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♥Open for more♥ Hiiii, I hope you guys enjoyed!!!! xxxxxx SOCIAL MEDIAS: Intsagram: @ronnigallegos Twitter: @ronni_gallegos Snapchat: ronnigallegos Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/Rdoggydog/ Q&A: How old are you? I am 19 What do you use to film/edit? Sony A5100 mirrorless camera and iMovie. (I used to use an iPhone 5s and the iMovie app) How do you edit your thumbnails? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdQoIItOhp4&t=15s---------------- ► Any video ideas, questions, or just want to chat? Leave them in the comments below or DM me on Instagram! ------------------- ► If you are a company/ PR that would like to sponsor me and/ or have me review your product(s), please feel free to send me an email to [email protected] ! --------------- ✲This is not a sponsored video, all opinions are my own ✲I do not own any of the music in this video
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Text Comments (67)
Amari and Anniya (9 months ago)
i love how u do ur makeup😍😍
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
Amari and Anniya thank you!!!
Bhoomika Patel (9 months ago)
love the eyeshadow! can you please film a tutorial on it?
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
Bhoomika Patel totally girl!!!
Ernestine Perez (9 months ago)
Ronni what lip combo did you have on in the video
Emily Rodriguez (9 months ago)
Yassssss queen 😍
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
Emily Rodriguez ❤️❤️❤️
Lauren Zama (9 months ago)
that 17 year old glass skin
Rayz of Rem (9 months ago)
😍😍bruh that pop up shop looks so good 💕💕
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
Rayz of Rem RIGHT!?
Amia Dawson (9 months ago)
OMG YES!! We love a summer vlogging sister
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
Amia Dawson ❤️❤️❤️
Arshpreet Garcha (9 months ago)
So gorgeous !
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
Arshpreet Garcha thank you💖
Mizzle Baaby (9 months ago)
loved the vlog and i really enjoyed this vlog. i wish i went
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
Mizzle Baaby thank you! 💖
Lysandra Roman (9 months ago)
What’s your lipstick called!! 😍😍
Lysandra Roman (9 months ago)
Aw thanks
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
Lysandra Roman lip liner by NYX in urban cafe
Caitlyn Felina (9 months ago)
Ronni Rae that is a sin!!!!
Rebecca Thomas (9 months ago)
I ❤️Rikki. She is so awesome and sweet.
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
Rebecca Thomas she really is❤️❤️
samantha emily (9 months ago)
I love how Rikki showed herself getting ready, she’s so cute 💗✨
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
samantha emily ❤️❤️❤️
Meep Meep (9 months ago)
How tall are you?
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
Jonathan Nguyen im like 5'6
Kayla Salgado (9 months ago)
i like the vlogs
Kayla Salgado (9 months ago)
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
Kayla Salgado ❤️❤️
tiff !! (9 months ago)
ronni, please tell me you did a makeup tutorial on that look!!!! it looks amazing! also more vlogs pleasseee :(
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
tiff !! I didn't 😩😩😩 BUT I will vlog more!!!
CAROLINE L. (9 months ago)
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
thedustwillsettle (9 months ago)
You didn't show what you ended up buying😭 but i loved it!
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
thedustwillsettle I didn't get anything😅 but thank you!
Abigail Santos (9 months ago)
AHHH!! it's so cute in there! I need to go now lol
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
Abigail Santos girlllll i was obsessed 😍
Kamden Grigsby (9 months ago)
Could you plz do more softball vids? 😘⚾
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
Kamden Grigsby totally girl!!!
marieee24 (9 months ago)
you girls are literally soooo prettyyyy! 🤩♥️
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
Wendy Flores aw thank you❤️❤️❤️
Shyla Snyder (9 months ago)
Soooo much fun!!! Jealous!!! I would’ve been screaming with you ☺️😂😂💕💕💕
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
ShylaS ❤️❤️❤️
Christina Gonzalez (9 months ago)
I love the Kardashians too! Nice vlog!
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
Christina Gonzalez thank you!!!
Melanie Miller (9 months ago)
you and your sister are sooo pretty omg!
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
Melanie Miller aw thank you! ❤️
yodahchronicles (9 months ago)
This is so cool! 🙌🏾♥️
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
yodahchronicles ❤️❤️❤️
Martha Gallegos (9 months ago)
Rikki is friggen hilarious🤣
Azy Vogue (9 months ago)
What lashes did you wear?
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
Azy Vogue koko lashes in style Gigi!
Maribel Baez (9 months ago)
What lip color are you using? Makeup tutorial plz
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
Maribel Baez nyx lip liner in urban cafe and then a VS lipgloss on top!
alexa theresa (9 months ago)
you’re so pretty and i love you and your videos 😍❤️❤️❤️
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
Alexa C thank you! ☺️
Mariah Stretches (9 months ago)
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
Mariah Stretches hiiiii!
Natasha Hernandez (9 months ago)
Will you pls make a room tour ! BTW, you're very beauriful 💖
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
Natasha Hernandez totally!!! And thank you! ☺️
Matt Masuda (9 months ago)
loved it. and you'll get used to carrying around a camera the more you vlog.
Matt Masuda (9 months ago)
Ronni Rae you’re welcome. Ps. Hahaha im a dude.
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
Matt Masuda thank you!! And true!!
Tamara Hernandez (9 months ago)
Queen ❤
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
Tamara Hernandez ❤️❤️❤️
Random Person (9 months ago)
Love this!
Ronni Rae (9 months ago)
thank you!! xxxxx

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