Liu wen be the host of asias next top model??? We wanted Cindy To be replaced.. Shes so biased...
Jr Aircon (2 months ago)
Wtf kendal highest paid model???
Tinofara (2 months ago)
i love this, I just did a reaction video of all her most ICONIC runway walks. Check it out on my channel :)
I'm sad. I don't meet the prerequisites needed to even try auditioning for a model. Those defined standards honestly piss me off. I can't be something I want to. It's sad.
L M (2 months ago)
Screw jenner
rakesh gautam (2 months ago)
kendall is super model just because of her beauty and famousness I guess she is most famous model
Yobaida Moreira (2 months ago)
Am I the only obw who doesn't find Kendall Jenner pretty or attractive
- Social Anxiety - (2 months ago)
Jeez Kendall was born into a rich and famous family that’s probably how she became successful quickly
Lana Bella (3 months ago)
Kendall is so undeserving of her title & job.

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