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Victoria's Secret - Making of an Angel

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Find out what it takes to be an a Victoria's Secret Angel. The Victoria Secret Fashion Show airs November 30, at 10pm only on CBS.
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Chiharu nightcore's (1 day ago)
Ok I always wanted To be a Victoria secret model but no way these ppl r assholes 😩
peacesuwus (1 day ago)
I really want to be a model but I’m a bit scared that I don’t fit the requirements.
Idk Anymore (3 days ago)
Gem Apale- Jeppesen (4 days ago)
Who cares?! What is right proportion anyway?😛
Armando Sanchez (6 days ago)
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Armando Sanchez (6 days ago)
Sepia Photograph Dogs
Armando Sanchez (6 days ago)
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Mad Cat (8 days ago)
The fiction industry.XD
Zena Levay (9 days ago)
im as skinny as them and even i can say they need some food
Addie-Eileen Paige (10 days ago)
What a meat market!!!!!
coco (12 days ago)
I wish I was tall enough to become a mode I'm 5'1 so there's zero hope and I was born with a dream to become a model wtf
Blue Ballet (13 days ago)
"every girl wants to do it" NOT ME
BabyGurlllmmeb xx (14 days ago)
I wanna be a model so bad. People ask me do I model. But my body isn't like theirs. I'm curvy around my hips but my stomach is skinny, and I don't see girls like that on there run way tho😕. Making me self conscious.
This was in 2010. 19 years have changed the standards. They have more curvy and “plus sized” models now. Though the plus size don’t look plus size. They look more toned and athletic. The world is changing tho. Soon there will be dwarfs, trans, and aliens walking the runway.
Olivia Horton (15 days ago)
I would love to be an angel..
JordanRafael (19 days ago)
Isn’t it ironic that the presidents name is ED
dado ghanawi (19 days ago)
I feel that I really can be in VS 💖
Eva M (20 days ago)
They dont look like angels. Just normal human beings with skinny bodies and a fit shape after hours of work out.
Brittany LaGlace (21 days ago)
I would love to be in this but I ain’t got big enough boobs nor a flat stomach cause I don’t starve myself I rather eat
Ali_gamer14 Production (21 days ago)
That’s not attractive to men in the 21st century no more, we like booty, not skeletons...PERIOD
madooshka (22 days ago)
Mmmm, character on the runway... How did Kendall make it?
madooshka (22 days ago)
Don't get me wrong, I love Kendall, her beaty is striking, but the girl is not runway material
00:21 Jasmine Took
doff Playz (26 days ago)
I am skinny :p. Like every model like they dont eat so much bc they need to be skinny. And i like eat ALOT like really ALOT and im still very skinny... C:
yota Chibi (29 days ago)
1:16... omg ana beatriz baros ... 😳😳😳😳
Terradome (30 days ago)
Drag show
Alex Undiscovery (30 days ago)
in my place, fat is beauty because everybody here is starving thin like stick
Regina George (1 month ago)
2:37 ew Also pause at 2:39 😂
Danny 777777 (1 month ago)
Whats Victoria's secret?...THEYRE MEN
They are all so stunning
aurora (1 month ago)
(while watching this) mom: babes do u wanna eat me: *sure* mom: ok i’ll make u a chicken sandwich me: *okAY*
Giselle (1 month ago)
I'm to short to be a model 😭
KF Gabriele (1 month ago)
Glamorizing the industry of flesh peddling. What can I say... well done, you!
ciyarah eliana (1 month ago)
i’m 15 and 5’7 still growing, hopefully one of these days when i grow up i can be a VS model but there’s a slim chance.
Cassandra Chaya Khan (1 month ago)
Comments section: " *Who wants to be a VS Angel* ?" Deafening roar from hundreds (thousands?) of young women: "I Do! I Do! It is My Dream !!!" " *Who wants to be a Scientist? Or an Engineer* ?" (Crickets chirping).
ROSE QUEEN (1 month ago)
So recently on an interview with the vice president of Victoria's Secret, he explained that he doesn't want any trans woman or plus-sized women on his show! I literally can't! Trans woman are beautiful in their own way! And plus size women are better than these skinny white girls who have no curves
molly xox (21 days ago)
ROSE QUEEN it’s not ‘mature language’ it’s basic vocabulary. Not all skinny models have eating disorders. It’s called fast metabolism.
Layla Charles (21 days ago)
@ROSE QUEEN are you offended well good it was ment to go and learn something about making opinions instead trying to be sassy or give attitude FACTS DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS End of
ROSE QUEEN (21 days ago)
@Layla Charles and why you out here talkin about respectful responses when you clearly just called me dumb!? B**** if you don't get a therapist I will get one for you no joke you're freaking crazy get your facts together or you're just going to sound like an idiot
ROSE QUEEN (21 days ago)
@Layla Charles same goes to you! If you're wondering why I keep saying same goes to you you're not important enough to get your own comment😂😊😘 hope you get better sis and fix that mental illness you have last comment, you'll be hearing from me bye bitch!
ROSE QUEEN (21 days ago)
@molly xox wow butt hurt?? 2 seconds ago you were acting like you are all that using " mature language" grow up sis! Literally hating on me just because I made a simple comment about how girls are having eating disorders and how disgusting the modeling industry is! Wouldn't it be better to be comfortable the Way You Are trans, plus size whatever you don't have to fit their standards and if you believe that you have to be skinny to be pretty then there's something wrong with you really shows what you are as a person even though I barely know you! That's toxic this is the last, you'll be hearing from me! If you want somebody to listen to your garbage hire a therapist
Michelle Lutara (1 month ago)
When ed asked the girl "are you available on the tenth?" He was literally saying she's in the show but the girl didn't realise😂😂😂
I love everything, man (1 month ago)
They're all so beautiful ❤️ I think Kate Upton is one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen..( I know she's not featured here lol)
Sulim Romero (1 month ago)
Y mientras los hombres se aprovechan para verles las pompas y los senos😂😂😂
Hannah Hannah (1 month ago)
Im13 and I’m currently overweight but I am trying to lose weight cos I want to be a model when I’m older.
bukuku (1 month ago)
No basic sense of modesty nor shame. God bless the western culture.
oofsie doofsie (1 month ago)
How the fuck can you be so excited about this
Miss Lana (1 month ago)
The amount of slut-shaming and interiorized mysoginy in the comments is awful. We girls shouldn't be putting each other down. I'm happy for the ones who made the cut! Every year we get some amazing, gorgeous new girls :) 🌸
free man (1 month ago)
they are like i will sleep with the boss to give me a job,,
Esta Deegan (1 month ago)
What do they need personality for if they’re just walking
Sa archer (1 month ago)
"proportions are off".... What you mean they are normal?
Zhikama Oata (1 month ago)
How about #BlackPink joining the Victoria’s Secret for the next show? Victoria’s angels with the super girls. (Just my ideas) :-)
Anne-Marie Zack (1 month ago)
I think I'll go grab a burger and fries.
Superhero Geek (1 month ago)
They’re so skinny
Catherine Lim (1 month ago)
Don’t understand why these beautiful women with gorgeous body and hair would listen and take the comments and critics of people with honestly less than appealing looks, style and make up...
Bonks49G K (1 month ago)
Funny, I just came from a video where all the comments were bashing and tearing apart a mother for restricting her daughters clothing sayin: being confident is wearing what you want. It's her body, she needs to express her self. And then I come here where everyone is shaming these girls for being confident and wearing what they want. Sad world.
Anastasia Ana (1 month ago)
This is really disgusting. A job where you have to be just beautiful wtf
Bonks49G K (1 month ago)
You don't have to be. You are. Personality, health, confidence, feeling sexy and powerful. I wouldn't say it's the most disgusting job. Sounds pretty cool, in my opinion.
candycoatedreams (1 month ago)
If you need a personality to walk in the show, how did Kendall Jenner become a vs model?
__ (1 month ago)
I thought the exact same thing.
Mette Andersen (1 month ago)
She only became a VS model bc her family is famous...She´s sooooo boring ZZzzzzzzzzz
Victoria Reynaga (1 month ago)
candycoatedreams she’s famous cause she’s famous, but i feel you. Her walk was a ohnono for me.
nabila -momo (1 month ago)
Forget about being a victorias secret model, if my mom catches me watching these girls shaking their butts, she'll probably make sure that both my legs are broken. 😂
Cara Calandra (1 month ago)
I’ve read comments like “I’m 12 or 13 and I want to be a vs model” I’m sat here thinking I really hope those girls don’t get their hopes up this was filmed around 8 years ago and now there are many more models competing for the same position as you also you have to be 5’9 at least to be one and only have 18% body fat which is difficult when a healthy fit women has between 21%-24%
Split Klb (1 month ago)
I think those men have to change their underwear after the show 🤣🤣🤣
NazoDrawz (1 month ago)
Jealous person here 👋 Let's keep the comments positive even though we'd love to look like them. They worked hard for what they have, and/or were born the way they were! Yes, we can be jealous but let's use that energy to motivate our fitness and eating habits!
alondra michaela (1 month ago)
Adriana Lima !! And Alessandra!
bitTorrenter (1 month ago)
Spotted Erin Heatherton.
bitTorrenter (1 month ago)
How on earth does one show personality doing the same walk as everyone else?
Cheese_Puffff (1 month ago)
"The right proportions" -.- k.
Selena Heyyy (1 month ago)
Do a lot of boys find this hot? I’m a girl and I think they are beautiful!
Turtlesowo (1 month ago)
fml, I’m short asf.
Amy Adamson (2 months ago)
It makes me sick the way they use proportions as a scale of beauty. Our society is fucked.
Pia Rogala (2 months ago)
I hope I can work there when I am older. I am tall and skinny, I only need to lose like 1 or 2 inches overall and many people say I am beautiful, but I might be too insecure.
Pe Pe (2 months ago)
Im pretty and skinny but just 167 cm tall😭
가가 (2 months ago)
Great personalityㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 좆까네
Harley SSC (2 months ago)
I wish I was taller
Meme Girls (2 months ago)
*were looking for georgous skin* Uh okay im out
Blueprince CuteWolf (2 months ago)
pause at 1:03 THOSE LEGS HOLY!
Izabela G. (2 months ago)
“If you have no personality you won’t get the show”, “we don’t want 28 amazing clones on the runway” - flash forward a few years later............
Nutei Chhangte (2 months ago)
Now i'm just a pig🤕😂
Kim Taehyung (2 months ago)
1:12 oh god that walk
Q u e e n Madeline (2 months ago)
I feel like a fatass dying whale ffs...
Apollo Minerva Fashion & Design
star coyle (2 months ago)
Anorexiccccc Even I have more ass and I ain't a model
too tired for a username (2 months ago)
Ed Razek is low key creepy tho
Adam Romero (2 months ago)
No wonder this company is failing
leverage (2 months ago)
”All the girls are my best friends” *REALLY*
Dalia Nosseir (2 months ago)
2:14 i dont 🙋
Multiplicity (2 months ago)
DO you also mention that those who wanna get high high up have to sleep with ... ? ok
Isabella Nguyen (2 months ago)
This is when the girls had personality.
Mich Z (2 months ago)
Who is the model at 2:04 ?? I she she Kastia damankova??
山本 (2 months ago)
山本 (2 months ago)
ekim andersom (2 months ago)
I spoke a young upcoming model once, she confirm that they always have to sleep with people to get a career in modelling. Its one big ME TOO industrie.
Emily T (2 months ago)
no way wth... this world is crazy, too many pedophiles...
Piet Snyman (2 months ago)
If you don't like them thick,you don't have enough dick
Brooke Williams (2 months ago)
Just so you know girls you don't have to look like that bc they look soooooooooo plain and plus without a few curves you just look like a cereal box. LOL 😂
Mu Raj (2 months ago)
Body shaming show
MrGriff305 (2 months ago)
This reminds me of how I choose women to date. I have a twelve metric rating system, from top to bottom.
WindMaker KC (2 months ago)
Too many good pussies
Caleb Ramat (2 months ago)
Notice how absolutely no1 is fat or overweight, because this is the peak of women perfection physically speaking
Family Guy (2 months ago)
Those are some of the worst looking women I have ever seen. My history professor in college was far better looking than most of the women here
javier santana (2 months ago)
Victoria it's finnestpersonever ask use psychts
Fatima ALsinan (2 months ago)
The owners are soo wired
Ali Hassan (2 months ago)
maybe i have the inferiority complex, but the blond one .... madre mia
Gio Biocampo (2 months ago)
They’re nothing but walking hangers, getting paid to walk semi naked.
My Thoughts (2 months ago)
The problem in the fashion industry is that they employ only old bitter woman and gay guys who are just jealous of those young beautiful girls. They should hire some of those man who they call "pigs" , they can see beauty in a broader range than those uptights.
bublubest (2 months ago)
CMO and Head of PR is selecting who will walk on the ramp now :/
shady wang (2 months ago)
6 billion people ? Excuse me?? Why are you even counting in all males and children and elderlies ? Or you simply don't know how to count?
Iswag isa (2 months ago)
A step for anorexia (watch this video) lol

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